Simple questions:

Will you reply to this question?



Can I ask you a question?

Yeah, only one though... Good job wasting it.


Why are there spelling errors?

I'm a snake, snakes only have four fingers...

Why do you like Oddworld?

It has unique gameplays and plots. It also has good soundtracks.


Are you really a snake? 

I prefer to have an imagination, some people find me strange because of this, but I don't mind.


Q:Did you copy this?

A:Did you copy this?


Do you think wolves life sucks?

They don't suck as much as life itself, daily life of a human: Get up, work, go back to bed...


Lol! Copycat!

What makes you think I'm a cat? LOOK AT MY AVATAR DUMMY


Do you know how to spell?

Yas, I no huw 2 spelz.


Why is your avatar always on the left of questions?

Yeah... I haven't noticed that... But I like my avatar on the left, mirriored looks kinda... different...


Who is Pheonix?

The legend of Crypto will explain that bud.


Are you listening to me?

Hmm...? I'm sorry, what did you say?


Picture questions:

What is your favorite kind of music? 

In Balro's quest two, why didn't Jenny just introduce herself? 

 It's a good book and all but why is your avatar a snake?

 What video game, book, or movie encouraged you to make this book?

Hey, why didn't Jenny go defeat Romanov while Balro and Bolsoe attacked the northern wolves and Zona?

How do you eat your food? 

 What movie contains your favorite song / soundtrack?

How come Balro gets more 'respect' then Crypto or your avatar? 

Advance questions:

What is the alpha howl library?

It is an upcoming library full of many of my books... You see... I'm planning on making a library full of events. Of course... The library website will NOT BE MADE by yola. It will be made by weebly. Only my books will be using yola. 


Your youtube account, why you no make videos?

Basically, I swore not to make any videos on my account. However, I might make an alpha howl library youtube account later in the future, about thirteen to fourteen years later. But for now, you'll have to be patient for me to make progress in school.


How many books will come out in the alpha howl library?

Lets pretend lots, the alpha howl library will have links to other book websites, and the book websites will have a link to the alpha howl library (every book website, you'll see it on 'home')... For now though... Be patient while I make more books, that way, you will be more entertained everyday, so on and so forth.

What is your favorite book you made?

Dawn of the bounty hunter, the longest and best plot story I made in the Alpha Howl library. It's based off of Oddworld, Stranger's wrath... in which is made by Oddworld inhabitants.

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