"Heltlilion grows old now, there is no chance to save him, even with healing magic." A wolf doctor reported. We were both standing outside of Heltlilion's hut. "Then who will be alpha?" I asked. "Well... what about your mother?" He asked. I scoffed. "My mother? I doubt she'd agree to be alpha." I replied. "You?" The doctor suggested. "What?" "You should be alpha, after all, you're his grandson and defeated the fire servant." He replied. "B-but, I don't think I can lead." I said. The doctor opened his mouth but a nurse interrupted. "Balro, sir, Heltlilion wants to see you." The nurse said. I nodded and went into Heltlilion's hut.

"My grandson, tough times are coming to Teris." Heltlilion said. "I know, but what can we do? what can I do?" I asked. Heltlilion coughed several times. "I declare you, Balro, son of Jenny, my daughter, to be alpha of Teris." Heltlilion said. "Wha-? me? alpha? o-o-of Teris? I don't think I'm worthy." I said. Heltlilion smiled and put his paw on my paw. "I know you can do it, grandson." Heltlilion said. I smiled but it faded as his paw weakened... "Take care, Balro." Heltlilion exhaled and his paw was light...

The Alpha Howl library proudly presents...

Balro IV

the fall of Teris

 Chapter I

The vision:

Six months passed from Heltlilion's death, my mother, decided to go walk around the world as an ambassador, reliving her life as a wolf, not an elder. I was alpha now, but there was no need to guide the wolves, all of them were happy, all of them worked at a good pace and I was proud of them all as much as they were proud of me.

I meditated among the side of Teris, where there was only the sound of the wind. As I sunk deeper into my vision, I usually see pictures of flowers, birds, and other peaceful places... today was different.

I saw me... facing a huge wildfire. My eyes full of rage, I then saw a white flash and a huge snake samurai with a katana! he battle cried while approaching and I saw another flash of a yellow snake with a hunting rifle and kukri knife, another flash and I saw a snake with a bow. Another flash and I saw a devil cat... facing towards me, his adult teeth was on his bottom jaw instead of top. "Hello, Balro." He greeted. I gasped and saw another flash, and I saw... I saw... Medusa.

The final flash shown a huge wolf, I stood on on a mountain with grass on it and clouds surrounding me. The huge wolf glanced at me, and smiled. I didn't even know who that wolf was... I then saw fire surrounding me and the huge wolf turned orange, and his eyes blood-shot with red. He roared at me and I closed my eyes and screamed.

I gasped and snapped out of my vision. I blinked several times with confusion. "Everything alright, Balro?" Bolsoe asked. "Yeah, yeah, sorry, I had a strange vision." I said. "A vision?" Bolsoe asked. "Yes, I thought I saw... I saw-" "Balro, tell me." Bolsoe demanded. "I saw- I saw Medusa." Bolsoe remained silent then chuckled. "You sure it wasn't some other snake? there still are snakes roaming Earth, you know." Bolsoe said. "No, no other snake I ever seen had other snakes as hair." I replied. Bolsoe shook his head. "I'm not so sure, brother, but you can go ahead and see Oracle." Bolsoe said. "Yeah, sure, I guess it'll be good to visit the united wolf base again." I said, breathing heavily.

Chapter II

The united wolf base

I stepped upon the grass, it's been a long time since I stepped on Earth. It was spring and as I stepped into the base, pups huddled around me with smiles and laughter. I smiled back and kept talking to them. I walked over to the throne room while the pups were around me. Once I reached the throne room, the kids then ran away and played with each other, but I walked into the throne room.

I walked up to king Spear and bowed before him. Spear laughed. "You don't have to bow, I'm a mere king, you're an alpha." Spear said. I smiled and we both laughed, and hugged each other. "Good to see you, old friend." Spear said. "You too, Spear." I replied. "So, what are you doing here? you looking for water? to hang out?" I chuckled. "I wish I can, but I have more important matters, where is Oracle? I wish to speak to him." I asked. "He's outside, probably playing with the pups." Spear said. "Okay, thanks." I thanked. I turned my back and was about to walk outside until Spear halted me. "Why do you need to speak to Oracle?" Spear asked. "A vision, a very strange vision." I replied.

Chapter III

A new ruby dreamer

I saw Oracle in a small grass ring. He was playing with pups and having fun with them, his eyes were closed just like Meltion's were. He then glanced at my direction. "Oh hello, Balro." He greeted. I smiled, "hey, Oracle." I greeted back. He turned his whole body towards me. "Dear Nepmoon, look at you! You have grown since the last time we met." He said. "You did, too, Oracle." I said. "So, you have come to me, why?" He asked. "Well... you're not Meltion so you might not know the answer, but I had a vision, and it shown a devil cat with it's bottom teeth on the bottom jaw, like a zezom." I replied. Oracle hummed. "What do you think it could mean?" I asked. "I do not know, but I think I know someone who can, come." Oracle ordered. I followed Oracle into a large hut.

Chapter IV

A Zarus priest?!

I entered the room, there was many moonlight candles around that emitted blue light. Straight ahead was a blue highborn with his back turned from us. "Thunder, I have a guest." Oracle said. The blue highborn stood up and faced us. He was an old blue highborn, had a scar under his right eye and lots of wrinkles, yet... he looked so familiar. "Ah, hello, son of Nepmoon, why have you come here?" He asked. "I-I'm Balro, alpha of Teris, and you are?" He bristled and cleared his throat. "I am Thunder, one of the few Zarus priests." A Zarus priest? I thought to myself. "Should I leave?" Oracle asked. "You may, Oracle, me and Balro will talk for a while." Thunder said, approaching me slowly. Oracle nodded and left the hut, and Thunder was in front of me. "So, young one, what troubles you?" Thunder asked. "Well, I-I had a vision, I saw multiple images but it went by so fast I couldn't even identify any of them, I saw many snakes that I didn't know... I saw a devil cat with his adult teeth on the bottom jaw rather then the top, and I thought I saw... Medusa." I explained. Thunder squinted to concentrate. "Never, in my years have I seen a zezom faced devil cat, but is it possible?" Thunder asked himself. He looked up at his forehead for a while. "I think I know a solution, but it might not work." Thunder said. "Anything, anything to figure out this vision, it might be a danger to Teris." I said. "Well... alright." Thunder walked over to a drawer, pulled it open, and pulled out a small orange orb. "This is a dangerous weapon, the devil cats call it 'the eye of Pheonix', if you look into it, you might be able to see the truth." Thunder said. He dropped it in my paw and I looked deeply into it. After 7 seconds, I saw a white flash.

Chapter V

A vision

I was surrounded by white clouds, and I was on a... mountain! it was flat at the top and circular, obviously not naturally made. I stepped around the grass, butterflies flew passed my head. I blinked twice, I was confused. "Hello, Balro." Someone greeted. I looked behind me, there was nobody there... I raised an eyebrow and looked forward only to see a wolf right there! I got startled and casted an ark bolt at him. He then vanished into a thousand particles and appeared right next to me! "Wh- ho- how are you doing that?" I asked. "I was once a great alpha of Teris, and I have mastered a lot of ancient spells beyond imagining." He said. We both stared into each other's eyes for a while, he was a big wolf, had black fur, brown eyes, scars on his face but I ignored them. "So- where am I?" I asked. "You are merely in my place, you can imagine this place like a star, just not a star... an open world but a tiny cage." He said. I blinked twice. "Why am I here, though?" I asked. "I have called you here because of your vision, Teris is under serious threat, and I am here to help you." He said. "Th-then what can I do? what can you do?" I asked. "As seen by you being startled, I have magic beyond any spirit's thinking. I can teleport, heal, and many more, I can help Balro, but I'm afraid I am dead." He said. "How are you dead?" I asked. "I was an alpha of Teris, long before Romanov. But I have died by the god killer... Viroun... but one devil cat can be as dangerous as Ali'kara, the one you saw in your vision, Balro, is probably the most powerful." He said. "What?!" I asked. "Yes, his name is unknown, but he is called 'the zezom king', he is a ruthless warlord that sells himself as a mercenary." He said. "A mercenary? to who?" I asked. "Medusa." He replied. "I knew it! she is alive! I need to find her and defeat her!" I said. "It's not that easy, anymore, Balro, she has gained power." He said. "How much?" I asked. "I do not know, but you cannot defeat her alone, revive me and I will help defend Teris with you." He said. I faced him, eye to eye. "I think we're more then capable to defeating the threat that comes, I thank you for the warning, but I'm afraid I cannot trust you." I said. "Fool! Medusa will crush Teris! she has gained power and your people will be destroyed! even you might die! what then?!" He hissed. "We will prevail." I said. He growled. "Fine, go back to Teris, your people cannot wait forever." He said. I nodded and saw a purple portal to my right, I jumped in.

Chapter VI

The defense

"Muster up a defense!" I ordered. There was many walls being built around, elders and spirits walked by, ready for combat. "I don't know, Balro, don't you think you're overreacting about this vision?" Bolsoe asked. "We cannot risk it, Bolsoe, we need to be prepared for the threat that comes." I said.

Chapter VII

The fall of Teris

Our defense was fully build, only one gate and many walls with elders and spirits on them. Wait, who is the threat? "What is the threat?" An elder asked. A spirit shrugged. We waited.

