Chapter 1

The return.


It's been three days ever since I discovered Jenny was alive, I told Bolsoe about that. I kept sitting at my room, never moving, always thinking. Did Meltion knew this all this time? I kept asking myself. I should talk to him about this. I said. I got up and went back into Nome. I stretched. "Boy, I just remembered something... I haven't been at the southern wolves base for... I don't know, five months?" I asked myself. I was about to go over to the southern wolf base until I remembered another thing. I guess the southern wolf base can wait. "Bolsoe's new house is not far from mine." I reminded myself. I went over to Bolsoe's house. Once I went inside, I saw a little note inside. I lifted an eyebrow. I picked up the note and read it to myself.



Dear Balro, my brother

I went over to the southern wolf base today, they say someone dangerous has returned back to the mortal word, I must accept this quest to save the world, care to join me?



"He must mean Medusa, I better get there." I told myself. I ran over to the southern wolves base. Once I got there, the base had lots of bones in it. "What happened here?" I asked myself. I went over to a skull, ash covered half of it. "Odd." I commented. I went over to the throne room. Bolsoe was sitting at Spear's spot. Meltion and Oracle slept at there normal spots. "About time you came." Said Bolsoe. "You were waiting?" I asked. "We were, and we need to show you something." Oracle replied. "What is that?" I asked. "Come over here for a second." Ordered Oracle. I approached Oracle. Oracle laid his paw on my fore head, and I saw a vision. I saw Jarraden at a portal with skulls on it. Jarraden. "As the master of ruby dream, I suggest you get some rest from holding the portal." Meltion suggested. Jarraden glanced back at Meltion. "Do you realize what Bloodmanov's even doing? He's summoning the most dangerous devil cat in the world." Jarreden refused. "Please, Jenny will destroy Romanov like last time." Meltion told him. "What if she doesn't? What if Romanov accomplished what he almost did at the start?" Asked Jarreden. "He won't, and you know that Jarreden!" Meltion replied. Jarraden sighed. "Enough with the encouragement Meltion, you're maybe the son of Heltlilion, but I was his friend, young and old." Jarreden ordered. "You just never learn... Not every quest on this in the world can be accepted and passed..." Meltion whispered. Jarraden glanced back at Meltion. "I can do all I can, young one... And that is this..." Whispered Jarraden.

"Three weeks later." Whispered Oracle. "Move out! Make sure Jarraden doesn't escape alive!" Sparrow ordered. Sparrow looked different, he had red flaming eyes and orange armor with flames coming out of them. Sparrow's units surrounded Jarraden and captured him. "Sparrow, what is the meaning of this? You know what Romanov was about to do to Ter-" Jarraden was interrupted by purple explosions from the portal. "He returns..." Said Sparrow. I saw a giant paw coming from the portal. Romanov, a giant devil cat, with his eyes ignited and wings on fire, came out of the portal. "Who is responsible for my summoning?" Asked Romanov. "A mortal son! My lord, His name Is Jeltion, once brother with Jenny, his pathetic sister!" Sparrow replied. "Well, I do see he's prepared for my presence, he killed Jenny, I saw it with my eyes, and her son died, But... NOT HER OTHER SON." Said Romanov. "Do not worry, my lord, he will burn under your wrath." Sparrow replied. "Fine, I'll, for once, spare Jeltion, one mistake will lead to his restless spirit being burned." Romanov threatened. The vision started fading. "Is that it?" I asked. "Romanov has returned... And this time, it's only one planet we're defending, which makes it a lot easier." Said Oracle. "Yeah sure, but Patch and the Zona might become Romanov's servants again and that's a BIG problem... Why? They got Medusa behind there backs." I replied. "Balro.. follow me." Meltion ordered. I followed Meltion into a southern wolf armory. "I didn't know they had an armory." I confessed. "They do, and it holds our most valuable item." Meltion replied. "Which is?" I asked. Meltion pulled a fang piece out of a little furnace. "This fang are not normal, you know." Meltion answered. "Really? It looks pr- oh... nevermind." I said, having to see the claws are actually three green diamonds. "These diamonds are so strong, they can kill a god." Meltion explained. "I see... But how are they able to kill a god?" I asked. "This is Viroun's fang..." Meltion replied. "Oh, so... any way we can block Medusa's spell? you know... the spell that turns you into stone?" Asked Bolsoe. "Look away, cover your eyes, or block her spell with this." Meltion answered. Meltion pulled out a small jar that contained dark green liquid... "Throw this at her, and it should break and it'll cover Medusa's eyes." Meltion explained. "So it can only be used once?" Asked Bolsoe. "Thats correct." Meltion answered. Bolsoe sneered. "Better than nothing Bolsoe." I said. "So what Balro? One use... isn't that too small?" Asked Bolsoe. I shrugged. "Depends..." I replied. Meltion coughed for attention. "You know what your destiny is... and after your work is done... you'll be paid with something worth all your troubles." Meltion told us. :I already hold the Ark, what else can I have?" I asked Meltion. Meltion grinned at me. "I've always wanted to be one for ages..." Meltion confessed. My mind raced through the documents of ideas... Finally, I knew what he was talking about... "No way..." I gasped with astonishment. "Come, put on your armor first though." Meltion suggested. Me and Bolsoe put on our armor and went outside. We were standing on a giant leaf. "Now, as you may know, an elder has wings of shining gold... that gold will make slightly lift you higher into the air and have a softer landing." Meltion explained. "So, how do we use it?" I asked. Just whisper to yourselves "angel wings", you'll be slowly hovering to the ground slash platform." Meltion replied.  "After you Balro." Bolsoe suggested. I glanced at a leaf platform, not far from the leaf  we were standing on. "Angel wings, right?" I checked. Meltion nodded. I held my breath, took a running start, then ran and leaped toward the leaf. "Angel wings." I whispered to myself. Golden wings came out of my body and I started gliding toward the leaf. Once I made it, I glanced back at where Meltion was. "Very nice..." Meltion commented. Bolsoe took a running start. I heard breathing behind me. I quickly glanced back at Meltion, behind me. "Where did you come from?" I asked him. "Startled? I teleported." Meltion replied. "How?  a spell?" I asked. "It's only for us spirits." Meltion replied. "Elders are suppose to be more powerful aren't they? they seem to be a little worst." I asked. Meltion chuckled. "You are, but you elders have the strength to protect the Ark, isn't that enough?" Asked Meltion. "I hate talking myself into corners." I confessed. Bolsoe finally leaped over to our leaf, he made it as well. "Alright... I see you two will defeat Romanov in a matter of minutes." Meltion encouraged us. "Well, I suppose thats true." I replied. "Alright... the healing spell is pretty simple. Meltion explained. Meltion coughed before continuing. "My kind of heals are different from elderish heals... but I think you have to say "elder heal"." Meltion guessed. I casted the spell and so did Bolsoe. "That was fast... Anyway- AGGH!" Cried Meltion. Meltion collapsed to the floor. "What is it?" I asked in panic, wide eyed and stepping back. I saw a vision of Spear in chains. Medusa approached Spear. "Tell me young wolf, where is this... this "Ruby dream"?" Asked Medusa. "I'll never tell you... Even if it means getting burned to death by Pheonix." Spear replied. Medusa formed a whip out of venom and whipped Spear. Blood formed on Spear's shoulder. "Aggh!" Cried Spear. Medusa sighed. "Please... young wolf... You know you can die and rest in Atlantis... instead of Hades." Medusa exclaimed. "I would rather burn in Hades' cauldron then tell you anything..." Spear refused. "Patch!" Called Medusa. Patch came out of the right bottom corner of the vision. "Yesssss mam?" Asked Patch. "If he doesn't tell us anything about this... this "Ruby dream"... kill him, and make sure he has a slow death." Medusa ordered. Patch saluted Medusa by pounding his chest. "With pleasure." Patch accepted. Patch summoned a whip out of the air. The vision ended right there. "Uh oh..." I jeered. Oracle slowly appeared on the right of Meltion. "Get up Meltion." Ordered Oracle. Meltion got up. Oracle glanced at us. "Luckily, Panzora was able to interfere the Zona." Oracle told us. "Pardon?" I asked. "Panzora was able to find the Zona citadal, she and her army are awaiting for you right now at the front gates." Oracle replied. "Oh good... finally fighting with Panzora." I said. "whos Panzora?" Asked Bolsoe. "A friend of Jenny's, a panther." I answered. "Oh... A PANTHER?" Asked Bolsoe, astonished. Oracle coughed for attention. We both glanced at Oracle. "If you're ready, proceed into the portal." Oracle ordered. Oracle summoned a portal beside him. "Well, I do suppose we're ready." I announced. "Good luck." Oracle wished. Me and Bolsoe proceeded into the portal.



