Usually, I would think of this book in school... or I would just dream of certain events. I didn't know grammar back then.

This book was inspired by the 1995 movie film "Balto" which is directed by Simon Wells, director of "Mars needs moms".

I studied Balto a lot, and the part where Balto and Balro are delivering the medicine... is true. That is how IT happened, teams of sled dogs waited at towns... one by one, they waited for the medicine.

Balro's quests one, when Balro had his new house... he saw a mirror and didn't know what it was. This came from "where the red fern grows", in fact: where the red fern grows was the birth of the devil cat.

All three of these books were planned ever since Balro's quests one was still in production.

For Balro four, I wanted the book to reach far deep in the reader, I wanted the reader to feel sympathy, shock, pain, fear, etc.

As you may notice, there was many Asians in it, there is the Japanese samurai Immortal, Indian Pecane, archer Mogjeog, etc. The reason why is because my brother asked me to make an Asian book, and seeing that this book was my first book, I wanted to grant these characters the honor of being introduced in Balro's quests.

In case you haven't noticed, in Balro four... the name of the antagonist is...
Akuma, in which means "demon" in Japanese. I couldn't think of any other name for him.
Mogjeog, in Korean, means "aim".
Pecane is not based off of an any word. Pecane was named after "Pi" in the movie "life of Pi", I wanted a fit Indian in my books. So, I added Pecane. However, I did not want the word to sound rude or funny at all, Pecane seemed to be the right name.
Immortal, was named after the unit in March of war, by Isotx. I'm sure you can find that out.

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