It was night and there was still nothing. Our visions were covered by the darkness, it started raining. "Whats with the rain?" An elder asked. Thunder clashed and provided a little light, but there was still nothing. Another thunder clashed and still nothing. My fur started soaking above my eyes, thunder clashed again. "FIRE!" An elder ordered. All spirits and elders started firing bolts and spells, I saw what the threat was, there was a THOUSAND snakes that looked like imperial Medusa...they were wearing imperial Medusa armor and crossbows, katanas sheathed as well. Arrows flew passed me as I fired ark bolts at the snakes. "AGGH!" A wolf screamed next to me, he had an arrow in his chest and fell off the wall. I nearly cried at the sight. "Keep firing!" I ordered. Thunder clashed again and I saw a million more snakes, there was some with samurai armor and spartan armor! "Fire!" A snake ordered, I saw a catapult launch a fireball at the wall. "Incoming!" A wolf cried. Many wolves jumped off the wall but the fireball crashed through the wall, a wolf leg hit my face. My jaw trembled at the sight of it. Thunder clashed and I saw snakes with native American gear, some with traditional bows and some with guns. A huge snake samurai with a dragon battering ram approaching the gate. "Get that snake samurai!" I ordered. He was a huge snake! the biggest I ever seen! I casted many ark bolts on him but he would only flinch. He reeled back his lips and charged at the gate, he then dashed forward and struck at the gate with his battering ram. The gate opened and snakes poured in. "Retreat!" I ordered. I felt sudden pain in my leg, I crouched, healed my leg, and looked at the source. It was a yellow snake, with Indian clothing. He had a hunting rifle and was aiming at me. My eyes grew and ducked as a bullet passed overhead. I then jumped off the wall to help defend Teris. Imperials with crossbows poured in the gate. I stood next to an elder and fought with him, shooting ark bolts at the snake imperials. A snake imperial then approached the elder with a katana in hand. I shot the imperial but he resisted and stabbed the elder through his throat. I gasped and shot the snake, he died but the elder died as well. I was then surrounded by imperials. "Retreat!" An elder cried as they left me behind. I held my ground. An imperial approached me and swung his katana down on me, I dodged and shot him with an ark bolt. He fell backwards unconscious. Every imperial surrounded me with katanas in hand. I then felt sudden pain in my leg again and fell on my right side. It was that Indian sniper, he raised his gun and blew the barrel. I glanced at the huge snake samurai. He was big up-close. He dropped his dragon ram and pulled out a huge katana, the size of an adult human!  He raised it over his head, I shut my eyes so I didn't see it coming. "STOP!" Someone yelled. I opened one eye, the snake samurai rested his katana on the ground, I then looked up at a devil cat standing in front of me. My lips trembled... it was the zezom king.

Chapter VIII

The zezom king

"I know who you are, alpha Balro, but the question is, do you know me?" He asked. "Yes, you're the zezom king." I replied. He chuckled. "I didn't expect you to know, but no matter, long have my kind been bullied by you stinking wolves, but it ends here, with you gone... there will be only one place left to destroy, Atlantis." He said. "You know I will stop you." I growled. He huffed. "Unlikely." He replied. The samurai raised his katana again, before he struck down I teleported.

Chapter IX


I crawled in mist, I didn't know where I was but I healed my wound a little bit but I was still limping. I was on a grassy area. "Who is that?" Someone asked. I gasped and looked around. "Who are you?!" That same person asked. "First tell me who you are!" I yelled. "Pandora! and you are?!" Pandora asked. "P-Pandora?! I'm Balro!" I said. I then saw him in the mist. "Balro?" He asked. "Yeah, son of Jenny and Balto, and you're son of Panzora." I said. He blinked twice then smiled. "You look hurt." He said. "I am, can you help?" I asked. He nodded and two panthers appeared behind him. They approached me and picked me up. He motioned for the two panthers to follow him.

Chapter X

Pandora's new base

I sipped a cup of panther tea. "This tea is good, is it made by humans?" I asked. Pandora laughed. "No, it is made by us, remember that some of us come from Asia, especially Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and rarely India." Pandora said. We were both in an Asian house, sitting on two mats facing each other with a small little carpet in front of us to hold our food and tea. The house we rested in was in a panther owned territory on the Borialis, the place was very peaceful. I sipped the tea again. "What origin are you, Pandora?" I asked. "My mother was Korean." Pandora said. "So, you're Korean, eh?" I asked. "Yes, do you have any Asian ancestors?" Pandora asked. "I do not recall, but I do believe I'm a little Chinese, can't tell how but I just know." I said. "Interesting." Pandora said, stroking his small beard. I sipped the tea a little bit more. A snow panther approached us and bowed. "Master Pandora, the ninjas have returned from their scouting mission, they report that snakes are coming." The panther said, he was obviously Japanese. "What?!" Pandora asked, standing up. "The snakes followed me." I said. "We must repel these invaders! send word to the daimyo! prepare a force to defend this city!" Pandora ordered. He bowed and left. Pandora sat down on the mat again and faced me. "The snakes followed me here." I said. "I know, we will do whatever we can to defend, meanwhile, you must rest." Pandora said. "Yes, but be aware that they have  a devil cat with them." I said. "I'm not surprised." "Oh no, this devil cat is strange, though, his adult teeth are on his bottom jaw! like a zezom!" I said. His eyes grew and he stroked his beard. "Hmmm... I do not know who this enemy can be, but he is a threat to my nation, our nations." Pandora said. "He is too powerful, even Teris couldn't repel his attack." I said. "I know, we mustn't underestimate them, but at the same time, we must not fear them." Pandora said. He stood up and bowed at me. "It was an honor meeting you, alpha Balro, but I must defend my city, you will stay here and rest." Pandora said, leaving the house. I sipped the tea as he vanished.

Chapter XI

Peaceful gardens

I woke up, it was day and I heard birds sing. I stood up and stretched, my leg felt a lot better and I could walk find now. I walked outside to be greeted by daylight.

I walked on a dirt path, grass surrounded me followed by trees with pink leafs on them. I walked by two panthers, they bowed at my presence, I smiled back and nodded my head as a kind gesture. I walked over to a lake where several panther kittens were playing, they were splashing all over the lake, scaring the koi in it. The panthers stopped to look at me and then came running towards me. "Greetings, master Balro!" A panther greeted. I stopped and smiled down at the panthers. "Hello." I greeted back. "I heard so much about you! is it true your father Balto was friends with the great Togo?" A panther asked. "Yep, thats true." I said. All the panthers gasped. "The great Togo, general of the Japanese army?" The panther asked. I laughed, I knew what he was talking about. Togo was named after a real-life Japanese general. "I know what you're thinking, my father was friends with Togo, but not the Japanese general, there are many people named after that general but my father was friends with just a plain Siberian husky, a sled dog, not a general." I explained. The panthers all shown faces of interest, I was expecting confusion but they were interested. "Master Balro! is your mother dead?" A little girl panther asked. "Nope, my mother is still alive, shes just traveling Earth as an ambassador, heck, I bet she is in the peaceful forests of Taiwan or probably the green fields of  the Philippines." I said. All the panthers said wow. "I heard Earth was such a great place, is it true there is many grass upon the fields?" A panther asked. "Some of it is true, humans usually have a taste to tear fields, but don't worry, there are many places on Earth that are so peaceful, you can hear a butterfly flutter and sometimes, you can even hear the wind talking to you." I said. All of the panthers had wide smiles on their faces, they were very interested in my stories and you can tell by the looks in their eyes. "Oh, who wants to play a game?!" A panther kitten asked. All of them ran along and I smiled at the sight of them playing, I walked alone upon the dirt road that led up to the palace.

Chapter XII

Daimyo Le'Shen

I walked into the palace, once I did, I saw Pandora talking to a an old orange-pelt fox with a staff. "Pandora, whos that you're talking to?" I asked. "Ah, alpha Balro, this is the Japanese daimyo Le'Shen, he is a well-trained warrior with twenty years of training." Pandora said. "A fox, eh?" I asked. Le'Shen nodded. "You expected panther, hai?" Le'Shen asked, he actually sounded old. "Yes, I expected you to be a panther, not that I'm saying a fox is bad." I said. He nodded. "It matters not for what species we may be, but rather what side we belong to." He said. "Balro, there has also been a a change in plans, the snakes are attacking later then expected so you will have enough time to heal your leg and you will serve defending our people from the invaders." Pandora said. "Alright, but as long as I get rewarded." I said. "We will reward you with anything you want, anyhow, daimyo Le'Shen will be serving you, he will address you as shogun rather then alpha, I hope you don't mind." Pandora said. "Not at all." I replied. He pounded his chest with his paw as a salute, using the paw that was not holding the staff, of course. I saluted back. "The snakes will be coming, but we have a surprise for you, Balro, did I ever tell you we have war balloons?" Pandora asked. "War balloons?" I asked. "Yes, we have war balloons, we will use them to surprise the enemy and making them retreat, they stand little chance against the might of our war balloons, once you need the war balloons, just sound the word." Pandora explained. "Okay, if this goes well it will work." I said. He nodded. "Honor guide you, honor guide us all." Pandora said, saluting.