Chapter 2

The Zona citadel

After several minutes of darkness, I finally stepped onto land. Panzora was in front of me once I walked in. "About time you got here." Said Panzora. "I agree." I replied, rubbing my head with my paw. The trip gave me a headache. I glanced behind Panzora's shoulder. Several squads of panthers assaulted a bunch of snakes... The snakes were standing and had arms... "Whoa, what happened to those snake?" I asked. "Medusa gave these snakes arms, which was extremely stupid." Panzora replied. "So... We're waiting for something or are we going to get this invasion going?" I rushed. "It was going to start once you got here." Panzora replied. "Was?" I asked Panzora sharply. "Is." Panzora corrected herself. A panther walked up to Panzora. "My queen, we are ready to invade, we also got some "assistants"." Said the panther. "Good, who are these... these "assistants"?" Asked Panzora. The panther stepped to the right to reveal a raven. "Jarraden?" I asked. "Yes, young one, it is I..." Jarreden replied, transforming into a wolf. "Okay... but what do you mean by "assistants"?" I asked the panther. "He is the "assistants"." The panther replied. "Alright... If you two had enough... shall we start this invasion or are you going to wait until my units start getting old? Asked Panzora. Ah yes... "But of course, if you may Panzora, let's get this over with." I agreed, nodding to Panzora. Bolsoe smiled. "Let us no longer suffer by Patch's hand! Let us no longer feel the venom flow in our blood! We are panthers! WE WILL DESTROY WHATEVER ZONA COMES IN OUR WAY! BECAUSE THIS CITADEL WILL SOON BELONG TO US! ATTACK!" Yelled Panzora. Lots of Panthers started charging downhill toward a bunch of snakes... with arms... "Do not let them through! This citadel belongs to the Zona and the Zona ONLY!" Yelled a snake. Panzora put on a white helmet and charged downhill as well. "Well, looks like the Zona don't stand a chance." I muttered. We both started charging. I leaped at snake and  hit him on the eye, just a scratch. The snake grabbed by the the throat and tossed me at a wall. "Gah!" I screamed in pain. It didn't hurt that much, it did send shocks up my spine though. "You wolves are weaklings." The snake taunted, still hitting several other panthers. My eyes fixed on that snake. I'll show you weakling. I thought to myself. I got off the wall and leaped toward the snake. Once I got to him, I used my front legs to hold on, and my hind legs to scratch his body. The snake punched me off after about ten or eleven swipes at his body. I slid across the floor but didn't fly towards the wall like last time. "I will not die like this! If I do die, I'll take you with me!" The snake yelled, making his hands turn green. I leaped toward him once more and started clawing at his body. Finally, the snake died. I leaped off and went toward Panzora, who had a big wound on her body. I casted a heal on Panzora's wound. "Thanks." Panzora thanked. "No problem, but these snakes... they're tougher then I thought." I confessed. Panzora agreed. "Panthers have breached the Zona citadel! Defend the gates!" Yelled a scout. "We better get going." I suggested. Panzora nodded and ran past me. I looked around for Bolsoe. He's probably with the others. I thought to myself. I was slightly worried about Bolsoe but more worried about this raid failing, but is this invasion going to be worth the time? I shook my head to forget it and ran into the next room.

The next room was a large room with a roof, four walls and a floor. I glanced at the center of the room and I saw lots of panthers ganging up on snakes. But once I can join the riot, the last snake died and we moved on. The next room had walls, almost looked like bricks they use for castles. I glanced at a door opening on he left wall. A bunch of purple snakes with helmets and these strange crossbows in their hands came out of the door and aimed at us, none aimed at me. A bunch of purple snakes on the right wall came out and only one aimed at me. "Ssssssso... You think you can stop us all?" Asked Patch, approaching us. "Well, my first plan was to destroy you, but now I'm more interested in rescuing that wolf "Spear" and killing Medusa." Panzora replied. "Well, I guesssss it endsssssss here, these Para dagger-shooters outta snuff your spirit and your LIVESssssss..." Patch threatened. "Ready!" Yelled Patch. Several panthers attempted to hit Patch, but Patch seemed to have some invisible shield around him. "Aim!" Patch ordered. But then. We heard struggling noises, several blood snakes came out of the doors and were attacking the dagger-shooters on both sides of the walls. "What isssssss the meaning of thissssss?!" Hissed Patch, glancing at them. After all the dagger-men were destroyed, Patch just seemed to vanish like a ghost. "Who are you?!" Asked Panzora, to one of the blood snakes. "We are the rebels, and we would rather ally with you then the Zona AND Para." The rebel replied. The rebels pulled two levers and a door opened. "We'll stand by." The rebels told us. "I have a feeling they'll stab us in the back, do we have a choice?" Asked Panzora. I shrugged. We continued onto the next room. Which was full of rebels and Zona fighting each other. I leaped toward a snake, and he wasn't like that last one I leaped at, this one fell over. I clawed at him while he was on the ground, and he was finished. I glanced at Panzora. She was just tearing though the Zona snakes armor as if they were wearing cardboard. "Gah!" I screamed in pain. I flew toward the wall. Pain shot up my body once my back impacted with the wall. I glanced at the snake who punched me. He was bleeding to death, really, green blood covered him. And after that, he just died. After we defeated all the snakes, we moved onto the next room. Which... had nobody in it... But then, the panthers and rebels started floating, then choking! "It's a shame... I can only choke a maximum of one hundred and fifty people... And yet, you have One hundred and fifty one." Patch explained, slowly appearing in the enter of the room.


Chapter 3

Patch, the Zona leader


"You killed all of my people... Every single Zona snake... Said Patch, clutching his right hand into a fist. For that, I yet feel violated... But... there is a bright side... I was able to capture your brother..." Said Patch. "What? That's why he was gone?" I asked, sharply. "Yes, and he yet lies in this room, kill me an you'll earn him but if I kill you, I get to have the honor of killing both Spear and your brother." Patch offered. I put on a battle stance. "Bring it!" I challenged. Patch chuckled. "When your mother killed me, I only had three weapons in use, I came prepared with five weapons." Patch explained. Out of the air drifted a brown spiked mace. Patch grabbed it and pointed it at me. "Prepare yourssssself!" Patch yelled. Patch charged at me, I dodged but once he hit at the spot I was BEFORE I dodged it... a spike just popped out of the earth where he exactly hit. "If you're thinking thessssssse sssssspikes that come out of my mace will do you any good, they won't." Patch explained. "Thanks for the tip." I said. Patch threw the mace toward me. I dodged and a earth spike came out of the wall. "HOLD STILL!" Patch demanded. Patch started swinging his mace around like crazy. I kept dodged. "Is that really, all you can do?" I asked Patch. Patch threw his mace at me and missed. "Perhaps I should pull out a little weapon not even your mother seen." Said Patch. Patch summoned a purple sword with green smoke surrounding it. "Do know, you will die slowly if you get hit by this one." Said Patch. Patch tossed the sword at me, missed. "Are you really that bad at throwing?" I taunted. Patch hissed and summoned another weapon, two swords. This cut off one piece of your mother's fur... Perhaps you remember that scar across her face... no?" Asked Patch. "I never saw a scar." I replied. "Then perhaps I should draw one across your face." Patch threatened. Patch threw the sword at me and it came back to him like a boomerang. "Hold still, and I'll make your friend's and brother's death swift, unlike the suffering they are feeling right now." Said Patch. "No thanks... Wait, what do you mean my brother? What, are you making him choke to?" I asked. "But of course." Replied Patch. He swung his left sword at me. I dodged, but a blue circle came out of where he hit, like a ripple forming in the water. I jumped over it and leaped toward Patch, he hit me and I flew toward the wall. "Gah!" I cried. I glanced at Patch, his two swords were on the ground and his right hand was on his head, as if he had a headache. "So tired..." Said Patch. Patch closed his eyes and slightly snored. I ran toward him and started swiping at him. After eleven to twelve hits, Patch woke up. "You little rat!" Patch yelled. I felt light and slightly dozed off for some reason. I woke up with a surprise. Patch was facing toward me with a spear that was glowing green. "Perhaps you know this weapon?" Asked Patch. "Not at all." I replied. "I almost killed one of your panther friends with it, and your mother as well." Patch explained. "Where is he then? Point it out." I demanded. "That was five centuries ago..." Said Patch. "Mmhmm, yeah, and why didn't you just kill me when I dozed off?" I asked. "That would be to easy." Replied Patch. "I'll show you who you're underestimating here... besides... that is how you died about three times..." I explained. "Enough talking with our mouths, I now talk with my favorite weapon and that is this spear!" Said Patch. Patch charged at me, and for once got me. "Gah!" I cried once I hit the wall. Patch laughed. I was enraged since he laughed. I got off the wall and lifted my paw. It started glowing white and I casted the same spell I battled Jeltion with. Patch stopped laughing once he got hit by one of the spells. "Cheating now?" Asked Patch. "I suppose." I replied. I casted another spell at Patch and it hit him again, but then, Patch put his hand on his chest, then he collapsed to the floor. "I failed you Medusa..." Said Patch, weakly. Panzora and the others drifted toward the ground, not choking. "That was impressive." Panzora commented. "Lets stay focused and concentrate on our objective." I reminded. The rebels laid down there weapons. "Our goal has been reached here..." Said the rebel. I noticed that the rebels were backing away the panther army. The rebel leader approached us. "Thank you... Now... your reward..." The rebel hit Panzora on the top of the head. "Hey!" I yelled. Panzora collapsed to the floor, knocked out. The rebel leader smiled at me. his color slowly changed from orange red to purple. "I thank you so much for killing my brother... It was sweet revenge." Said the purple snake. "Pardon?" I asked. "Me and the Zona were at war with each other... But now our goal is complete... And now our new goal is to finish you..." Said the purple snake. I felt sharp pain on my body. "Good night..." The purple snake wished, sounding distant. I felt light and once my head lowered to the ground... and everything became black...



