Chapter 1:

   Dis triumph

''I did it!'' I announced, holding up a bottle of speed. ''I finally crafted a bottle of speed!'' I said. Heltlilion smiled. ''Good job.'' Heltlilion replied. I felt so good. Heltlilion held of a bottle of speed. ''Where did you get that from?'' I asked. ''I crafted a million bottle of speeds back when I was an elder.'' Heltlilion said. I felt depressed and let go of the bottle of speed. ''Pick that back up.'' Heltlilion ordered. I gripped the bottle of speed. ''There is going to be an event in Nome.'' Heltlilion said. ''And what is that?'' I asked. Heltlilion gave me a newspaper. ''See for yourself.'' Heltlilion said. I read the newspaper.

The great snow dash

Enter a sled team of dogs to the great snow dash! Where teams of dogs will be participating in a fierce challenge of not only racing, but crashing. The reward will be $10.000 dollars, your dog's reward is food... lots of food.

''Interesting...'' I commented. ''Indeed, in fact, I think Gunnar would like you there.'' Heltlilion said. ''Also, you can use that bottle of speed.'' I nodded. ''I'll have to tell Bolsoe this.'' I said. I knew where Bolsoe was, and I went over to where he was.

Bolsoe was at the edge of the star, he had his eyes closed and was breathing softly. ''Bolsoe.'' I said, interrupting his meditation. ''Yes?'' Bolsoe asked. ''Heard of the great snow dash event in Nome?'' I asked him. ''No, what is it.'' Bolsoe asked, glancing at me. I handed over the newspaper.

''Seven rounds of racing... event takes place in Nome at May seventeenth.''

And today is... May sixteenth. ''Alright, I'll participate.'' Bolsoe replied.

Chapter 2:

     A German husky.

I hid my bottle of speed behind a house because I wanted to save it for the next race. And went over to the harnesses for our team, they were brown with pure diamonds in them. I put on the harness and helped Bolsoe with his. ''Thanks.'' Bolsoe thanked. I nodded. Togo put on his harness. ''Oh, hey Togo, long time no see.'' I said. He smiled. ''Hello Balro, I didn't notice you there.'' Togo replied. ''Me neither, until you put your harness on.'' I said. Togo got on the front of the sled, he was going to be our leader. Jeghie was here too, she put on a harness and was on the left lane (me and Bolsoe were on the right lane of the sled.) Our team formed up and was ready for the race...

There was only four teams formed at the great snow dash. And the lead dog on the team on my right had yellow shining legs... and that didn't look good.

''Attention! Attention! The great snow dash is starting! Get ready!''

I put on a running stance. The coach fired his gun in the air and every team ran. Gunnar didn't whip us but the team on the right was being whipped senseless. But the leader wasn't, he was zooming in at the finish line without breathing. Does he have the bottle of speed effect? I thought to myself. Their team passed the finishing line and our team was second place. ''Ah, that was rubbish.'' An Australian dog on our team jeered. Togo glanced at their team's lead dog. And he looked back at Togo. ''Well, longz time no zee old friend.'' Their lead dog said. ''Good to see you too. runt.'' Togo growled. Their lead dog grinned an ugly smile and walked off with his team. I raised an eyebrow. Who was he? "Who was he?" I asked Togo, walking out of my harness. "His name if Fritz, he was a friend of mine." Togo replied. "Really?" I asked. "Yes, his full name is Fritz Pon Peter, once part of the Pon Peter family." Togo replied. "Pon Peters? aren't they Zanzos' family?" I asked. "Yes." Togo replied. "Well, how are we going to beat him?" I asked. "I don't know, a miracle?" Togo replied. I sighed. "I don't think even luck would get us through this mess." I replied.

Chapter 3:

    More dis triumph.

I made another core of speed, I panted so that sweat doesn't pour from my head. And at last, another bottle of speed. I smiled as it's yellow glow struck my face. I carried it to the portal to Earth. I wish to see that fool's face... I thought to myself.