Chapter XII

Fields of fire

Panthers lined up against the wall with samurai armor on, I stood next to daimyo Le'Shen, and there were panthers behind us with harpoon shooters, I saw something within the distance, a whole snake army, they all had imperial Medusa armor too. "They come." I said. The snake army was still approaching, showing only their shoulders and heads over the hills. "Get ready!" I ordered. "Junbi o suru!" Le'Shen yelled. The panthers behind us started loading the harpoons. The snake army then stopped, their entire army shown and was directly in front of us. "Fire!" I yelled. "UTE!" Le'Shen translated. The harpoons fired and started raining explosive harpoons on their units. Their imperials getting a little bit out of formation. "Bring forth the war balloons!" I ordered. "Sensō wa fūsen kōgeki o!" Le'Shen yelled. I looked up, war balloons zoomed slowly overhead, once the war balloons were directly above the snake army, bombs dropped and explosions occurred. The snake army started retreating. "Wow, this gone a lot better then Teris." I said. "Agree." Le'Shen said. I looked toward the burning plants. "It's a shame for the fields though." I said, my ears dropped. Le'Shen smiled. "Fear not, shogun Balro, look towards the grass now." Le'Shen said. I looked at the grass, the plants were growing! I blinked twice. "Wow!" I gasped. Le'Shen smiled. "The Borialis is a lot different from Earth, shogun Balro, our plants grow swiftly and healthy." Le'Shen said.

Chapter XIII

Time to leave

"You sure you want to leave, now, alpha Balro?" Pandora asked. "Yes, I must help save my people, thank you for helping me, Pandora." I said, bowing. He smiled and bowed back. "We thank you, too, alpha Balro." He said. I turned my back from him and walked into the mist, seeking my destiny.

Chapter XIV

Return with open arms

I walked through the blizzard, it was pretty strong but I held my ground against it. After a few minutes, I finally yielded to it and fell to the snow. It was a strong blizzard. I then saw three shadows of wolves in the blizzard. "Over here!" A wolf said, running to me. "Help me with this wolf!" He ordered, they lifted me on their backs and carried me.

I coughed and opened my eyes, I was in a house, "welcome back." Someone greeted. I looked at the person who said that. It was Spear! "Hey, king Spear." I greeted. He smiled. "I see you survived Teris, rumors were going about you were dead until my men found you in that blizzard." Spear said. I shivered. "Yeah, thanks for that." I said. I got myself warmed up near a fire and then went outside, the blizzard died at least and the ground was once again full of grass. "So, where are you going now, alpha Balro?" Spear asked. "I'm going to see Thunder, I want to see him again." I said. "Wait, how do you plan on rebuilding Teris?" Spear asked. I thought for a moment. "I'll think of that, now, I gotta save my people." I replied. He nodded. "Good luck, if you need us, we're at your side, alpha Balro." Spear said. I smiled. "Thank you, king Spear." I said. I left him and went into Thunder's house.

Chapter XV

The Zarus priest

Once I reached Thunder's house, he was sitting at the other end of the door, staring at the wall. I approached. "Ah, alpha Balro, you have returned." he said. "Yes, and I seek help from the eye of Pheonix." I said. Thunder stood up and faced me. "Why do you wish to gaze into the eye of Pheonix again? last time, you vanished like a phantom." Thunder said. "Yes, I remember, but I saw a wolf in there that might help me, please Thunder, make me gaze into it again." I said. He nodded. "Zarus will guide you, son of Nepmoon." Thunder said, walking slowly over to a drawer. Once he reached the drawer, he reached his paw in it and grabbed the eye of Pheonix, he pulled it out and closed the draw.er "How old are you, Thunder?" I asked. "Nearly six centuries old, alpha." Thunder replied, walking over to me. "Six centuries?!" I gasped. He nodded. Once he reached me, he stuck out the eye of Pheonix. "Good luck, son of Nepmoon." He said. I smiled and nodded. "Thank you, Thunder." I thanked. I gazed into the eye of Pheonix and saw a white flash once again.

Chapter XVI

A new mission

I woke up, I was on the mountain again. I got up, stretched and looked around, the mountain reached for the heavens and was at sky level, clouds passed by, making it impossible to see the land. "You returned." He said. I looked at the old black wolf. "Teris has fallen." I said. He nodded. "I can see, I told you you should've revived me so that I can help." He said. I sighed. "I know, but now, I must save Teris, how can I revive you?" I asked. He hummed and stroked his beard. "To revive me, you need an old piece left behind by Zarus himself and a piece that Hades has." He replied. "What?! How can I possibly obtain a relic of Zarus and some artifact Hades has?!" I asked. "You are strong, Balro, you can do this." He said. I blinked twice. "But how?" "You will find a way, the piece left behind by Zarus is right now in the zezom king's base." He said. "The zezom king's base?" I asked. He nodded. "I will teleport you to there now, if you're ready." He said. I looked around. "I'm ready." I said. "Good luck."

Chapter XVII

The zezom king's base

I woke up, but then I felt burning. I quickly got on my paws and ran towards a huge rock. Once I stood on the rock, I looked at what was burning me, the ground was red and it looked so familiar. Netherdane. I thought to myself. I hopped over to another rock that was cool, and saw a metal wall. It looked like a base. There was Pheonix snakes on the wall too, luckily, none saw me. "I do not get why we need to guard this wall, what kind of hairless zezom would step on Netherdane?" A snake asked. "I feel you there, partner, who in heck will come 'ere?" A snake asked. "Shut up, weaklings! keep to yourselves and guard your posts!" A snake yelled. Weaklings? only a Terror fold would say that. I snuck into the base, it had wooden floors luckily, I hid in the shadows and snuck into a door.

Once I snuck in, there was a thin long hallway, doors on each side of the hallway. I snuck down the hallway, hearing noises of chatting, snoring, and other noises in the doors.
Once I reached the end of the hallway, two snakes were on the left side of the hallway, slithering down it. I went to the hallway on the right until I stumbled on the door "office". I smiled and snuck in, hoping to find this "Zarus relic"

Chapter XVIII

The first relic

Once I snuck in, the zezom king was in there facing his back from me, but he was lying on his bed and facing the wall. I snuck passed him, he was breathing softly as if he were asleep but I didn't risk waking him up. I went behind a desk and searched through it, I then found what I was looking for. A glowing white cube emitting blue light. I grabbed it and it shrunk in my paw, I put it in my mouth, avoiding trying to taste it. I closed that drawer and snuck out.

Once I was about to cross into the hallway I came in from, I heard armor clinking. I gasped softly and hid in a locker next to the wall. "Stop!" Someone yelled. I held in my breath. I heard sniffing noises. "I smell... weakness... fear." He said. "You know the zezom king is weak, fool, we're passing by his office." Someone else replied. He growled. "I suppose you're right, wish we weren't lead by some stupid devil cat." He said. I saw his body block my view in the locker, he was definitely snake. "I agree, but Pheonix ordered us, some Terror fold need to serve Medusa too, you know." He said. "I suppose." He said. They both then vanished from my vision, slithering down the hallway. I waited about a minute and stepped out of the locker, nobody was down either hallway, I snuck out and teleported out of the base.

Chapter XIX

Korean archer encounter

I stepped on the snow of Earth and walked over to the united wolf base. I then found an arrow in the snow, I squinted and looked at the arrow. I approached it and dug it out, it had a lit dynamite on it! I gasped and ran from it but it exploded and I flew a large distance and landed in the snow. After I regained my strength, I got up but an arrow landed right next to me! I looked around, I then saw a Zealot snake aiming a bow at me! I gasped as he drew back his bow and fired. I leaped to the left and started running. He wasn't chasing me but I saw an arrow pass over my head, it was ignited and once it landed, a circle of fire surrounded me! I stopped, I was surrounded. I wish I knew water spells. The snake then approached me with his bow drawn back. "Dangsin-eun nugu yo?" He asked, you can tell he was asking by the way he ended the sentence. "What?!" I asked, the fire making it hard to hear. "Dangsin-eun nugu yo?!" He repeated, I thought I heard him right. "I don't speak, whatever you're speaking." I said. "Who... are... you?" He asked, speaking slowly as if he was having trouble speaking. "I'm Balro." I replied. His eyes grew and he let the bow slowly regenerate to it's place, the fire died down around us. "What... are... you... doing here?" He asked. "I was walking to the united wolf base." I said. He hummed. "S-sorry." He said. I blinked twice. "For what?" I asked. "I... hurt you." He said. "It's okay if you're not hostile, are you working for the zezom king?" I asked. "No." He replied. "Oh, then who are you?" I asked. He cleared his throat. "Mogjeog." He said. "Mogjog?" I asked. "Mogjeog." He repeated. "Mog-jeog." I said. He nodded. "What are you doing here, Mogjeog?" I asked. "Hunting." He replied. "Hunting for who?" I asked. "Zazom, thought you... were enemy." He said. "What kind of enemy were you expecting?" I asked. He looked at me. "Panther, you... looked like wolf, friend of enemy." He said. I blinked. "I am a friend of Pandora, leader of the panthers, but I won't hurt you." I said. He glared at me. "Speak Korean?" He asked. "Kore- no, only English, why? are you Korean?" I replied. He nodded. "How can I... apologize?" He asked. "Oh no! you don't have to do anything! just go on your way, nice meeting you, Mogjeog." I said. He smiled and nodded. I turned around and continued walking to the united wolf base.