Chapter 4

The Para prison


I opened my eyes. I heard voices and bangs in my head... I felt something on my hind legs. I glanced at the feeling, iron chains. I glanced at a couple of iron bars. The purple snake was glaring at me. "Surely you do not know who I am." Said the purple snake. "No, did my mother meet you... or my father?" I asked. "No, none of them did... except Panzora... My name is Slither." Slither introduced. "Nice to meet you "Slither"..." I murmured to myself. A purple snake went over to Slither. "Sir! We moved the two little wolves to Medusa's lair! And we also heard news that a shaman from Teris has been mailed over to Bloodmanov." The snake reported. "Thank you captain, dismissed." Slither thanked. The "captain" bowed before Slither and left. "Well, we'll leave you to rot for ten years... So yeah... Enjoy." Said Slither. All the snakes, including Slither left. I glanced over at a vent. I saw a shadowy figure there. "It's clear, no?" Asked the shadow. "Yes." I replied. The panther breached the vent. "Times running short, and our queen is being held tight." The panther reported, unlocking the iron chains that cuffed my legs together. "Then we'll rescue her, and whats your name?" I asked. "Pandora" He replied. The cuffs finally broke off of my legs. I heard beating noises from the hallway. I saw a shadow figure from around the corner. "Spear!" I called with surprise. "Well, I was expecting someone more tougher, not an old friend that risks his life to defeat Romanov." Said Spear. "Say, you're good at lock-picking, can you get this door open?" I asked, pointing at the lock. I noticed Spear was holding keys in his paw. He shoved in the key in the lock then twisted left, the door creaked open. "There you go." Said Spear. Thanks. I thanked. "Don't thank me, it is I who outta thank you for putting me in your "old" boat when I was wounded." Spear replied. "That was nothing." I said. I noticed Spear had a little beard now. "Nice beard." I commented. "I'm getting old, but still young enough to fight." Spear replied. I sprinted onward to the next room. I saw a bunch of dead snakes. "Do you mind getting me out of here?" Asked someone. I glanced to my right, noticing Panzora. "Azbane's mercy..." I gasped in surprise. Panzora was being held by four chains, two on her front paws and two on her hind, they both had electricity leading to her. And Panzora's blood seemed to freeze, her paws were twitchy and seemed as if you can see her bones. I went over to a random control pad that was lined up against the wall. I pressed it and Panzora was released, even though she just dropped to the floor like a rock in water. Spear helped her get up. Panzora's legs glowed green. Spear helped Panzora walk for a minute or two then released Panzora. Panzora seemed more faster. "This is so odd..." I commented. "Why was Slither over-powering Panzora?" "We'll think later... Lets just get a move on." Pandora suggested. We all walked in the next room. I saw lots of purple snakes, I count thirty. "Stop them!" Slither ordered, who was behind the group of snakes. The snakes started charging at us, battle crying while charging. Spear and I put on battle stances, ready for combat, but Panzora went in front of us and lifted her paw as if she were some wizard casting a spell. Her paws then charged up with blue magic. When the snakes were five feet away, Panzora casted a bluish plasma storm that vaporized all the snakes. "What just happened?" I asked. Panzora glanced at me. "I think the Para put some kind of magic in me, but the question is: why?" Asked Panzora. "We'll figure out." I replied. We moved onto the next room, while walking there,  thinking the next room will be extremely easy. But once we walked in the next room, I saw a snake standing in the middle with red hands. Panzora's paws became blue. "You think your powersssssss will sssssssave you now?" Asked the snake. "I'd say so." I replied. Panzora casted a bluish beam and the snake casted a red beam. It hurt my eyes but I charged toward the snake and leaped at him. Once I landed on him, I started clawing at his body with my paws. He finally stopped casting the red beam at Panzora and Panzora's beam just blew both me and the snake away like leafs falling from a tree. The snake died, But I hit the wall with my spine and fell to the floor on my body. Spear came over to me and helped me up. "Thanks." I thanked. I grunted in pain and limped as we walked over to the next room. Slither was in the next room, his arms were crossed and he didn't look happy to see us. "Well, I guess thisssss is where either you die, or I die." Slither said".




Chapter 5

Slither, commander of the Para


"I do hope you are curious of why I put magic within Panzora..." Said Slither. "Yes, we are." I replied. "Well, she can save it, because it serves no use in here." Slither assumed. I glanced at Panzora's legs. They weren't glowing green or blue, they were just black like any other panther. "Ha! You maybe can defeat me! But MEDUSA IS A GOD, LIKE ROMANOV!" Slither yelled. "Half right, Pheonix is a god, not Romanov." Spear told Slither. "Enough of this talking, I have you right here where I want you... And the only one walking out of this room alive is... Slither!" Slither challenged. Slither hissed and began levitating in the middle of the room. I glanced at Panzora, she put on a stance, preparing for combat, and so did Pandora and Spear. I saw a giant bat spirit in front of Slither. "It can't be..." I gasped. I knew who the bat was, it was the shadow god "Zealot". He had the power to mix up shadows and control them. The spirit of Zealot hid his body within his wings and a purple beam lead from him to Slither. "I thank you." Slither whispered. Slither exploded, a big aura coming and going from Slither. "Gah!" I cried as it hit me. The force felt so strong, I was sent toward the wall. Slither looked different, he was now ignited with purple fire... And the whole room was purple... torches lit everywhere, and they ignited with blue fire. Slither hovered down to the ground and pulled out a sword. "Your heads shall report to Medusa and Zealot as soon as possible." Said Slither, his voice changed and it sounded distorted. "Avoid him..." Whispered Panzora. Slither turned his eye toward me, his eyes were ignited with purple fire. I backed off two steps or three... He came closer. "Bye!" I said quickly. I started running around the room while he was chasing me. Once I ran around the room six times, the whole room became it's normal color, no torches with blue fire, an Slither was back to normal and weak. I leaped toward Slither and clawed at his body. Panzora attempted to bite Slither's back, boy that teeth outta hurt. "Ha! You think you can defeat me that easily?" Asked Slither. A red explosion emitted from Slither, this time the room was just a floating piece of red stone, under our paws was... lava... Slither had his eyes ignited with red fire, teeth sticking out of his mouth, and he was red this time. "FEEL THE WRATH OF PHEONIX!" Yelled Slither, he had a weird accent, he kinda sounded like that god named "Pheonix", the fire god. A crater of fire surrounded Slither. Slither casted a fire ball at Panzora. "Move!" I cried at Panzora. Panzora stood there. Once the fireball struck Panzora on the chest, she did take two steps back, but she wasn't hurt, a crater surrounded Panzora then faded. Slither faced toward me and casted a fireball, I was about to move until I remembered Panzora. The fireball hit me, and it gave me a little push but it didn't hurt. A crater surrounded me and faded. Slither finally began to turn purple once more, and the room turned back to normal. Slither dozed off, I glanced at Panzora and nodded at her. We charged toward Slither and started swiping at him. "You little rats!" Yelled Slither. He spun in a circle like a whirlwind to push us back. The whole room started spinning, as if we were just being lifted from a tornado and the whole room became nothing but a floor, the whole room was black... Slither glanced at me, he was red, wings, but what made me worry was the scar on his chest. "Why?" you might ask? That scar looked exactly like the one on the "pain" god "Azbane". Slither charged at me, dodged... I stomped on his little tail, he screamed in pain and punched me. "I have more powers then you think, you know!" Slither yelled. I felt pain at my neck, I started choking! I got lined up with the others (who were choking as well) Slither started sucking something out of me, blood? I struggled to break free of the choking's grip. "I had enough choking for today." Panzora said. Panzora escaped the grip and leaped toward Slither. Slither's choking spell broke and I dropped down to the ground, Slither started punching Panzora. Before I had a chance to strike at Slither, Slither finally dropped to the ground, the room became it's normal self again. "No please! Spare me!" Begged Slither, breathing heavily. I glanced at Panzora. Panzora looked like she was for a minute, but then, her eyes glowed red. "What makes you think I'll spare a coward?" Asked Panzora. "No! Please!" Begged Slither. Panzora pulled out her claws and raised them. Slither started hiding his head with his arms. Panzora dropped her claws on Slither, I looked away quickly. I didn't see it, but I heard Slither scream then silence fell into the room. I glanced back at Panzora. Her eyes were normal now but Slither... his body had claws marks everywhere, and his face was now nothing but bones. "Panzora...?" I gasped. Panzora quickly glanced at me with an angry look. I backed off three steps from Panzora. Panzora just walked pass me, punching her shoulder against mine. I glanced at Spear, he was just glaring at the ground, he seemed more interested in killing Jeltion, the whole reason why we're in this mess. Spear glanced up at me. I just stood there. He approached me and punched me in the shoulder softly. "Can you handle Medusa's army yourself?" Asked Spear. I nodded. "Good, I got to report back to the southern wolf base to prepare the army for the next raid." Spear explained. Meltion's spirit appeared over Spear and they both vanished. I ran on to the next room, Pandora followed. "Oh boy..." I whispered.



