One hero is born (5/19/2011)

+Published website


+Balro one, two, and three

+Live chat

+Dueling ring

-Balro one, two, and three are not finished, you'll have to wait...


Update 2: (5/24/2011)

Added new stuff! New background, wallpapers, game, Teris, storys, quests, and published the first complete book of Balro one!

Event 1: (5/26/2011)

Reading to school... maybe 

Update 3: (5/25/2011)

added a new room for Live chat... 2 new rooms... a new game for games, and the dueling ring

Update 5: (5/26/2011)

Added the Balro special! Plus new banner for Wallpapers!

Update 6: (5/27/2011)

Added 'temple' special (unfinished) plus updates banner.

Event 2: (5/29/2011)

I invited a very good animasher to my website, his youtube account is AlphawolfKodi. Go see his channel! I know you'll love it...

Update 7: (6/15/2011)

Updated website banner.


The glorious path update (7/4/2011)

You waited! Now it's here!

+Published Balro two

+Published Jenny's adventure

+Now working on Balro three

+Added new characters

-Sorry it took a while to make the sequal, dang I thought books would be easy to write

Thank you for your patience!


Update 8: (7/11/11)

Added Balro three beta, and fixed some spelling errors and some 'messed up' stuff in Balro two.

Upcoming event (8/20/11)

The temple of Zona, Balro 3, new wallpapers.

Update 9 (9/2/11)

Live chat and dueling ring have been removed... Sad face.



 The elder's journey update (12/25/2011)

Welcome to the rise of a better book.

+Added new banners for Balro one,two, and three

+Added tags at the end of Balro one, two, three, and the specials in case of copyright plagiarism

+Added a characters banner

+Published full version of Balro three, rise of Romanov

+Added 'questions' button, with it's own banner

+The menu has been a little more 'organized'

+The spaces between chapters in Balro one are no longer spaced out to far away from each other

+Changed some character description in characters

+Fixed some spelling errors in Balro two

+Added new wallpapers

+Added evil ending and pacifist ending, Balro three has TWO ENDINGS

+Added pronunciation tags to characters.

+The specials now have full names on menu

+Removed link to my youtube account, it had such strong words... TO STRONG words.

-Removed Games

-Removed the temple of Zona

-Removed stories

-Removed quests

Enjoy this update! I worked very hard on it!


Update 10 (1/26/2012)

Okay... I found the link button, so Balro three now has the link to the evil ending and good ending at the ending, good thing

Event: Alpha Howl library IN PROGRESS (4/22/12)

Alpha Howl library was released a few days ago, so what are you waiting for? Go visit it!

Alpha Howl library update will feature:

+Alpha Howl library link

+Corrected grammar for Balro one, two, and three!

+Possibly a new special

The Alpha Howl update

That's right folks, the last update... enjoy and remember: I will always stand by Balro's side.

+Added the great snow dash!

+Fixed grammar in Balro's quests son of Balto, Jenny's adventure, the quest for truth, and rise of Romanov.

+Upgraded text for the books.

-Removed evil and pacifist ending, now Balro's quests three is just one ending.

Wow... I don't remember Balro's quests a lot! It's better then I expected... hail Balto, hail the Earth mother. 

Balro four released (1/1/14)

Right, I'm not using this page ever again. I'll be declaring new updates on books (whether it be Balro's quests or some other book) on the Alpha Howl library from now on.

+Added Balro four, fall of Teris

+Fixed several grammar errors.

Enjoy Balro's quests four!

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