Chapter XX

Next mission

I was once again on the mountains where I met the black wolf. "Do you have it?" He asked. I dropped it from my mouth. "It tasted awful, but there you go." I said. He smiled. "Excellent work, alpha Balro, now for the second piece." He said. "Yes, yes, I have to go to the underworld and somehow convince Hades to give me his artifact." I said. "It won't be easy, but I have faith in you, remember who you are, alpha Balro, you are the alpha, and you must save your people." He said. "I suppose." I said. "Do you wish for a teleport?" He asked. "Yes please." I replied. I then saw a white flash.

Chapter XXI

Granting a soul

Once I was in the underworld, there was a large circle and a black sky. I stepped around the place, I then felt something weird on my paws. I looked down on my paws, there was a siere on my paw, I scooted it off and looked around, there was many cages with people in it, I saw a figure with no legs (instead purple clouds shrouding his legs) with a robe and hood standing near a cage, it was most likely Hades. I approached him slowly. "How do you feel, Balro?" Hades asked, his voice demonic. "This place is weird." I said. I heard whispers all around me. "Sorry about the whispers... soulcrier tends to do that near mortals." Hades said. "Soulcrier?" I asked. Hades faced me and drew out a purple sword, it was a long two-handed sword that had many fangs sticking out of it's front blade part. "Soulcrier, Balro, the sword that has eaten and devoured thousands of your kind." Hades said. I looked at the sword and my eyes grew as I heard screams coming from it. "Can you hear it, Balro?" Hades asked. I couldn't answer, fear shrouded me like a fog as I heard the screams of my friends, family, and others. I heard my mother's screaming, my father's screaming, Bolsoe screaming, Spear screaming, Pandora screaming, and many others. "What brings you to my underworld, wolf?" Hades asked. "I-I-I wish to get a r-r-relic from you." I stammered with fear, my voice trembling. He sheathed his sword, and the screaming stopped, I glared into Hades red glowing eyes, I couldn't see his face or body. "A relic?" Hades asked. "Y-yes, if yo-you give it me, I can repay y-you." I said. Hades laughed. "You already repaid me, some, wolf... killing Medusa was one of them, but bringing her back is another." Hades said. "Me-Medusa was here?" I asked. "Yes, she served me like a master." He said. "Th-thats out of the p-point, can you give it or not?" I asked. "I can, but I'm afraid I have to tell you something that involves you repaying me." Hades said. I swallowed. "Someone is going to die, wolf, that is how you will repay me." He said. "O-okay, but who?" I asked. Hades laughed. "You." He said.

I swallowed and shivered with fear. "Here." Hades said, giving me the artifact, it was another cube, except it was black this time and glowed red. "Now, get out of my underworld." Hades said. "H-how?" I asked. Hades revealed his hand, it was nothing but a skeleton human hand! I gasped softly, he pointed his finger at me and I saw a cloud of black and purple shroud me. I screamed and closed my eyes, feeling lots of pain in my head. I then opened my eyes, and I was on the snow of Earth.

Chapter XXII

One final piece

"Yes! just one last piece!" He said. "Wait, I thought it was just two pieces." I said. "Yes, but I did my mathematics again, apparently, these two relics will not do at all, I need the Ark." He said. "The Ark?!" I asked. He nodded. "The Ark has enough power to revive me, once you give me the Ark, I will help save Teris." He said. "No, you WILL save Teris." I said. He smiled and nodded. "Yes, I will save Teris for you." He said.

Chapter XXIII

Welcome back to Teris

I looked at the ruins of Teris, my eyes filled with anger. I remember the battle for Teris, wolves dying all around me as the snakes swarmed us, it will not happen again. I walked into Teris, fires everywhere,

I went into the chamber where the Ark is suppose to be. The Ark was big now, not the small piece my mother gave me a few years back, the Ark was still alive and glowing, luckily, I approached it and took a piece off of it. The piece my mother gave me, I put it in my mouth and teleported back to Earth,

Chapter XXIV

The Ark

I approached the united wolf base. It was a beautiful sight and I never took the time to admire the spire king Spear made for his throne. Once I entered, I was about to go into Thunder's house until I stopped, I saw Oracle, staring at me with a smile, I wish I could see his eyes again. I approached him with a smile on my face. "Hello, ruby dreamer." I said. "Hello, alpha Balro." He greeted back. I sighed. "You know, Oracle, I miss Meltion." I said. He sighed too, "I know." He replied. "But I'm afraid life is what it is, spirits have to die too, sometime, otherwise, our Earth would be littered with spirits." Oracle said. I laughed. "I suppose." I said. We both remained silent for a while. "So... once Teris is back, will you come back?" I asked. "For a while, I will help rebuild Teris, but after that, I must return here to help king Spear maintain order." Oracle said. "I see." I said. We both remained silent. "I'll be going now, see you later, Oracle." I said. "We will meet again, alpha Balro." Oracle said. I left Oracle and walked into Thunder's house with the Ark in my mouth.

Once I walked in, Thunder was there, sitting in the center of the room and watching me. "So, you have the Ark." Thunder said. "Indeed." I replied. "May I see it? it has been a while." Thunder requested. "Sure." I said. I gave it to him and watched him, he identified the small shard. "And to think this relic is older then me, yet looks so young." Thunder said. I smiled. "Indeed." I said. Thunder gave the Ark back, and pulled out the eye of Pheonix. "Well, time to revive the wolf you see in the eye." Thunder said. "Indeed." I gazed into the eye of Pheonix and my vision slowly went white.

Chapter XXV


I was on the mountains again. I saw the black wolf levitating above the ground just slightly. "Ah, you returned, do you have the Ark?" He asked. "Yes, time for your revival." I said. "Indeed." He said. I dropped the Ark on the grass. "But tell me, what makes you think you can take on the zezom king?" I asked. He glared at me and started spinning around, fire then surrounded us both like a tornado. He stopped spinning and the fire vanished a few seconds later. "Alright, I think we can do it." I said. he grabbed the Ark and stared at me. I stared back. All three relics then appeared in front of him, he then combined them all into a sphere that glowed multiple colors! "Now, one last thing before I can revive." He said. "And that is?" I asked. "You must go to the place I died, on Earth, there is a temple upon the mountains where the snake 'Patch' first set up his Zona spire." He said. I remembered what he was talking about, when I was revived by my mother, I went over to that spire where I met Pandora the first time in years. Of course, she is dead now by Medusa, she hopefully now rests in Atlantis now. "I know what you're talking about." I said. "Good, now get to it, your people are not going to wait." He said. I nodded and saw a white flash.

Chapter XXVI

The death place

I woke up, I was in the Zona citadel, I got up and looked around. The place was dark but there was many skeletons of snakes and panthers. I walked to the exit, where I saw melted metal, thats because this is the place where I first met Medusa, she threw venom bolts at me that must''ve chewed up the walls and floor. I walked through the exit.

I walked outside and looked around, I saw a nearby cave in the mountains and went into it.

Once I walked in the cave, there was many metal walls in it, the floor was red rugged and soft for my paws. Torches lit up, lined evenly across the hallway. I continued walking down the hallway, it certainly did look like a temple.

Once I reached the end of the hallway, there was a small lit room and what looked like a tomb in the center. It looked Egyptian but I know very little of Egyptians. I didn't know what to do. I then saw something, the sphere that glowed multiple colors was on the other side of the tomb! I picked it up and looked at it. It was powerful and can tell by the way it feels, it gave me a chill through my entire body. I laid it on the ground and looked around. I didn't know what to do, I then opened the tomb where the skeleton of a wolf was. I looked at the sphere, it did look like a heart. I place the sphere in his chest and the sphere started glowing bright. I stared at it's blinding light. It then exploded and I saw a white flash. "I LIVE! AH! THE SWEET SMELL OF THE AIR!" Someone yelled. My white vision faded as I blinked several times and I saw the black wolf. "Okay, you're alive, now can you help me save Teris?" I asked. He glanced at me. "Yes, but first thing is first." He then pointed his paw at me, my eyes grew and I dodged as he casted an Ark bolt that had a bigger blast radius then usual. I got up and casted an Ark bolt at him, knowing I was betrayed. He turned into a phantom and the Ark bolt went through him. "Do not resist! in order to help your people, I must kill you to become alpha!" He said. "No! you promised to help my people but never mentioned killing me." I said. "If I did, then you'd never let me kill you, but so be it, if I cannot kill you, this temple will." He said. He then floated out, I gasped and chased him but the front entrance of the cave closed. "No!" I yelled. I casted light bolts at it but the gate was tough and it didn't give in. "Let me out!" I yelled. I heard nothing but the blizzard outside. I started running around the temple, looking for a way out of this nightmare. I didn't find anything. I was enraged and started casting bolts at it again. I then tried to teleport but I couldn't for some reason. I breathed heavily, the spells making me fatigued. Wheres a way out? I looked around a bit more, but there was nothing. I wasn't going to give up, I casted more spells at the gate. But the gate still didn't shatter. "Help me!" I yelled. I didn't hear anything. I then started crying a little, full of despair. I was trapped in this stupid temple for who knows how long,  betrayed by a wolf I didn't even know.