Chapter 6

Medusa, the god of snakes


Medusa sat there, absorbing (what I think) venom from three crystals that were stuck on the wall. Medusa gently laughed. "You're too late... My army has retreated FAR from Alaska." Medusa reported. "Where?" I asked. "Why should I tell you?" Asked Medusa. "Well, why did you send them away?" I asked. "Do you think I can bare standing here... watching my people die in the hands of a pup, and besides, your brother is in here... rotting in his cell." Said Medusa. I glanced at one cage, empty, I glanced at another, there was Bolsoe. He had his head buried in his legs. "I will fight you myself, due to your strength, this should be a "fair" fight. Medusa challenged. Panzora and Pandora were bring lifted into the air. "First, it'll be you drowning in venom and blood." Medusa dueled. Medusa snapped her fingers and a bright flash of light emerged from Medusa. I covered my eyes with my paws then lowered them once the light dimmed. Medusa was a snake, with snakes as her hair, a spine, and had the toughest arms I ever seen from a snake. Medusa casted a poison ball at me and started charging. I dodged and put on a battle stance. Medusa swung her fist at me, I jumped behind her and swiped at her back. Medusa didn't seem to get hurt at all. "Do you really think that will help you?" Asked Medusa. Medusa swung her fist at me again, I dodged. I swung at her body this time. The body seemed to be as hard as a turtle shell. "Gah!" I screamed in pain, I realized Medusa just punched me. I flew toward the wall and once I hit the wall, small parts of debris fell from the wall I crashed in. I dropped down and put on a battle stance again. Medusa crossed her arms and shook her head. "This is going to take forever if you keep dodging." Medusa explained. I glanced down at my paws, thinking she was right. But then, I noticed something. My bare paws? That was the problem! I didn't have the claw gloves Meltion gave me. I glanced behind Medusa. There they were. I glanced at Medusa, who to was glaring at me. I stuck my tongue at Medusa. Medusa slowly slithered toward me. I taunted her some more, and she seemed more angry. Once she was close enough to strike at me. I went around Medusa and toward the claw gloves. I equipped them and put on a battle stance. Medusa snuffed. "I fail to see how those can possibly help you." Said Medusa. She started slithering toward me again. I put on my helmet and leg armor while she slowly approached. She was finally close enough to hit me. I dodged her before she can finish her attack and started swiping at her. I can tell these claws packed a punch on her by the grunting and hissing Medusa grunted everytime I smacked her. Medusa swung her fist at me, missed. "I guess I'm going to easy, time to end this, now." Said Medusa. Medusa turned to human form and went to the center of the room. "Ha, you won't be evading this." Medusa told me. Medusa took off her shades and her eyes glowed with bluish light. "You should've ran when your had the chance!" Medusa yelled. A giant beam came out of where she stared. I summoned the jar with green liquid in it. Medusa slowly turned toward me. I hope this works. I picked up the jar off he ground and threw it at Medusa. The jar hit her and shattered. "What is this?" Asked Medusa. her eyes stopped glowing. And the snakes on her hair started dying. Medusa tasted the liquid. "Viroun's blood... oh well, I don't need blind sight to finish you off!" Medusa yelled. Medusa pulled something out of her pocket. "Lets see how a brother will defeat Romanov, without his brother." Said Medusa. I started being lifted into the air, I felt like I couldn't move. I realized that Medusa was holding... A GUN! Medusa aimed at me. Panzora, was lowered, almost to the ground. "You will watch this." Medusa ordered, aiming at me still. Panzora didn't seem to smile or have red eyes. "No!" Cried Panzora. Panzora broke out of the grip of the beam, I closed my eyes. I heard Medusa fire, but then, I heard Panzora scream in pain I opened my eyes. Medusa wasn't there, just a bunch of green dust and the gun. I didn't feel frozen anymore, and fell to the ground. "Wheres Medusa?" I asked myself. "Balro..." I heard. I glanced at my right. I cannot believe what I saw.


Chapter 7

She did what was right

Panzora was on the floor, a trail of blood followed Panzora. "Panzora!" I cried. I ran over to her. I casted a heal spell on Panzora, she was still bleeding. Panzora started closing her eyes, "please, my son, take over for me. Panzora pleaded, weakly. I lifted an eyebrow, "son?" I asked. "She means me." Pandora replied, behind me. "You're Panzora's son?" I asked. "Yes, the gun Medusa shot was a Clockwork gun." Pandora explained. "Then does that mean she'll be gone forever?" I asked. The panther glanced at the ground. "Yes." He replied. "We'll take care of everything here..." I glanced at the cage Bolsoe was in. Bolsoe was staring at something on the wall. I didn't bother looking at what he was glaring at and opened the cage. Bolsoe got startled by the creaking of the gate. "Thank you." Bolsoe thanked. "No problem, I ran into several friends back there." I told him. I glanced at Pandora. He was sitting near the corpse of Panzora. The panther army went into the room. Pandora dragged Panzora's corpse to he center of the room. Once he did that, he punched his chest, as if he were saluting. "This is it... Medusa is dead... And so did our proud queen, and let us never forget those who fought, and never came back... She fought for what was best for our kind... And she died doing it..." Pandora announced. Every panther saluted. "Her corpse shall lay within the peaceful lands of the Borialis, where she was born... There her corpse will rest in peace." Pandora explained. Oracle teleported in front of me and Bolsoe. "Good job defeating Medusa." Oracle congratulated. "Yeah, but now we have to defeat Romanov." I replied. "Don't get to hasty, Spear needs your assistance in raiding the northern wolves." Oracle replied." Alright." Bolsoe replied. I saw a bright flash of light, and I was in the northern wolf entrance. 


Chapter 8

The raid on the northern wolves.

It was good to see the snow again, but the sight didn't last. Me and Bolsoe went into the northern wolf base. A small hole was near the entrance, and the walls surrounding the northern wolf base was full of cracks and snow. Me and Bolsoe went into the hole. The ground was now metal. I saw Spear nor far from us. "Ah, glad you can make it." Spear confessed. "We are too, Jeltion will pay for what he has done to his sister and his nephew." I threatened. "Yeah, and how is Panzora?" Asked Spear. "Dead." I replied. Spear was silent. "Sorry to hear that." Spear replied after ten seconds of silence. "So, where are we going?" I asked. "This place was found, of course, we blew our way in." Said Spear. "Okay." I replied. We walked into a room, we ended up in a camp that was guarded with southern wolves with golden armor. "Nice camp." I commented. Spear seemed to ignore me and he equipped his armor. "I think Meltion ran up ahead." Spear informed. "Well, I'd hate to make him wait." I replied. A large purple explosion erupted from the camp. It was Jeltion, but he looked... different, he had ignited eyes and his fur was now orange. "You persistent little insects! Can't you, for once, imagine what life would've been better without humans or wolves? Just imagine all those lives that could've been saved from the blinding darkness, why not you think of the future?" Asked Jeltion. "Why not you think of giving up, that way, we can save more troops." Spear replied. "Well imagine all my voodoo masters that could've been saved if you never even MADE this raid." Jeltion said. "Hey, you gave us no other choice, you raided us, so we raid you." Said Spear. "I'll be waiting on the other side, and you two..." Jeltion glanced at me and Bolsoe. "I was hoping you wouldn't dare enter, but I guess you get to witness the death of one of your friends." Jeltion informed. "Who? Meltion?" I asked. Jeltion chuckled. "No..." I gasped. "You better hurry." Suggested Jeltion. Jeltion slowly vanished. "One good panther was enough, but the ruby dreamer? That's a serious threat." Spear murmured. "Well, we should make haste." Bolsoe suggested. Spear nodded. "Well, Meltion was suppose to clear the northern wolves ahead, however, he took most of my troops with him." Spear replied. "Lets use the remaining troops." I suggested. Spear shook his head left to right. "My defense is the remaining troops." Spear denied. "Well, alright, I guess we can go alone." I suggested again. "Well, you both are elders, elders are like one wolf armies." Spear informed. I nodded. "Well, we going to end this war? I suggest we do it and I mean do it NOW." Bolsoe ordered. Spear rolled his eyes. "Fine." Spear replied. Spear just walked toward the door to the next room. "What about your army?" I asked. "You are my army." Replied Spear. The guards with golden armor followed Spear. I followed Spear into the next room. Once we entered into the next room, I looked around the room. In front of us was a giant blood snake with a shield and sword. "I thought we killed all of you." Said Spear. "I'm not under Medusa's grasp nor the Para or Zona." The snake replied. "Then who do you serve?" I asked. The snake chuckled. "I serve Azbane." The snake answered. "Azbane the pain god? But why would a snake like you serve Azbane?" I asked. The snake hissed at me. "Because I enjoy the scream of pain." The snake hissed. The snake raised his arms and four devil cats fell down from the glass ceiling and surrounded the snake. "Shall we?" Asked the snake. "It's on." Spear challenged. The snake charged at us, We started hitting him, but he just used his shield to block our attacks. The metal ringing of the shield almost made me have a headache. The devil cats leaped at the southern wolves with golden armor. The guard on the right punched the devil cat off of him and swiped at him. Bolsoe went behind the snake and swiped at him from behind. The snake finally died, and the devil cats vanished. "Those devil cats really can swipe." The guard commented. We marched onto the next room. It was full of wolves with purple cloth hoods. "You are not allowed here." The northern wolf restricted. "Yeah, but we're doing whats right." Spear replied. "Ha! I bet you were saving that for years, well, Jeltion is busy with the ruby dreamer, so lets teach these idiots a lesson." The northern wolf challenged. The wolf with the purple hood's paws started glowing purple. Shadow skulls started rising behind the wolf. "I hope you do remember this, it was what your mother tasted with her life." The wolf reminded. I raised my paw and casted a spell toward the wolf. "Gah!" Cried the wolf, getting hit by my spell. "You little rat! I'll tell you the true meaning of pain!" Threatned the wolf. The shadow skulls charged toward us. Spear raised his leg armor, the shadow skull hit the leg armor and dealt no damage. The wolf's jaws dropped "Ya wish to fool around with me? Go ahead and lie down so I can offer you mercy." The wolf demanded. He started casting bluish purple balls toward us. One hit me on the leg and I tripped. "Gah!" I cried. The wolf laughed and continue casting bolts. Once Spear reached him, Spear hit with what I think extreme force and it knocked down the wolf. Spear swiped at him as a finishing move. Spear chuckled. "That wasn't to bad." Spear commented. "It isn't over yet." Bolsoe reminded. I got up and we moved onto the next room.