Once I got back, Nome was crowded with lanes... it's a good thing no one was witnessing me. I activated the bottle of speed, it will last for 10 hours in counting. I went over to my harness. Bolsoe was already there, he held up my harness with his mouth. "Thanks". I thanked. "No problem." He thanked. Togo, Jeghie, and the Australian dog came over to us. Fritz was in the other lane... there was something around his legs... it was gears! "What the heck is that?" I asked him. "A little zomething the Smeltiers whipped up for me." He replied. "Smeltiers? the Clockwork servants? please... they're nothing." I replied. "Was do you mean?" He asked. "I mean they isn't famous at all." I answered. He growled. "I'll show zou not famous." He growled. "Teams! get ready to start!" The coach warned. Everyone on my team got ready, putting a paw forward. Fritz growled and did the same. "On your mark!... get set...!" The coach drawn out his gun and fired at the sky. Both of our teams started running. Fritz's team was still winning. I burnt a lot of stamina. I might as well make a bottle of stamina next race. Fritz's leg gear started spinning faster! Was it overheating? Fritz started going faster, dragging his whole team. I was astonished. He was going faster then our LEADING team. Fritz smiled at me, taunting me. I growled and started slightly faster... but I wasn't leading dog, it didn't even speed us up. The finishing line was in sight. "Move your paws!" Togo ordered. I panted and my breath burned. Their team on the other hand, was still beating us. Togo started dragging some of us. Bolsoe was running like me though. We started inching toward their team. Fritz growled. "Turbo!" He yelled. His leg contraption started rotating rapidly, he started going super fast... and he was once again beating us. They passed the finishing line and once again... we were second place. I looked back at Gunnar, he shook his head left and right. I sighed. Fritz came over to me. "Call zhat "not famous" you attrappe!" He yelled, punching me with his paw twice. I growled. "Your lucky I don't zap you right now." I threatened. "Oh, I'm terrified, yet revealing zat you're an elder... and you'll be skinned cleanz off for your golden bonez." He taunted. I growled. Togo put his paw in front of me, gesturing that he would deal with it. "Fritz, hows the Smeltiers going?" He asked. "Fine, donke shay." He replied. Togo glanced at me and back at Fritz. "I'll handle this, Balro." He told me. I nodded. He walked with Fritz somewhere. Bolsoe went over to me. "Well this is completely unfair!" He said. "Indeed... how can we fix this?" I asked. "Maybe you can make some bottles of speed for all of us?" He asked. "No, that would take to much time." I replied. Bolsoe thought for a minute. "I got nothing." He said. I sighed. "Well... tomorrow is the final race... I'll try to think of something." I said. He nodded and went over to Nome.

Chapter 4


I sighed and walked over to the anvil. Heltlilion went over to me. "Whats wrong Balro?" He asked. "We lost two rounds in a row because of someone named Fritz." I replied. "So I see in Earth's headlines... but what do you think you can do?" He asked. "Make lots of bottles of speeds for my comrades?" I asked. "Wrong!" He replied. I raised my ears in surprise. "What do you suggest?" I asked. "Hello, I made lots of bottles of speed..." He replied. I smiled. "You don't mind?" I asked. "Not at all! now go out there! and get some food my nephew!" He inspired. I smiled. "Lets do it!"

Chapter 5

    The final race.

Me and Bolsoe went over to our harnesses. Togo sighed. "Looks like we lose." He jeered. "No, I have the solution to this!" I replied. Togo looked up at me. "How?" He asked. No human was witnessing. I summoned six bottles of speed. Togo gasped. "Where'd you get all these?!" He asked in excitement. "Heltlilion allowed us to borrow some." I replied. Togo smiled. "Hope is not lost! that food is worth a weeks-worth of stomach fulls! and we will impress Gunnar with that money!" Togo cheered. "Whos with me?!" He stuck his paw out, I put my paw on it. So did Bolsoe. Then Jeghie and the Australian dog

Chapter 6

    Who will win?

We all activated our bottles of speed, Fritz glanced at us. "Looks like you don't stand a chance Fritz!" I taunted. He smiled. "Ja, ja, but my team has ze same technology I have, iz you who doesn't ztand a chance!" He replied. His whole team had the leg gears! My eyes grew.
Do we even stand a chance?

The race was about to begin, the final race was worth it all if we won. "On your mark!... get set!" The coach fired a gun into the sky and we both took off. They were once again beating us. "No! we'll never win!" I jeered. "Don't give up now!" Togo yelled back. Fritz smiled. His leg gear started bursting! "Nien!" He yelled, their team started slowing down. "Yes!" I cheered. We started inching closer to them. Togo was a head ahead of Fritz. And we won!

Chapter 7

     Pride and stride

Everyone cheered at us. I smiled and breathed in with pride. The coach went over to Gunnar. "Congratulations Gunnar! you won!" The coach said. "Indeed, but my dogs here deserve that food more then I deserve that money." Gunnar replied. "Ha! no problem! theres plenty of food for all of them, and plenty of money for you to make a retirement." He replied. A crate spilled over and chicken legs started dropping. We all went out of our harnesses and started eating the chicken. I felt so proud. But I glanced at Fritz. He sighed and looked away from us. I knew he was an enemy... but he was still dog. I grabbed a chicken leg and brought it over to Fritz. Fritz was astonished once I dropped the chicken leg. "Wh- why? I mean... zis nice, but you deserve zit, you're ze winner after all." He said. I smiled. "Does it matter?" I asked. He smiled and ate the chicken leg. "Danke, son of Balto... zis been a while since I saw your father's grave... do you... mind, taking me to him?" He asked. I smiled. "Not at all." I replied. He smiled. "Danke." He thanked. And we both walked back to Nome, not as winners or as losers... but as friends.

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