Chapter XXVII

A way out

I woke up with a gasp, I heard something, and it sounded like it was inside the temple. I got up and looked around. "Hello?" I asked. I heard nothing but I still heard the sound, it sounded like small footsteps. "Is someone here?" I asked. I heard small growling after I said. I squinted. Am I going insane? I then saw something white in the corner. It had white fur but it as small. "Who are you?" I asked. The thing looked at me, it was a zazom! The zazom started panicking and hopped around. "Hey! stop! I won't hurt you!" I said. The zazom stopped hopping around and looked at me. We both stared at each other, I slowly approached her and laid down in front of her, still staring at the zazom. "It's okay, I won't hurt you." I repeated. I petted the zazom and she began to smile. I never saw a zezom smile but I guess zazoms can smile. "You're looking for a way out too, aren't you?" I asked. She growled quietly but bobbed up and down, looking like a nod. "Have you found a way out?" I asked. She shook her head. I then heard knocking at the gate. We both glanced at the gate. I then heard something outside, it sounded like a dynamite. I gasped and hid behind the tomb. I heard an explosion and the zazom hid next to me. I heard pining noises at the gate now. I peaked above the tomb. I saw a snake with a bow! I hid behind the tomb, I heard the snake approaching. I grabbed the zazom and hid behind one side of the tomb. I then heard the snake approach followed by the pinging noises. I held in my breath and I saw the snake suddenly peek around the corner, he drew back his bow and aimed at me. I gasped and my heart skipped a beat, I panted heavily and rapidly. I recognized the snake. His eyes grew and he pushed the string and arrow back to place. "Wolf?" He asked. I then remembered his voice. It was Mogjeog! "Mogjeog?" I asked. He pointed at the zazom. "Give." He said. I looked at the zazom, the zazom stared at me. "No." I replied. His hand dropped to his side and he left. I watched as he vanished into the blizzard, I blinked twice and walked outside, the zazom followed me.

Chapter XXVIII


I walked through the blizzard, the zazom hopped away minutes ago but I kept walking. I then saw the united wolf base in sight. I walked over to it, hoping to tell Thunder a word or two.

I gasped. There was fire everywhere, several corpses of guards. I was sad but anger filled me slowly. I closed my eyes and faced away from the fire that burnt Spear's throne building. I then faced the fire, I was filled with so much rage. 

After looking at the fire for several minutes, I looked at Thunder's building. It was not on fire, I walked over to it... hoping for a clue.

Once I stepped through the door, I saw Thunder on the other side! I growled and approached him slowly, growling. Thunder was just staring at his little orb though. I hopped towards him but then I was struck and halted in middle air, I landed on the ground. "You little hairless zezom! How can you do this to me?!" I asked. Thunder stood up and faced me, he had scratches on his cheek though. "How can I do what? try to stop him from burning the united wolf base?" Thunder replied. "Wait, you tried to stop him?" I asked. He nodded. "T-then why are you still here? why did you even ask me to gaze into that orb?" I asked. "I'm staying here because I'm hoping for answers from Zarus, I know no other way to talk to him." I blinked twice. "That doesn't answer my question on why you let me stare into that orb." I said. "Did it not? I thought you could see Zarus while I couldn't, but I was apparently wrong." Thunder said. "Who was that wolf anyway?" I asked. "His name is Akuma, he was a ruthless alpha of Teris, wishing to lead wolves to dominance and enslave devil cats, snakes, panthers, humans, and anyone who stood in his way." Thunder explained. "A tyrant?" I asked. Thunder nodded. "I-I have to stop him! but how?" I asked. Thunder gazed at the orb again. "Will you stop staring into the orb?! I need help here, Thunder!" I yelled. He glanced at me. "I cannot help you, Balro, but maybe Zarus can." Thunder said. "How can Zarus help me? Nepmoon seems to be the only help here now! By Nepmoon, Thunder, help me!" I said. A cloud starting coming out of the orb. I gasped and backed away from the orb. The cloud started surrounding me and the walls started vanishing! I tried to run for the exit but the cloud pushed me away and the exit vanished. I then saw a blue wolf, a lot bigger then me! "You need help, alpha?" He asked. "Who are you?" I asked, standing tall. "I am the one to help you, I am Zarus."

Chapter XXIX

Zarus's information

"So, what can I do, Zarus?" I asked. "Simple, alpha Balro, muster your friends and attack Akuma before he rallies Teris." Zarus said. "B-but how? I don't even know where my friends are or if they're still in the place they were." I said. "Follow the archer that freed you from the tomb Akuma trapped you in, he will lead you to your destiny." Zarus said. I blinked twice. "Mogjeog?" I asked. He nodded. "Now go! there is no time to waste! you're the only one whom can stop Akuma now, alpha Balro." Zarus said. 

Chapter XXX

Following Mogjeog

I walked through the storm. The blizzard blinded my vision slightly but I could see about a few feet ahead. Where is he? I thought to myself. I then saw an arrow fly next to me from just ahead! I dodged it. "Mogjeog!" I said. I saw a snake shadow appear, but he didn't look like he was holding a bow. It looked like a gun. "Stand up real slow!" The snake ordered, I stood up. He then revealed himself, it was an imperial! "Over here!" The imperial yelled. Two other snakes appeared aiming crossbows at me approached. "I know this one." The imperial said. "Yes, the one the zezom king wants." Another imperial said. "No, we will bring him to Medusa, Medusa will decide a punishment." The third imperial said. I growled and was about to cast a spell until the imperial tossed a net at me. I was about to dodge it but it wrapped around me. I was then immobilized. "drag him to the portal! we're heading back to Zetalo!" An imperial yelled. "Zetalo?" I asked. They didn't answer and continued dragging me.

Chapter XXXI


I woke up, still in the net and my legs stuck in place. I was being dragged across a hard green floor! I looked around. Snakes were everywhere, glancing at me. "Halt!" A snake ordered. The imperials let me go and a snake spartan approached me. He inspected me for a second. "Ah, isssssss that you, alpha Balro?" The snake asked. I blinked, he looked familiar. "Y-yes, and what are you going to do? kill me?" I asked. He laughed. "No, Medusa can do that, but take a sssssssssecond to remember me." The snake spartan pulled out a spear. But the spear looked familiar. I then remembered! Patch used that! "Patch?" I gasped. He smiled. "How do you like the new armor? classsssy, issss it not?" Patch asked. I blinked twice. "No." I replied. He hissed and pulled out his mallet that made earth spikes. He raised it above his head and I closed my eyes. "Stop!" A female yelled. Patch lowered the weapon and I saw Medusa come in view, but she had a snake tail now. "Hang him upside down, tight." Medusa ordered. The imperials saluted her (by pounding their chests) and dragged me.

"Let me go!" I yelled. I was being dragged across a green, cold, solid floor. Snakes surrounded me on both sides. Left and right, forming a line to something and staring at me. All of them looked angry. I then saw a more circular room with only four crooked beams that connected to the center. I halted and I looked around. Snakes surrounded me. Two snake samurai then came over to me and lifted me, my net hung on a hook and I was pointing upwards in a very uncomfortable position. I was able to get my head out of the nets and face forward. I was in the center of the room where the beams connected. Snakes surrounded me, laughing at me. I then saw a snake spartan holding a familiar spear. He was also holding something in his other hand. In fact, he looked familiar. "Do I know you?" I asked. He remained silent for a while then smiled. "Yesssss."

Chapter XXXII

They know

He was Patch, I knew his voice. I peeled back my lips and shown my teeth, my eyebrows lowered. He then held out his hand, it was a... jar, filled with green liquid. I then remembered, it was the liquid Meltion gave me when I was facing Medusa years ago. That liquid was suppose to be able to make her not able to petrify me. Patch squeezed his grasp and crushed the jar, shards dropping and the liquid spilling. All the imperial snakes then formed a line with a gap inbetween them. A snake with a dark green hood approached me, two snake spartans at his left and right side. He stopped in front of me and took off the hood... it was not a him, it was Medusa.