Chapter 9

Meltion, the corrupted

I glanced up at the platform Jeltion was standing on. Jeltion chuckled. "You're to late... Meltion has been hexxed by thy wrath." Jeltion told us. "You mean turned into a little critter?" I asked. "No, my naive boy, I meant corrupted by my power." Jeltion. My eyes widen as I glanced at Meltion, he was laying there, he looked... dead. "My brother underestimated me, and look at him now, can you see what terror you've caused to both others and yourselves?" Asked Jeltion. "Sacrifices are always made to protect others." Spear replied. Jeltion ignored Spear. "Well, I suppose your journey ends here... Rise Meltion! And serve me!" Jeltion yelled. Meltion got up, his fur was black. "I will do as you command." Meltion whispered. Spear and the guards started rising and choking. That wasn't what I minded, it was Meltion I mind. After a few seconds... Meltion opened his eyes, they were glowing red. Jeltion put a grin on his face. "You two will soon fall within the very barrier of the demon lands, may Pheonix take you." Jeltion wished. Jeltion vanished, leaving behind a tiny piece of stone. Meltion raised his paw at me. "Time for you to see death!" Meltion yelled. Meltion's paws glowed and out came a purple ball, I dodged it. "I don't want to kill you Meltion." I said, strafing around Meltion. "Thats odd, because I'll no doubt kill you." Meltion replied. But then, Meltion turned back to his normal fur color, and plus, he had his eyes closed again, even though, he had his head lowered. "Kill me! KILL ME!" Meltion demanded. Meltion turned blackish again and his eyes were red. Meltion put on a smile, some blood escaped out of his mouth. "You cannot hurt me without hurting Meltion." Meltion informed. "Well, if thats what I gotta do, then I gotta do it." I replied. Meltion casted a shadow bolt at me, I dodged it. I casted a spell at Meltion. It hit him, but he showed no reaction once it hit him. "Think again." Meltion suggested. Meltion casted a shadow bolt at me. Once I was at the point of dodging it, my body felt light. "What is this?" I asked. Pain streamed through my head. Meltion went over to me. "Such a pity." Meltion mumbled. "Bolsoe, Spear! Help me!" I requested. I heard only silence. Meltion chuckled. Meltion grabbed my chin and lifted it, we were now glaring each other in the eye. Meltion raised his paw. "I could earn a nice promotion for this." Meltion told himself. His paw glowed purple. "See you in the demon lands." 

Everything was dark, I still heard my heart pumping though. I managed to hear voices, they sounded far away but I was able to make them out. I had my head on the metal ground, seeing only Meltion's leg and paw in my vision. "Well, there goes you brother, what are you going to do now?" Asked Meltion. I slowly got up. Meltion smiled. "Good, twice the lives, double the fun." Meltion taunted. Meltion punched me in the face. "Gah!" I cried in pain. I dropped to the ground again, and I only saw the wall. What I saw at the floor next to me, a pile of blood. I felt very light. I closed my eyes and my heart stopped. I began to see light. I got up. I heard chuckling behind me. Once I glanced behind me, I froze at a white body and red legs. "Welcome..." He greeted. I slowly looked up. "Pheonix?" I asked. Pheonix chuckled. "That's right." Pheonix said, knowing what I asked. "I thought if I die, I'd end up to Atlantis, not the demon lands." I said. "You aren't in the demon lands." Pheonix replied. Confusion spreaded through my brain. "Then can you tell me where the heck am I?" I asked. "You are in the room of chance." Pheonix replied. "Oh, so you're giving me a chance?" I asked. "Yes, your destiny is to kill my old servant." Pheonix told me. "Romanov was your old servant?" I asked. Yes, until he escaped my realm and came up to your surface level." Pheonix replied. "So, you going to revive me?" I asked. He nodded. I stood up straight. "And nice job bringing my sister down here, it's good to see her yell at me." Pheonix congratulated. "You can't thank me for that." I sighed, remembering Panzora A bright flash of white covered my vision.

I felt control of my body. Except, I was chained by the neck. "Alright he's alive." A northern wolf informed. "Well, isn't he lucky?" Asked another northern wolf. "I don't see why this little pup wants to kill Romanov, it'll put the world further into chaos." The northern wolf said. "Quiet, both of you." Jeltion ordered, walking toward me. "You should've stayed home Balro, that shaman "Jarraden" is here. But I wouldn't have called an execution to him if you didn't come." Jeltion explained. "Really? What kind of monster are you Jeltion? You disgrace Heltlilion." I insulted. "Oh please, I wouldn't be his son if it means destroying Teris." Jeltion replied. I was surprised by that comment. "Are you even Jeltion?" I asked. Jeltion raised an eyebrow. "Yes..." Jeltion replied, nodding slowly. "You aren't acting like yourself you know." I told him. Jeltion sighed. "Kill him." Ordered Jeltion. The two wolves chuckled as they approached me with gloves that had knives on them. "I'll cut his legs, you'll cut the head." One of the northern wolves bargained. "Oh, that's just cruel." I told them. "I know, but what other way is there of making you fitted for a halo?" Asked the same northern wolf. I started hearing gushing sounds. "Whats that?" Asked Jeltion. I looked up at the roof. I saw a shadow, it looked like a wolf, but the spine was like a fish. "Nepmoon?" I asked myself. "Pardon?" Asked Jeltion. The shadow leaped out of sight. "What do you mean "Nepmoon"?" Asked Jeltion. "I thought I saw him, which means..." I was interrupted by the sight of water rushing toward us. "Bye!" Jeltion said, quickly. Jeltion vanished. "No! don't leave us!" Begged a northern wolf. The northern wolf leaped toward where Jeltion was standing. The water flooded into the room. The water started reaching my chin, there was nothing I can do but stare at death, due to I'm chained. I closed my eyes and held my breath. I felt the water rise over my head. I opened my eyes. The water was still in the room. I accidentally opened my mouth, but closed it immediately. I glanced up, looks like the two northern wolves drowned. The chains let go of my paws and I dropped to the ground. For some reason... I could breath. I ran over to the corner of the back hall. There was several cells with southern wolves in them, but they all drowned as well. How come I'm the only one that can breath? I asked myself. I started feeling light. I felt like my lungs were bursting, I was drowning! I closed my eyes and lost control of my body...



Chapter 10

The abyss?

I woke up. "What?" I asked myself. I got up, I was on a giant circle... in space? "Ah... you finally woke up." "Who are you?" I asked. "You do not know me? I'm the one that saved you, with water." The voice replied. "You're Nepmoon?" I asked. "Yes, I am." Nepmoon replied. "Well, whats this about?" I asked. "This is about Romanov, you met my brother, have you not?" Asked Nepmoon. "Yes, he was quite friendly for the fire god, or emerald wolf." I replied. "I knew you'd like him, Pheonix told you to kill Romanov, no?" Asked Nepmoon. "He did." I replied. "Well, I beg for you, don't kill Romanov." Nepmoon informed. "What?" I asked. "Romanov maybe a devil cat, but he doesn't deserve death, you see, he's already fed Azbane enough pain, but killing him will bring him down to the demon lands, there, Pheonix can torture Romanov in his cauldron." Nepmoon explained. "But if I spare him, he can torture himself for more power again." I replied. "He can't if I can capture him and let him rest in peace in atlantis." Nepmoon replied. "I see... I'll have to think about it." I confessed. "Till we meet again Balro." Nepmoon said. "See you later Nepmoon." I said. I looked down at my paws, I could see through them. But they seemed to be more clear every second, once I could see through them perfectly, I saw pitch black...



Chapter 11

Sparrow, the betrayer


I opened my eyes. I was on a red rug. I got up. "How many times did you die?" Asked someone behind me. I glanced behind my shoulder. "Sparrow?" I asked. Sparrow smiled. "Finally, I get to have a chance to kill a fellow elder." Sparrow challenged. "You don't have any spells." I reminded him. "But of course, just like Ali'Kara, I cannot master any kind of power, except charging." Said Sparrow. "I thought you got killed by Spear on the beach." I confessed. "I did, but luckily, I was able to awaken because Pheonix gave me a chance." Sparrow replied. I put on a battle stance. "I see you want to fight me now, fine! Let's do this swiftly and softly." Sparrow challenged, pointing his tusks toward me. "Your spells are weak against my superior shell!" Sparrow explained. Sparrow charged at me, I swiped at Sparrow's tusks with full force once he passed by me. Sparrow stopped once he crashed into the wall. Sparrow's tusk was only cracked. "I see you learned from what Spear did to me, no matter..." Sparrow's tusk glowed blue and the tusk was fully repaired. "Weren't expecting that, weren't you?" Asked Sparrow. "I did." I replied. Sparrow rubbed his feet on the ground twice and charged at me. I hit his tusk with both my paws and extreme force again, his tusk fell to the ground. Sparrow gasped once he saw the tusk on the ground. "I... didn't need that tusk to kill you!" Sparrow yelled. Sparrow charged at me again. I dodged to the right and stabbed his body with the tusk. "Gaaaah!" Sparrow screamed in pain. Sparrow fell to his knees. "I can't believe I lost to a pup like you." Sparrow whispered. "I'd finish you off, but as Jenny said once, elders are a peaceful race." I said. I ran into the next room.