"Ah, so I see you come." Medusa said. "I did not intend to." I replied. Medusa remained silent. "I will kill you for what you done, scum. I did not wish to get wolves involved in my plans." Medusa said. "You were torturing Spear, you expect me not to do anything?" I asked. "I expected you not to aid the panthers, ever since the devil cats first emerged, you wolves united with the panthers just to defeat us." Medusa said. I remained silent. "But we cannot be stopped, we are snakes! and you may think we are weak but now, WE ARE STRONG!" Medusa yelled. All the imperials battle cried and screamed, raising their weapons above them. "And now, I would've kill you for what you've done... but you may think I was gone, but you only made me more powerful, so I will now give a blessing, I will turn you into a snake." Medusa said. My eyes grew. "Medusa, my queen." A snake spartan said, saluting. "Go on, venom god, Zanzos." Medusa answered. "We went over this, my queen, we do NOT hurt animals." He said. Medusa stared at me. "This is no animal, this is a demon, a demon behind a mask!" Medusa yelled. Fear coursed through me. "He reminds me of that other alpha, the so called 'Akuma', the ruthless." Medusa said. My eyes grew. "Wait! you know Akuma?" I asked. Medusa stared at me. "Of course I do, but why do you ask?" She asked. "I-I, kinda revived him." I said. Medusa's jaw dropped slightly. "YOU revived AKUMA?!" Medusa asked. "Y-yes, on accident." I said. Medusa stared at me, all the imperials looked confused. "Do you realize what you did?" Medusa asked. "Y-yes, after I revived him." I said. Medusa covered her face with her palm. "Great Gorgons, save us all." Medusa murmured. Every snake looked confused. "Medusa, me queen." A Zealot snake with what seemed to be voodoo patterns on his skin emerged and saluted. "Go ahead, Slither." Medusa said. I gasped. He was Slither! "Me queen, might I ask who be this 'Akuma'?" Slither asked. Medusa looked around, staring at all the imperials' expressions, they all still looked confused. "All right, Akuma was the most ruthless alpha of Teris out of all alphas. Akuma mustered a force that was able to defeat snakes, Terror fold, even all gods united to take him down but it didn't work." Medusa explained. All imperials still looked confused. "The only way he died was by Viroun, stung him in his chest, and paralyzed him until he died. Pheonix trapped his soul into an eye of Pheonix." I then had a sudden flashback. That orb! that was an eye of Pheonix! I blinked twice, snapping out of my flashback. "Pheonix hoped no one would ever find it in an ancient tomb, where one of my venom gods' citadels guarded." The citadel! it was near the tomb! "And now, somehow, this knucklehead found the eye of Pheonix and unleashed Akuma back to this world!" Medusa yelled at my face. "I didn't find it! A wolf named 'Thunder' di-" "Thunder? The Zarus priest? You let the old man fool you!" Medusa yelled. "Yes, Akuma is probably at Teris right now, mustering a force of wolves to attack us!" A snake samurai said. "Teris was destroyed." "What?!" Medusa asked. "Teris was burnt to the ground by your mercenary, 'the zezom king'." I said. She glanced at a devil cat, it was the zezom king! "You little rat! I did not order you to take our troops to Teris!" Medusa yelled. "I'm sorry, my queen! I wanted revenge! the wolves killed my family!" The zezom king said. Medusa growled. "Then again, maybe that was a good idea... it can stall Akuma from gathering forces!" Medusa said. Medusa faced me. "Release him!" She ordered. Snake samurais unsheathed their katanas and cut the net down. I landed on my rear and got up. "You will help us defeat Akuma." Medusa said. "And why should I help you?" I asked. "Because, dimwit! Akuma is more powerful then all gods united! even I can't petrify him! You released him, you're going to kill him again!" Medusa yelled. I growled. "Fine." I said. "Gather your forces, Balro, we must unite and defeat Akuma!" Medusa said. "But how? I don't even know where my friends are." I said. "You can have archer Mogjeog, he is a great tracker and should be able to help you." Mogjeog approached me. "Let us go." He said. I nodded and I walked out of Zetalo and back to the Borialis, where I hope to find the panthers.

Chapter XXXIII

Reunion and alliance

We were on the Borialis. Mogjeog guided me through mist. "So... why are you hunting zazoms?" I asked. "Need money, for army." Mogjeog replied. "Army?" I asked. "Medusa army." He corrected himself. "Ah, well, is it fun?" I asked. He shrugged. "At times, painful, not by blood but by sorrow." Mogjeog said. He then stuck his hand at me and halted me. "We're here." Mogjeog said. And I saw an Asian building outline through the mist.

We both approached it, it was not in fire, luckily. We heard bells ring. "SNAKE!" A panther yelled. Many panthers came out of the gate and went over to us. "Wait, theres a wolf with him!" A panther said. "He's probably a hostage, or the snake is a prisoner." A panther whispered. "Well, who are you?!" The panther asked me. "Alpha Balro, this is Mogjeog, and he is friendly." I replied. The panthers then looked surprised once I said my name. "Oh, master Balro! our apologizes! we didn't realize it was-" "It's okay, where is Pandora?" I asked. "He is meditating, on the very tip of mountain." He replied. I nodded. "Thank you, Mogjeog, follow me." I said. Mogjeog nodded and sheathed his bow. "Hold on! we do not doubt you at all, master Balro, but the snake cannot be trusted with weapons in our city! Can he give us his weapons for the time being?" He asked. I nodded. "Mogjeog, lay down your weapons." I ordered. Mogjeog dropped his bow and unsheathed a big knife, and dropped it. He also took out some snares and ropes. The last thing he took out was a letter knife. "Alright, he may go through our peaceful city." The panther said. The gates opened and we walked through. Wind greeted us.

We walked over to some stairs. "This is the way to master Pandora, he meditates at the very tip of this mountain." A panther said. I looked up at the stairs. It was huge, going left to right throughout the mountain. "Thank you." I said. He bowed and left. "Come, Mogjeog, there is no time to lose." I said. We both started to climb the stairs.

We reached the top of the mountain, strangely, we weren't tired. But I looked out to the valley. "Wow." I gasped. It was a wonderful sight. Very little fog can be seen but the whole valley was full of green, rivers streamed through. I took a minute to glare at the scenery. I then blinked, shook my head, and went over to Pandora. "Excuse me, Pandora?" I asked. He looked startled then faced me. "Hello, alpha Balro, how goes it?" He asked. "Very good, how about you?" I asked. "Good, I see you brought a friend." Pandora said. "You're not worried?" I asked. "No, I trust you brought a friend." Pandora said. Pandora walked over to Mogjeog and saluted. "annyeonghaseyo" He greeted in Korean. Mogjeog saluted back. "annyeonghaseyo, master Pandora." Mogjeog greeted back. "What brings you two up here?" He asked. "We need your help, I revived some wolf named 'Akuma' and he's going to probably kill us all." I replied. "Akuma? the old alpha of Teris? Now this is something." Pandora said. "So, can you do something?" I asked. "Yes, but how can a few panthers stop Akuma?" Pandora asked. "Pandora..." I paused for a second. "Pandora... your mother, Panzora, was a brave friend of me and my mother. Panzora only had a few panthers at her command but she invaded the Zona and Para and managed to defeat Medusa herself." I paused for a second for Pandora had his eyes closed, tears coming out of his eyes. "I know." He said. "But what you don't know, is that you have me, and with me, we can do this, Pandora, but at the same time, I can't do this alone... I need help... I need you." I said. Pandora stared into my eyes. I stared back. "So... will you help me?" I asked. He was silent for a little while. "Yes, I will help you!" Pandora said. I smiled. "Thats the spirit." I said. "Sir!" A snow panther said, running over to Pandora. "Sir! another ninja report! wolves! lots of them! wearing armor that burns like Pheonix!" The snow leopard said. Pandora's eyes grew and he went over to the side of mountain. I went next to him. I then gasped. There was a whole army. There was then a huge roar among them. "What? Akuma already got an army?" I asked. "Seems that way, but we'll need to defeat them the same way we repelled that snake army, with war balloons." Pandora said. I nodded. "We have no time to lose! get the men ready for battle!" Pandora ordered. The snow leopard saluted and ran back down the stairs. "Balro, you'll need to us, you too, Mogjeog." Pandora said. Mogjeog saluted and nodded. "Hurry! get to the front! repel these attacks!" Pandora said. We all ran down the stairs.

Chapter XXXIV

Demonic army

All the panthers lined up on the walls of the city. harpoon shooters lined up behind the walls. Panthers with samurai armor stood next to the gate. I stood on the wall, daimyo Le'Shen was next to me too. "Fire when you can." I said to Le'Shen. "Hai." He replied. Mogjeog stood next to me, holding his bow. The wolf army was then in good view. They all had orange armor and their eyes all glow red. "Ute!" Le'Shen ordered. All the harpoons fired and killed multiple wolves. But it still wasn't enough, A huge wolf with lots of armor then came into view, he was huge! All the wolves started charging at us. "Mogjeog, fire at the big one!" I ordered. Mogjeog aimed at the big wolf, and fired. It got his neck and the huge wolf fell on other wolves. "Good shot!" I said. He nodded and fired some more arrows. I started firing ark bolts at the wolves too. "Ute!" Le'Shen yelled. Harpoons fired at the wolves and killed multiple too. "War balloons!" I ordered. "War balloons!" Le'Shen yelled. After a few seconds, three war balloons appeared on the field, all of them dropped bombs on the wolves. I heard screams but tried to ignore them. But after a few seconds, silence. Fire covered the entire plain. "Well, we did it." I said. "Halt! that was only the first wave." Le'Shen said. I looked at the plain. In the distance, there was more wolves, they were slightly bigger then these ones but they all had red armor and orange fur. They were also approaching. The red wolf army came into perfect view. The war balloons dropped bombs on them and fire covered them. But I then saw an outline in the fire... the wolves were walking OUT OF THE FIRE! "Ute!" The harpoons fired and hit most of the ones in front, but they were still walking. "Incoming!" I yelled. Mogjeog fired an arrow at one and it hit him but it didn't kill him. I fired an ark bolt at one but he was still walking. They then rammed into the gate. "They're breaching through!" I yelled. The gates then exploded and the wolves poured in. The panther samurai battle cried and started engaging. Two red wolves came over to me. "WE SHALL FEAST ON YOUR HEARTS!" They yelled. One tried to bite me. I dodged and slapped him. He didn't even get harmed. The other tried to bite me and I dodged but then fell into a lake full of koi. The water splashed on them and they started screaming... I blinked twice. It looked like they were burning! I started splashing more water on them. Their armor melted and then, they turned into normal wolves! they both collapsed. "What?" I asked. Two normal wolves, and they both looked like elders from Teris! I blinked twice. I then heard battle crying, I shook my head and looked at the panthers. They were still battling but the panthers started falling. "Everyone! splash water on them! it's the only way to defeat them!" I yelled. Most of the panthers looked at me confused, but some ignored me and continued fighting. I then saw two samurai in a corner, four red wolves had them surrounded. I grabbed a wooden bucket near a well and got some water, I ran over to the red wolves and splashed water on all of them, including the panthers but it didn't harm them. The red wolves started screaming and all four of them melted. The two panthers blinked twice but then looked up to me. They both saluted and grabbed buckets too. They then started splashing water on the red wolves. More panthers started doing it and the red wolves started retreating. All of us cheered. "Balro!" A panther yelled. I was then mauled by a red wolf. He started biting my neck. Then, water splashed on him. He got off of me. Mogjeog was there with a bucket in his hand. "Thank you, Mogjeog." I said. He nodded. I breathed heavily. The city was safe.