Chapter 11

Jeltion, leader of the northern wolves

once I got into the next room, Spear, Bolsoe, and several southern wolves were already in the room. I glanced at a platform, Jeltion was standing on it. "So... you come at last, to kill me?" Asked Jeltion. "Yes, what did you expect?" Asked Bolsoe. Jeltion crackled. "Well, let me say this: you cannot hurt me without hurting Jeltion." Jeltion told us. "What?" I asked, moving in front where Spear and Bolsoe were. Jeltion threw a totem down in front of me. I saw a spirit of Jeltion hovering above the totem. "What? What's going on? what are you doing here?" Asked Jeltion's spirit. "They're guests invading my sanctum, my friend." "Jeltion" replied. "Listen here, you... you MONSTER! I don't know what is going on, but... wait... you look like me." Said Jeltion's spirit, glancing at "Jeltion"." I was confused. "Yes, I AM you." Said Jeltion. The totem exploded, and I was knocked slightly back, the totem was now surrounded by a purple shield. "Free me! and I swear! I will rid of this body jacker!" Jeltion's spirit swore. Jeltion smiled. "Where was I? Ah yes, your units will take care of you, for now, I must reinforce the shield surrounding this totem!" Jeltion yelled. I felt pain on my body. A southern wolf was attacking me. I swiped at him and he just tripped. The southern wolves started charging at me, Bolsoe, and Spear. Jeltion laughed. "Why bother letting them have all the fun?" Asked Jeltion. All the southern wolves vanished slowly. Jeltion came down to the bottom floor. "You're all gonna die!" Yelled Jeltion. Jeltion casted a shadow skull at me, I casted a spell at it and the shadow skull just blew up slightly. Jeltion suddenly vanished instantly. I leaped toward where he was. "Your soul belongs to me now!" Jeltion whispered. I raised an eyebrow. I felt like I couldn't control myself. I started swiping at Bolsoe. He kept dodging. "What are you doing Balro?" Asked Bolsoe. I didn't have control of my voice either. I felt control of my body at last. Jeltion appeared on the platform, but he looked stunned. Spear just swiped at the shield. I suggest we attack the shield. Spear suggested. Alright. I replied. We started attacking the shield surrounding the totem. After about twelve swipes at the shield, Jeltion woke up. Jeltion charged down to the floor and casted shadow skulls. I glanced at Bolsoe. Bolsoe was pinned to the corner, one shadow skull charged toward him, "get him!" I gasped. The shadow skull hit him and Bolsoe laid down."Bolsoe!" I cried. "No time Balro! We gotta end this fight." Spear yelled. Spear leaped toward the shield and swiped down at the shield. Finally, the shield exploded. Jeltion's spirit become mortal and hovered to the ground on his paws. "Ha ha! Yes! Fresh air!" cheered Jeltion. "Whos the real Jeltion again?" I asked.  I glanced at the other Jeltion. He was getting up. "Now you little rat, lets see who you really are." Jeltion picked up the other Jeltion. Jeltion (not being lifted) hesitated for a minute. "This is odd... This is... MY blood." Jeltion told us. The Jeltion being choked turned into a devil cat. "Who sent you?" Asked Jeltion. "Who do you think?" Asked the devil cat. "Obviously Romanov, or was it... Bloodmanov?" Asked Jeltion. "But of course." The devil cat replied. "Thanks for the info." Jeltion thanked, tossing the devil cat to the wall.  Spear went over to Jeltion. "So... we did it." Spear said. "Yes, you did, how stupid of me not to even think that Meltion was the good guy here! How ridiculous of me to start a war just because of a title." Jeltion insulted himself. "I agree." Spear said. Oracle teleported in front of me and Bolsoe. "Good job." Oracle congratulated. "Thanks, where Meltion?" I asked. "He's safe, gonna take a little while for him to heal." Oracle replied. "Alright, thats fine with me." I said. "Well... the last level awaits." Said Oracle. "We're ready." Bolsoe rushed. Oracle's paws glowed white, and a bright flash of white filled my vision.


Chapter 12



I opened my eyes, the ground was green. I got up an realized I was standing on a giant leaf. I bumped into Bolsoe beside me. Oracle appeared in front of us. "What happened?" I asked. "Before you raid Romanov and his evil cats, you'll need these." Oracle pulled out eight gloves, they were made of iron. "Whats this for?" I asked. "Well, you can't walk across Netherdane's surface with your bare paws." Oracle replied. "Good point." Bolsoe answered. "Alright, I know you're tired of seeing a full vision and teleporting on the ground and everything, but are you ready for this?" Asked Oracle. "We are." I replied. Oracle smiled. "Good luck out there." Oracle wished. Oracle's paws glowed white and I saw nothing but white.



Chapter 13

 Netherdane, the star of fire


I opened my eyes. The ground was red rock. "Netherdane." I murmured. I got up, on my feet. "Wheres Bolsoe?" I asked myself, looking around. Bolsoe was nowhere in sight. "Not again." I sighed and glanced at where I met Bloodmanov last time. The cave was still there, but it seemed to have a metal floor. I went over to the cave. Once I stepped on the metal, it almost burnt my paw. I guess Oracle's spell doesn't work on this metal. I thought to myself. I poked the petal with my paw. It was cool. I guess the spell just settled in. I said to myself. I walked inside. It seemed to get warmer every step forward. The cave was dark, but I walked forward, it seemed like ages passed by. Finally, I saw light. I hesitated before running toward the light. Once my paw touched the room with light, it felt warmer. It was just an empty room, ahead was the next room. Why is so quiet? I asked myself. I walked forward toward the exit. I felt something push my paw down to the ground slightly. I glanced down. A pressure plate. I glanced up. "Both of the exits were closed! Attack the elder!" I glanced up. But once I looked up a net caught me before I had a chance to run. Three red devil cats with teeth sticking out came out of the exit door. They both had grins crossed on there faces. "We got him." Said devil cat in front. A devil cat stopped right when his claw was in front of my face. "Get me out of this, and surly I can spare you for your foolishness." I threatened. The devil cat backed away his paw from my face and lowered his face. "I thought elders are a peaceful race." The devil cat replied, smiling. "We are." I replied. "Then why bother coming here? Killing Medusa, Slither, Patch, Sparrow, and Jeltion?" Asked the devil cat. "First of all, we had to kill the Zona and the Para because they were torturing a friend, second of all, I didn't kill Jeltion or Sparrow." I replied. The devil cat snuffed. "Inject the new creature we found in the demon lands." The devil cat ordered. "What?" I asked. The devil cat moved aside. A devil cat had something in his paw. The devil cat threw the object near my face. It was a  furry little hairball with teeth sticking out of it's lower jaw. "Meet the zezom." The devil cat introduced. "What? He's so cute, how can he harm anyone?" I asked. "Well, let's just say they can- nevermind." "Have fun being eaten by the zezom." Said another devil cat. "What?" I asked. They turned back. I glanced at the zezom. It was looking around. I rolled my eyes. Am I really going to be stuck with this so called "zezom"? I thought to myself. The zezom glanced at me, then showed his teeth. "Whoa! Back off!" I ordered, struggling to hop away in the net. The zezom leaped toward my face. I closed my eyes tightly. But I heard the net snap. I opened one eye. The net was broke lose but the zezom looked aggressively ugly. The zezom was staring at me with red eyes, drooling, mouth hanging open, and scars all over his face. I got up and leaped out of the net. The zezom starting leaping toward me. I dodged every attack and managed to get to the exit. The zezom looked left and right. "Does he not see me from this distance?" I asked myself. The zezom leaped toward the other exit door and started chewing the metal. Dang. The zezom chewed a hole in gate within minutes and escaped. I just moved on to the next room.

I didn't rush into the next room, I peaked before I got in. It was full of... nothing. I felt my heart pump softly. "I can see you in there..." Jeltion introduced. Jeltion appeared slowly in front of me. "Wow... I haven't felt my heart pump like that ever since I was five." I gasped. "I knew that." Jeltion answered. "What are you doing here anyway?" I asked. "My voodoo priests discovered that Bloodmanov stole my blood, DNA, whatever... So I want my revenge." Jeltion replied, smiling. "Oh... So that explains all the ruckus in that room." I replied. Jeltion laughed softly. "Yeah." Jeltion said. Sparrow appeared right next to Jeltion. "Well, we going to take care of Bloodmanov or what?" I asked, smiling. Jeltion nodded. We pressed on to the next room. The next room had three dark red devil cats. "Sorry, but I'm afraid only bones and blood are allowed here." Said the red devil cats. "And you're allowed in the demon lands." Jeltion challenged. The three devil cats stood up. "We are never going to back to see the face of Pheonix again! We are devil cats! Liberty is our last name!" The devil cat in the middle yelled. They started charging at us. I raised my paw and casted a spell at them. It hit one but he still was running. Once they reached us, I put on a battle stance. One devil cat stood in place in front of me. He swung at me, missed. I swung at him. Dodged. He swiped at me again. I ducked low and dodged. I felt pain on my back though. Another devil cat was attacking me. I backed up to the corner. I glanced at Jeltion. He just glanced at me back. Jeltion faced toward one of the devil cats attacking me and casted a shadow skull. The shadow skull hit a devil cat and the devil cat just got vaporized. I concentrated on the other devil cat. The devil cat swiped at me. I stepped back to dodge and swiped at him. Got him, barely. The devil cat started swiping rapidly at me. I kept backing up and dodging. Once the devil cat grew tired. I started swiping at him. He dodged almost all, but once I hit him, he finally fell to the floor. Jeltion wrapped the devil cat's paws in a purple glowing wrappings. The devil cat struggled and attempted to swipe at the wrapping. I remained silent. "Quit struggling you persistent fool." Jeltion ordered. The devil cat ignored Jeltion and continued struggling about. I rolled my eyes and proceeded into the next room.