Chapter XXXV

Information on Bolsoe

The wolf breathed heavily. "What do you remember?" I asked. The wolf was in chains so that he doesn't escape. "I don't know, but as far as my mind reaches back... some huge wolf was walking over to us, threatened us and our leader, Bolsoe, and then... a flash of white." He said. I gasped. "Bolsoe?!" I asked. He looked up at me. "Yes, ever since Teris was invaded, we had to hide, we hid near a hill very far from Teris, probably on another star." He said. "On the Borialis?" I asked. "No, it had lots of strange plants and animals, there were giant leafs like elevators that can carry multiple people up and down." I then had a flashback. The ruby dream had those! Meltion made that star and gave it to Oracle after he died! "I know where it is." I said. "And  even if you do get there, do you plan on finding Bolsoe?" Pandora asked. "No, but it's a key, if I know anything from Bolsoe, it's that he is as powerful as me... and he can even destroy Akuma." I said. I nodded to Mogjeog, he nodded back. "Pandora, release these wolves, they're coming with us." I said. After the wolves were released, we all walked outside of the city and found a portal to the ruby dream star. We all went through it.

Chapter XXXVI


Once we reached the ruby dream. It was all on fire! All the giant plants were burning. "Quickly, follow us to the base!" A female wolf said. I nodded and we all followed her. 

Once we reached the hill, there was burnt up food. "Alpha Balro, I doubt we can find Bolsoe, he was probably taken just like us." Another wolf said. I looked around. Stepping on beds and searching under desks and cabinets. "Balro!" Mogjeog yelled. I glanced at him, he was looking down at the sand. I went over to him. "Paw tracks." Mogjeog said, pointing at the sand. I then saw paw tracks, leading over to somewhere, and other paw tracks following it! "Thats gotta be Bolsoe, come on!" I said, following the tracks.

Once we reached the end of the tracks, I saw a wolf sitting next to another, they both looked familiar! "Bolsoe?" I asked, squinting. They both looked at me. "Balro?" They both asked, I then realized who they were. It was Bolsoe and Oracle! I ran over to them and hugged them both. "It's good to see you're both alright!" I said, glad to see my brother. "You too, Balro." Bolsoe said. "We're not 'alright', as you say, the whole ruby dream was burnt because of that good for nothing wolf!" Oracle said. "Balro, behind you! snake!" Bolsoe yelled. I looked behind me but it was only Mogjeog. Bolsoe pointed his paw at Mogjeog and light started being casted underneath it. "Stop! Bolsoe! he's with me." I said. Bolsoe raised an eyebrow. "Alright, Balro, explain what the heck is going on, first: it was snakes and some devil cat that looked like a zezom, now: it's some huge wolf with magic I don't even know and a friendly snake." Bolsoe said. "I'll explain, see here, I accidentally revived a wolf named 'Akuma', who I thought would help us, but it turns out he betrayed me and is trying to destroy the world or something." I explained. They both blinked twice. "Isn't Akuma that one alpha?" Oracle asked. "Yes." I replied. "Oh, well this is a problem." Oracle said. "Yes, but Bolsoe and Oracle, I need you help, you won't believe this, but I actually talked to Zarus and he told me I'm the only one who can stop Akuma, will you help me?" I asked. Oracle and Bolsoe looked at each other and then back at me, then nodded. "We'll help." They both replied. I smiled. "Great! Bolsoe, do you have any others with you?" I asked. He shook his head. "Akuma took them all, he turned them into his minions." Bolsoe replied. I growled then looked at Oracle. "Oracle, do you know where I can find Spear?" I asked. He nodded. "Spear is apparently not in the united wolf base, he is now in the ruins of the Northern wolf base." Oracle replied. "Th- the northern wolf base? Why would they hide there?" I asked. Oracle shrugged. "Well, lets go, we cannot afford to waste any more time." I said. Oracle opened a portal to the northern wolf base and I walked into it.

Chapter XXXVII

The rally

Once I was through. A bunch of wolves were right in front of me, wearing armor. "B-Balro?" Some wolves asked. I nodded and they all bowed. "Our apologizes! alpha Balro! we didn't know it was you!" A wolf said. "It's alright, where is king Spear?" I asked. "Right here." Spear said, approaching me. I smiled. "Good to see you're okay, king Spear." I said. "You too, alpha Balro... but what the heck is happening? Some huge wolf came over to the united wolf base and burnt it! most of us got out, but some died from the fire." Spear reported. I growled. "That wolf's name is, Akuma, he is planning on leading his wolf army to dominate the world, I need your help, Spear, will you help me?" I asked. He twitched his mouth. "Akuma? isn't he the old alpha of Teris?" He asked. I nodded. "How is he still alive?" Spear asked. "Yeah... I kinda, revived him on accident." I said slowly. Spear twitched his mouth again. "Well, you have my support, alpha Balro!" Spear said, saluting. His followers also saluted and I smiled. "Thank you, king Spear." I thanked. "Alpha Balro, look out!" A wolf yelled. I quickly glanced behind me, Mogjeog was there. "Stop! he's with me." I said. "What? did you say what I think you said, alpha Balro?" Spear asked. "Yes, the snake is with me, Medusa and her followers are helping us." I said. Spear raised an eyebrow. "So... the ones that destroyed Teris are helping us?" Spear asked. "We all have a common enemy, Akuma is the real enemy here." I replied. Spear growled. "Fine, we'll help you still." Spear said.


The plan

Once we all returned to Zetalo, Medusa (and two imperials at her sides) approached me as I approached her. "So, you got the reinforcements?" I asked. She nodded. "You might not be too happy with the choice I made." Medusa said. "It's okay, who it is?" I asked. Medusa stood aside and a large red wolf appeared with teeth sticking out of his top jaw and a big beard. "Hello, alpha." He said. "Pheonix?!" I asked. "Yes, you see, he has some of my snakes, they are a lot stronger then my snakes themselves but... Pheonix wishes to help us stop Akuma." Medusa said. "I'll be at your side, for now, little pup." Pheonix said, I can tell he was angry. "Right... so, whats the plan?" I asked. "I have sent ninjas to spy on Akuma." Pandora interrupted. "Well, if it isn't the son of Panzora, the great Pandora." Medusa said. "You killed my mother, I never even agreed to be on your side but we both have a common enemy." Pandora said. "I suppose, so go on with the plan." Medusa demanded. "Anyway, I sent ninjas to spy on Akuma, he is planning to attack the Earth mother's garden." Pandora said. "The Earth mother's garden? why would he attack there?" Spear asked. "The Earth mother's garden holds the precious tree of life that helps Earth keep balance, he controls the tree... he controls the Earth, and if he controls the Earth, he controls us." Pandora replied. "The little-, I expected him to just attack us one by one, not this." Spear said. "So, we just have to defend the garden... but Medusa, is Pheonix all the allies you got?" I asked. "No, I rallied most gods." Medusa said. I then saw many other gods! Azbane, Clockwork, Zealot, even Nepmoon and Moonzere! I blinked with astonishment. "Hello, Nepmoon." I said, smiling. He smiled back and nodded. "I don't really think Melion will approve of us building defenses in the Earth mother's garden." A snake spartan said to Medusa. "I'm sure he will, I bet he even knows whats going to happen." Medusa said.

Chapter XXXIX


"What brings you here, sons and daughters of the Earth mother?" Melion asked. "Melion, we wish to set up defenses here to repel an attack Akuma is planning." Medusa said. "Akuma, eh? I knew of his revival but not his plan, why would he plan to attack here?" Melion asked. "The tree of life, Melion, he seeks dominance." Medusa replied. Melion remained silent for a while. "Melion, if Akuma rules the tree of life, who knows what he can... people, families, everyone will die from his tyranny." I said. Melion looked down at me. "I am not sure, but seeing that Nepmoon is a friend of one of my old friends... I think I'll consider it." Melion said, smiling at Nepmoon. "Thank you." Nepmoon thanked.

Snakes built walls and fortresses. All the gods and leaders huddled around a table. "Alright, I have put up a plan, we will set up multiple garrisons, every animal shall be at the front until we require a retreat." Medusa said, pointing at a fort near the entrance to the Earth mother's garden. "Actually, I think that the Terror fold will take up this post." I said, pointing at the first fort. "Many others will be there too, but not many." I then pointed at the second fort. "Snakes will take up this point, then, it will be devil cats AND panthers, then us wolves." I explained. "Sounds like you're planning on your enemies dying first." The zezom king said. "Zarus said I'm the one to stop Akuma, he will most likely break through all of our defenses, but we'll have a trick up our sleeves." I said. Thunder then approached me. "Thunder will set up a booby trap for Akuma, once he falls in it, he will vulnerable and we can strike him down." I said. Everyone nodded. "Not a bad plan." Pheonix commented. "Lets do it." Medusa said.