Chapter 14

   Bloodmanov, the blood stealer


The next room was dark, I aimed blindly toward the hollow light straight ahead. Every step got colder and colder. I froze once I felt sharp pain surge through me. "GAH!" I screamed. Torches lit everywhere in the room. In front of me was Bloodmanov. "I thought you promised me..."
Bloodmanov whispered. "Promise what?" I asked sharply. "You weren't going to hurt my son, which is Romanov." Bloodmanov replied. "You never told me your son was Romanov." I pointed out. Bloodmanov snuffed. "Romanov wishes freedom, we don't wish to rot with a bunch of zezoms in the demon lands!" Bloodmanov yelled. Jeltion rolled his eyes. "Forget it!" Yelled Jeltion. Jeltion raised his paw and casted a shadow skull at Bloodmanov. Bloodmanov got hit and got pushed back slightly. "Fine, you don't want to negotiate, eh?" Asked Bloodmanov. Jeltion gasped behind me. I glanced at him. He was turning purple. I glanced at Sparrow. Who was just choking as well. "Why can't I drain your blood?" Asked Bloodmanov. "Don't expect to drain blood out of me." I replied. Bloodmanov charged at me. I dodged and swiped at his body once he passed by. Bloodmanov roared in anger. I laid my paw on Bloodmanov's head and shocked it. Bloodmanov got startled and hit me. It wasn't all that effective. Bloodmanov started fading slowly. "Your mother maybe killed Romanov, and your father tracked down Nome, and you killed Medusa... But you're still mortal!" Bloodmanov yelled. I started feeling sharp pain coursing within my paws. I glanced down at my paws. I was standing in this red moss. I attempted to leap out of the moss, it pulled my back to the same spot. The pain stacked up on my paws. I felt like my paws were going to explode. The moss finally died. I casted a healing spell on my paws and they felt ship-shape in no time. Bloodmanov appeared in the center of the room. Bloodmanov rubbed his paws against the floor twice then charged at me. I casted a spell at his head. That slowed him down and I was able to dodge perfectly. "This battle bores me, now your suffering shall be fed to Azbane." Bloodmanov said. I raised an eyebrow. "What?" I asked. I started getting lifted into the air. Once about ten feet from the ground. I started feeling sharp pain surge into my body. I saw my blood... hovering toward Bloodmanov. "No... It cannot end this way... I MUST HAVE MY VENGEANCE!" Yelled Jeltion, turning back to his normal fur color. Jeltion started casted shadow skulls at me for some reason. "What are you doing?!" I asked. The shadow skulls charged toward me but did not hit me, instead, they started circling around me. I felt the pain turning into anger. Whispers started surrounding me. But then I started seperating from my body. I was a spirit! I started hovering toward Jeltion, I saw my body lifeless in the air. Once I was in Jeltion's body, my body just dropped to the floor. I was Jeltion now. Bloodmanov glanced at me (or Jeltion). "You aren't smart are you?" Asked Bloodmanov. "Don't blame me." I replied. I raised my paw and casted a spell... or I would've if only it worked... I forgot! Jeltion is a spirit, and I was an elder! I instead casted a shadow skull. It worked and a shadow skull started charging at Bloodmanov. The shadow skull hit Bloodmanov. Bloodmanov charged at me. I casted a shadow skull at him. He dodged and continued charging. I had an idea. Once he got close, I casted a spell to choke Bloodmanov. After about twelve seconds of choking. I let go of Bloodmanov and went over to him. He was already dead... I closed his eyes and glanced at Sparrow. He had his jaw dropped. "What?" I asked. I suddenly felt light. I collapsed to the floor.


Chapter 15

 Slight truth


I opened my eyes. I was in my own body, Sparrows paw was in front of my eyes. I got up. Sparrow was silent then spoke up. "Did you know what you done?" He asked. "Kill Bloodmanov?" I guessed. "No... you performed the same action Jenny did." Sparrow answered. "I did?" I asked. "Yes, when Romanov was charging at Jenny, Jenny casted one spell but Romanov dodged it... and... and... Jenny started choking Romanov with a spell... I witnessed it myself." Sparrow replied. I chuckled. "I could tell, I witnessed it to." I said. "Wha- no you didn't." Sparrow said. "Yes I di- say, wheres Jeltion?" I asked. Sparrow glanced at his paws. "I'm afraid he's going to have boil within Pheonix's cauldron..." Sparrow replied. I was about to sob but I just stood firm. "Well... alright..." I spoke. Sparrow glanced up at me, his tusk almost stabbed me. I backed away and spoke. "I guess he did what he wanted, you can return to the northern wolf base." I suggested. Sparrow shook his head. "Southern wolves and northern wolves... is there a difference?" Asked Sparrow. I was about to speak until he just winked at me and faded. I just shook my head and went into the next room.


Chapter 16

   The path of twilight. 

The next room was abandon, dark, but a window filled the room with light. I looked outside the window. My jaw... dropped. A volcano stood in the center of what seemed to be a forever going maze. And plus, a path circled the volcano to it's top. "I guess I gotta get started." I said to myself. I just moved onto the next room.

The next room was filled with purple zezoms. A purple devil cat was in the center of the room. "Get him!" Ordered the devil cat. The zezoms started leaping furiously toward me. I leaped to the left and casted a spell at the purple devil cat. I hit him but he pulled out a paw crossbow! "Run! run! Coward!" Yelled the devil cat. He fired once. I dodged but kept fleeing from the zezoms. I casted another spell at him. I luckily got him, but he was still on his paws. I casted a spell at the zezoms, it hit one. There was many more remaining though. The devil cat loaded his crossbow and aimed at me. I casted a spell at him to interrupt his concentration. It worked, he got hit and he fired at the roof instead. The zezom suddenly stopped. "Good job running, but let us see how fast you dodge zahkazs." The devil cat tipped. "Zah- what now?" I asked. I felt sharp pain on my body. I healed myself and glanced at the wound, a tiny tooth was in me. I pulled it out and saw what it was. A bunch of zezoms with curled teeth and had one eye missing. One spat at me. I dodged the tiny teeth that struck like a bunch of arrows. I casted spell at the devil cat. The devil cat finally collapsed to the ground. He stopped breathing and all the zezoms and zahkazs started turning brown. I moved onto the next room before they had a chance to attack me.

I marched into the next room, it had an orb in the center and a bunch of purple devil cats. I counted about seven but all of them were lying down, a purple beam was coming out of there chests and into the orb. This is odd. I thought to myself, raising an eyebrow. I went over to one of the purple devil cats and waved my paw in front of his face. I laid my paw on his head and casted a spell. He opened his eyes and swiped at me. "The secrets of this orb shall not be revealed!" Yelled the devil cat. He swiped at me again. I dodged and casted another spell at him. He just died like a snap. I went over to another cat and did the same thing. Then I went over to the third devil cat. The third devil cat was harder than the other two. But I was able to defeat him.

After I defeated all the devil cats in that room, the orb was rapidly changing colors. I swiped at it with all my might, it exploded and I flew toward the wall. Pain surged through my back. Once I landed on the ground, I glanced up at the orb... or where it used to be. A blue devil cat, that was about 4 feet tall was staring at me. "Who dares disturb the slumber of Heirmanov?" He asked. "Sorry, I didn't know it was you in the orb." I apologized. He did not look happy after I said that. "Well, what do you want?" Asked Heirmanov. "Can you open the gate to the next room?" I requested. "The next room is already open." He replied. I glanced at the gate to the next room, it wasn't open. He must've meant the entrance to this room. I thought to myself. "No, I meant that exit." I corrected, pointing at the gate. He glanced at the gate. "Really? I thought you meant the entrance..." Heirmanov replied, with a suspicious tone. "What do you mean?" I asked. "The entrance to the demon lands." Heirmanov replied. Heirmanov casted a spell that trailed blue fire at me. I dodged and casted a spell at him. It hit him but it made him turn green. He casted a spell that made thorns catch my feet. "Wha-?" I asked. I attempted to lift my paws. The thorns had me tight to the ground. I started feeling weak. I casted a healing spell and then casted a spell around my paws, it killed the thorns. I glanced up at Heirmanov. He had a piece of stick on his mouth, he spat a dart at me. I dodged and glanced at the dart. Once the dart hit the surface of the wall, it became a green gas cloud. I casted a spell at Heirmanov again. It hit him and he changed to purple. He started casting spells that made purple circles under my feet, and they were painful. But after about four seconds, I felt something on my back, I glanced at what was making me feel this, wings! I started flying around the room. Heirmanov started casted purple bolts at me. I kept dodging and kept casted at the same time. After ten hits, Heirmanov finally changed colors to red. My wings vanished. I was on the ground again (obviously) but Heirmanov started hovering in the air. Red moss started growing all over the room. I started casting spells at Heirmanov. Once the red moss touched me, I began feeling very VERY sharp pain. I casted a healing spell and continued casting spells at Heirmanov. The red moss started surrounding me. I quickly casted my final spell at Heirmanov. It hit him and he fell to the floor... dead. The red moss died instantly and I moved on to the next room.

The next room had a red snake in the center. "Welcome to the torment level!" The snake introduced. The snake pulled out a clockwork gun! Two green beams started coming from him to the gun. I started running around the room, but he had a perfect aim toward me. I started jumping while running. He still was on me. I heard a ping from the gun and then, the barrel on the gun. I started attempting to confuse him by running back and forth at random times, he would throw his aim off a little. Once the gun fired, I turned back, and luckily, I dodged. The red snake turned into thin dust. I sighed in relief and moved into the next room.

The next room had a giant zezom in it, a devil cat was standing on top of it. "Greetings! And welcome to the show! This week, fresh meat that came from the star named Teris! now, watch before your very eyes as he gets sent down to the demon lands!" Announced the devil cat. The zezom started jumping toward me. I started making a run toward the exit. The gate was opened. Once I was almost there, I tripped over a trip wire and the gate closed. "Nice try! but the only way out of here is death!" Yelled the devil cat. The devil cat started crackling. The zezom roared at me. He was still very far though. I casted a spell at the zezom, the devil cat put up a shield around the zezom's face. "I hope you enjoy this impossible round of deathmatch, 'cause there will be NO WAY OUT!" Yelled the devil cat. I started strafing around the zezom, he had a hard time jumping toward me and turning at the same time. After strafing right for a while, I ran left and got the zezom's head from the left. The zezom roared in pain and the shield started flying forth. I started casting spells rapidly at the zezom. "Oh please! I have many more face shields where that came from!" he yelled, putting another shield in front of the zezom. The zezom now had bloody eyes. He started jumping toward me a little faster this time. I strafed to the right again, he was following me again, but once I ran to the left, the shield was blocking the left of his head too! I started strafing to the left then, the zezom was following me like a dog chasing his tail. I ran to the right on the perfect moment and casted a spell at the right of his head. Once it hit him, the zezom roared again and made the shield fly forward. "Keep making scratches on my pet, cause there is NO WAY you'll ever KILL HIM!" Yelled the devil cat, putting another shield around the zezom. The zezom now had twitchy eyes. He started jumping toward me way faster than before. I continued my strategy and strafed to the right again. The zezom was... stupid and continued following his eyes on me. (which means he kept jumping toward me and facing me.) Once I had the chance, I ran to the left, it was blocked by the shield. I strafed left once I saw the shield. The zezom had his eyes fixed on me. I ran to the right of the zezom. a wooden shield was covering it this time. I casted a spell at the wooden shield, it broke it but it caused no harm to the zezom, the zezom turned to me quickly and proceeded toward me. I was running out of space.  I strafed slowly to the left, then ran toward the right and casted a spell at the zezom's vulnerable spot. The zezom roared painfully and made the shield shatter. I casted spells toward the zezom. "This battle is really boring me! Consider giving up you little pest!" The devil cat suggested, putting another shield on the zezom. I strafed to the right, and the zezom followed me, I ran to the left and casted a spell at his left, of course, the left of zezom's shield this time was on the left. I attempted casted a spell at the zezom again while was wasn't looking at me for the time being, but he quickly faced toward me and blocked my shot. I just started running swiftly to the right and casted a spell at the zezom. The zezom roared again and the shield shattered. "ENOUGH! I grow tired of seeing my zezom getting hurt while I cower! You will be fed to my zezom, and your head will be pinned on Romanov's wall!" Threatened the devil cat. The devil cat pulled out a crossbow. "DIE!" Threatened the devil cat again. He started firing at me, and the zezom started leaping toward me. I casted a spell at the zezom, got him once. I casted another spell, got him twice. But my next spell was interrupted by the devil cat. I dodged the devil cat's crossbow bolt. The zezom now had a blue shield surrounding itself. The devil cat was all I can hit. I casted spell at the devil cat, got him once. I casted another spell at him, got him twice. He fired at me. I dodged. I casted another spell at him. I got him and he died. "AGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!" Screamed the devil cat. The zezom was now vulnerable. I started rapidly casting spells at the zezom, and after five hits, the zezom roared painfully. And the gate to the next room shattered. I ignored the zezom and moved into the next room.

The next room had a purple orb in the center, the room was dark and the orb was the only thing I could see. I broke the orb and light filled the room. Asteranov was standing where I broke the orb. "Good to see you made it this far, so that I can kill you myself!" Yelled Asteranov.


Chapter 17

    Asteranov, servant of Zealot.


"Oh, hello Asteranov, good to see you... still alive, you hag woman." I threatened. Asteranov roared. "How dare you!" Yelled Asteranov. "Lets rush to judgment for what you have done!" I challenged, putting on a battle stance. "You persistent little dog! I'll end your suffering!" Yelled Asteranov. Asteranov casted a purple shadow bolt at me. I dodged and casted a spell at her. It hit her. She started casted shadow skulls at me. "Do you not remember Jeltion or Slither! THEY SUFFERED BY MY POWER! AND MY MIGHT! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU WON'T?" Asked Asteranov sharply. The skulls charged at me. I dodged every single one. The ground started becoming purple. It had no effect... really. But then, I started seeing something hiding in the ground, panthers! I casted a spell at Asteranov. But one of the panthers started swiping at me! I dodged and casted a spell at the panther, he vanished once the spell hit him. I casted another spell at Asteranov. It hit her. Asteranov casted a shadow bolt at me. I dodged and ran right into a panther. The panther vanished once I toughed him. I casted another spell at Asteranov. It hit her, and she just... died... I went over to her corpse. "You didn't have to go that easy on me." I taunted. I spat on her corpse and went over to an orb. I touched the orb and everything turned white.

I saw color at last. However, not a pretty sight...


Chapter 18

    Romanov, servant of Pheonix.


I was in a room, that had Romanov standing on a floating platform, hovering about six or seven feet high. "Welcome to the great show." Romanov introduced. "How about you come down here so I can kill you the same way I did to Asteranov?" I asked. "Because I'm going to tell you a little something that you should know Balro." He replied. "And what is that?" I asked. "Haven't you ever noticed Bolsoe? Getting captured all the time?" Asked Romanov. "Yes." I replied. "And have you ever realized he wasn't all that useful?" Asked Romanov again. "No." I replied. Well, Bolsoe, come out here and tell it to the little pup." Romanov ordered. I glanced at a door. The door opened and a grey devil cat with black eyes came out. "Meet new Bolsoe." Romanov introduced. "BOLSOE?" I Asked. "Yes, your brother and I had a little deal, and he did more for me than to him, so he took the liberty of bringing you here, writing that note, and all that." Romanov explained. "And why would he do this?" I asked. "Because I'm putting him into a trance you numb skull." Replied Romanov. "Oh. thanks for pointing that out." I thanked. "Bolsoe! Attack!" Ordered Romanov. Bolsoe charged at me. Once he reached me, he attempted to bite me. I dodged and casted a spell at Bolsoe's brain. I was expecting him to be stunned but he died instead. "I was expecting him to be a lot smarter and stronger." Romanov told me. Romanov got up and stretched. "Oh well, I suppose since he was weak, you are as well, now! FACE THE TRUE MIGHT OF ROMANOV!" Yelled Romanov. Romanov started levitating down to the ground. "Lets get this over with, there is a shaman that came from Teris waiting to be executed." He said. "I don't think so, because it'll be your head, not Jarraden's." I replied. "We shall see about that." Romanov challenged. Romanov ignited the sides of the room. I saw devil cats started cheering, and zezoms roaring... I... I was in the Colosseum Jenny dueled Romanov in. Romanov's mouth started burning. I lifted an eyebrow. Romanov then started lowering his mouth to the ground. I ran behind him and started hitting on him. He attempted to turn around but he burnt his mouth instead. His claw struck my face however, I was sent flying but I was able to hold myself to the ground. "I'm Jenny's son, you should know that!" I yelled. Romanov roared furiously at me. He casted a fireball. I did what I was suppose to do, stand still. The fireball hit me but I healed. He started charging at me. I rolled to the right and casted a spell at him. "You're testing my patience, stand still so I can burn you!"  Romanov demanded. Romanov's mouth ignited. I went behind him. Once I went behind him, Romanov was laying a blanket of fire that measures half the room. He attempted to kick me several times but I kept at a safe distance. Once his fire breath broke, I quickly ran about seventy feet away from him. He kept casting tiny fireballs at me but I always sprinted away from them. I casted a spell at Romanov, it hit him. Romanov made wings made out of fire. "Time to burn some skulls." Romanov whispered. Romanov started flying around the arena. I casted another spell at Romanov, he dodged it. Romanov started breathing out fire in a circle. I casted another spell at him. Dodged. Romanov landed on the ground. "Let us settle this!" He yelled. Romanov started circling his front paws. I casted a spell at him. Romanov didn't even bother dodging, so it hit him. Romanov's paws started forming a purple ball, finally, Romanov pushed the ball towards me. I felt paralyzed, The purple ball hit me and everything turned black...

I opened my eyes, I felt different. I got up. "Oh no..." Romanov gasped. Everyone grew silent and started slowly evacuating. My fur was now purple, and I had wings. "Good, you've managed to kill me, but you won't be alive to tell the tale." I said, my voice was distorted. I casted shadow skulls at Romanov. Three hit him, the rest he dodged. "Run! Little kitty! RUN!" I yelled. I casted a shadow ball at Romanov. It hit him and he got knocked back a few meters. I made him hover and choked him for a few seconds, then slammed him into the ground. I flew high in the air then came back down like a meteoroid on top of Romanov. Once I woken from the crash, I was in between Romanov and Bolsoe's corpse, Romanov was seriously injured. I glanced at Bolsoe's corpse. Should I revive him and spare Romanov like Nepmoon said for me to do? Or should I kill Romanov and listen to Pheonix? I started glancing at Romanov and Bolsoe rapidly. A asteroid landed down next to me. I glanced up at the sky. It was raining multiple meteoroids! I didn't have much time! I had a choice to make...

Chapter 19

     Escaping fate

 I went over to Bolsoe, I rapidly casted healing spells. He finally, after seven heals, he coughed. "Get up Bolsoe! We have to get out of here!" I shouted. He quickly got up and glanced around quickly. "Where are we? Whats going on?" Asked Bolsoe. "No time! How will we get off Netherdane?" I asked. Nepmoon appeared in front of me. "Nepmoon! can you help us?!" I asked. "Sorry, but I only came to claim Romanov." He replied. Nepmoon went over to Romanov and they both vanished... I sighed and looked down at my paws until I heard a crow call. Jarraden (in crow form) landed in between me and Bolsoe. "Hurry! into the portal!" Ordered Jarraden. A portal opened near us. Bolsoe got in, then Jarraden, then me... Everything turned white.


Chapter 20

       Elders promoted

Me and Bolsoe walked up to Heltlilion, no one was spitting on us, or laughing, or threatening like what they mostly do... They stood there with smiles of pride on their faces. Heltlilion smiled as we bowed down. "Rise." Ordered Heltlilion. Me and Bolsoe stood up. "Walk with me." Heltlilion ordered. He started walking toward the edge of the star. Me and Bolsoe sat beside him. "It's amazing how you done it, you, your mother, and your father..." Heltlilion said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You've gone so far... It's just so amazing." Heltlilion replied. "Yeah, to bad all we get is a little respect." Bolsoe replied. Heltlilion put a paw on me and Bolsoe's backs. "Oh, come on boys, your mother and father maybe done a good deed and got a lot of respect, but you've done what others could not." Heltlilion said. All three of us glanced up at the sky. Balto, Jenny, Jarraden, Pandora, Oracle, Meltion, and Spear sat beside us. "You've done the best deed that made everyone proud and free... thank you... all of you... you've made us and the gods proud..."

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