"Alpha Balro! Akuma is coming!" A ninja reported. "Do not worry, we are ready." I said. Standing near sniper Pecane, the Indian. Akuma then came into sight, imperials pointed crossbows at him. "Fools! You cannot stop us! The wolf race is far too powerful for your puny snakes, devil cats, panthers, and rebels!" Akuma said. Many wolves with orange armor stood near him. "Destroy them! first wave, move in, make their ammo bleed!" Akuma ordered. Many orange wolves started walking towards us. "Close the gate!" I yelled. Immortal the snake samurai nodded at me and pulled the lever, closing the gate. Imperials started firing and Terror fold with heated crossbows started firing too. Pecane started firing too. I started firing ark bolts. Killing many of the wolves. "They're swarming us!" An imperial yelled. "Hold your ground!" Pheonix yelled. The wolves started piling up corpses on our walls and they started climbing the corpses, reaching up the walls. Every orange wolf did die though before they swarmed the walls. "Second wave! Go finish it off!" Akuma yelled. Several red wolves started pushing in. "We need water!" I yelled. Nepmoon snakes with water guns started firing at the red wolves, the red wolves started melting. They were still climbing the walls though. One climbed over and swung his claws at me. I dodged and fired an ark bolt at him. He absorbed the shock but then water shot at him and he melted, screaming. "You... IDIOTS! forget it! I will not waste any more time! THIS ENDS HERE!" Akuma yelled. Akuma started walking forward. "Incoming!" I yelled, I ran off the wall and started running back. I looked back once I reached the snakes' fort. Terror fold with axes started slashing at Akuma but he didn't seem to feel anything. Akuma's mouth ignited and fire started coming out of his mouth, burning snakes and Terror fold. Pecane fired a shot at Akuma, Akuma stared at him and slashed at him, Pecane flew back to the wall and hit his back... and he looked dead along the wall. "Pull back!" I yelled. Imperials started firing crossbows at Akuma but Akuma was looking at Pheonix. "So, the god of fire is here, too bad you cannot stop me, the fire master!" Akuma said. "Go ahead and kill as many as you want, Akuma! but my fire is still stronger then you'll ever be!" Pheonix yelled. Pheonix slashed at Akuma but Akuma dodged and stood on his hind legs, then smashed Pheonix's head into the ground. Akuma then approached the snake fort. I ran through all the forts, imperials passing by me.

Once I reached the wolf fort, many elders and guards stood on or in front of the walls. "Thunder! is the trap ready yet?" I asked. I then stared at Thunder, he was on the ground on all of his legs, Spear, Bolsoe, and Oracle near him. "What happened?" I asked. "He's growing old, alpha." Oracle replied. I approached him. "Thunder?" I asked. Thunder stared up at me. "You three... leave." Thunder rasped. All of them nodded and left us, going to the front. "Balro-" Zarus coughed. "...Zarus said you are destined to defeat Akuma." Thunder said. "Yes, he did." I said. Thunder coughed and stared into my eyes. "Balro... you must stop Akuma... without me." Thunder grabbed the eye of Pheonix (which was not far) and showed it to me. "Stare into it." Thunder said. I stared into it and gasped as I saw a flash of white. I started seeing images of wolves, wolves running around happily on grass field. Some laughing and some loving. I regained consciousness and stared at Thunder. "This is what the world will be if you save it." He said. He put a paw on my forehead and I started seeing spells before my very eyes! Once I saw all of them, he put his paw down. "Go now... stop Akuma... save the world." He said. He slowly closed his eyes and rested his head on the ground. I stared at Thunder and everything seemed to go in slow motion. Explosions going off everywhere. I then looked at Akuma, he was breaching through the gate. Wood fell everywhere near me. I stood up and walked slowly in front of him, fire everywhere. Akuma then stared down at me. And everything sped up again. "So... we meet again, alpha Balro." He said. I growled. "Hello, Akuma... I have little time for greetings and this chaos will be over, NOW." I growled. Akuma laughed. "Look at what I have done to your friends, alpha... every god bowed before me and your wolf friends are DEAD." Akuma said. I growled.
"I am still here, and I know you fear me." I said. Akuma laughed. "Why would I FEAR you?! This world will be thrown into chaos and the wolf species will be dominate! I'm performing a good deed, alpha, not a bad one." Akuma said. "You burnt down the united wolf base, almost killed me, and you say you're doing a good deed?!" I asked. "Sacrifices are needed, alpha... and yours will be in VAIN!" Akuma yelled, going into a stance. Fire formed a ring, surrounding us both. "THIS ENDS HERE!" Akuma yelled.

Chapter XL


Akuma breathed in fire and unleashed it. I put a shield in front of me that blocked the fire. Once Akuma stopped, I called down thunder on Akuma. "Agh!" Akuma screamed once thunder hit his eye. Akuma then slammed his paw down on me. I dodged and stuck out my paw at him, sparks started coming out of his body. He started grunting constantly. Akuma got mad and breathed fire everywhere. I kept putting up shields to block it. Meteors started appearing out of nowhere from the sky and started landing near me. I kept dodging them and once the meteor shower stopped. The fight resumed. Akuma swiped his paw at me, I dodged and casted thunder at him. He grunted in pain and then enraged, yelling, he rammed into me. He rammed into me and I got thrown back, near the fire. I stood up, in pain, Akuma was under a lot of pain too. I battle cried and threw one last thunder bolt at him. He screamed and fell to his side. I approached him, bleeding some. He was still alive but barely. "Akuma, you will pay for all the lives you took." I said. "You don't have the nerve, you little pup." Akuma said. Dark clouds started storming the sky. All of the gods' elements started approaching me, fire, air, water, ice, earth, thunder, and venom. I combined them all into the eye of Pheonix. I then let the eye of Pheonix levitate for a while. "Any last words, Akuma?" I asked. "Your world already fell into chaos." Akuma said. I remained silent because he didn't sound like he was finished. "Think about it, you have always been blind but even you embraced it. Wars, humanity almost killed itself during many wars. In fact, how many wolves died during the 'southern versus the north' war?" Akuma asked. My eyes grew. He was right. "Go ahead and kill me, lets see if you regret it... I'm willing to bet you don't because even you have a demon inside you, alpha." Akuma said. I blinked. "Everyone does." He whispered. He rested his head on the ground. I shook my head. "You will be stopped." I said. The eye of Pheonix then charged into his body and light came from Akuma's body. He screamed and I was blinded by the flash of white.

I opened my eyes slightly, my head was on the floor but the fire was gone...I saw wolves, wolves I thought were dead, crowding around me. Oracle, Bolsoe, and Spear got near me. "Get him medical aid, now!" Spear ordered. Two wolves nodded and started running. Everything was blurry. "You'll be okay, Balro." Bolsoe said. I closed my eyes and felt my heart rate slow down...


I opened my eyes, I was on my stomach on a soft human bed. I blinked several times and stood up, then hopped off the bed. I was in a room, the floor was made of wood. I then recognized the place... it was my old home, not the boat but the home before that. I walked outside of my room, the hallway where the other rooms were are empty. I then walked outside, into Nome.

When I walked outside, there was a whole crowd of people! wolves, snakes, panthers, everyone! I blinked several times. Bolsoe approached me and hugged me. "Good to see you cheated death, brother!" Bolsoe said. I smiled. "Thanks, but what the heck is going on?" I asked. "A celebration is whats going on." Medusa said, approaching me. "The other gods have left, except me and Nepmoon." "Thats very kind of you, Medusa, but why?" I asked. "Because, it was a shame to cause you all this trouble, so I'm here to give you a bargain you'll never refuse." Medusa said. My eyes grew. "I will give you Teris back, it is repaired, right now, and Nome's people will remain unharmed." Medusa said. I blinked, that was quite a bargain. "T-thank you, Medusa! thats a very generous offer!" I said. She smiled. "You're welcome." Medusa said. Medusa then faced all the snakes. "Imperials! lets move! we're done here." Medusa yelled. All the imperials slithered away into a portal. "My city will be at peace, thanks to you." Pandora said, he then bowed before me and the rest of the panthers did too. "You're most welcome, son of Panzora, there will no longer be harmony to your city anymore." I said. He nodded and walked over to his people. "The united wolf base was also repaired, my people are already there, reliving their lives, but our city couldn't be any happier." Spear said, smiling. "Good luck leading the united wolf base, king Spear." I said, saluting. He saluted back. "It has been a pleasure, alpha Balro." Spear said. Oracle stepped up. Everyone then left except Bolsoe. Bolsoe smiled at me. "I saved the best for last, brother." Bolsoe said. I raised an eyebrow. "Balro... the most reward you can have, I present to you..." Bolsoe stepped a little to the right of my vision, I then saw dad in his normal form, and MOM! "Your family." Bolsoe said. I smiled and hugged my parents. "Hi mom, hi dad." I said, resting my head under their chins. "Hello, son." Mother said. Bolsoe joined in too. After several minutes, I stepped back a little bit. "How are you alive, dad?" I asked. He shrugged. "Nepmoon decided to give me ANOTHER chance." Balto said. "Another? Wow, you're in his book." I said. He laughed. "Alright, son, lets go home, to Teris." Mom said. I chuckled. "Mom, we are home." I replied.

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