Chapter 1

The rise of an elder.

I was walking on the peaceful grass of Teris, I am Jenny. I know, it sounds like a name that came from Earth. It was all just amazing, I never seen such grass growing tall and green. I stopped once my friend named Oracle came. "Jenny, Heltlilion wants to see you." Oracle reported, out of breath. "He does? Alright, I’ll go immediately." I told Oracle. "Wise choice old friend." Oracle replied. "Look, I know you came from the Borialis, but you don’t have to be that wise on Teris." I explained. "Alright, fine." Oracle replied. I started walking toward the temple. But once I reached the entrance. I thought of something. "Am I going to become an elder?" I asked myself. I went inside, and I heard many laughter. I felt spit coming on my paw. You see, when a spirit becomes an elder. The elder becomes mortal. And wolves upon Teris usually don’t like mortals. When I reached Heltlilion, I bowed before him, as every spirit should do. And everyone bowed before me. "Jenny, my son, would you like to become an elder?" Asked Heltlilion. "I would father." I replied. I felt a jolt in me. And sure enough. I was mortal. But everyone was still bowing. "Go now, Jenny, you must give your life to the Ark." Heltlilion ordered. "Thank you father." I thanked. I went back out. While going to the Ark, Oracle seemed surprise I was mortal, "what happened to you? did you become an elder?" Asked Oracle. "Yes." I replied. I went toward the Ark. I never seen the Ark before. I went toward my spot. And then, I didn’t know what to do. I glanced toward someone. He had his eyes closed, laying down, and giving away his life to the Ark. So that’s what I did. I laid down, closed my eyes, and everything turned black...




Chapter 2

Striking of disaster.

I woke up, happening to see everything again was surprising. I glanced at Oracle. "What is the matter?" I asked. "Romanov…" Oracle replied slowly. "ROMANOV?!" I asked. Oracle nodded. "He is trying to raid every star, including my home." Oracle explained. I blinked twice. "Romanov… its been at least two century’s ever since I saw him." I whispered to myself. "He has more power now. Whoever stands in his way will surely die under his might." Oracle stalled. "Well, if Heltlilion stopped him, then I can." I spoke. I started walking toward the exit. "Jenny no! Don’t go! I don’t want you to die!" Yelled Oracle. I stopped. I won’t. I yelled back. I went back to walking toward the exit. I went toward Heltlilion’s home. He was asleep on the floor. "In case I don’t come back." I whispered. I laid down a heart-shaped comb. And went out of the door. "Did you forget you’re an elder?" Asked Oracle. "I give my life to the Ark, I die for the Ark." I replied. "I thought you aren’t suppose to be that wise on Teris." Oracle stalled. "I said… you DON'T have to be that wise on Teris, not aren’t." I told him. Oracle backed off. "Good luck then." Oracle wished. I waved back at him. I realized a way to get to the Borialis, the portal. I started walking over there.

When I made it. It seemed like only a minute passed. I went toward the portal and went inside.




Chapter 3

Meeting Panzora

When I made it through the portal. I was greeted by several units of Romanov. "Hello, young elder." One of them greeted. I smiled. "Hello…" I replied. I whispered myself some words and sure enough. All the units were out-cold. I ran as fast as I can to the panther forest. "Wow, this grass is more green then Teris." I commented. I felt something on my body. "Who are you?" Asked the guy. "Jenny." I replied. "Where did you come from?" Asked the guy again. "Teris." I replied. The guy put his claws down. I glanced at him, a panther. "Come with me." The panther ordered. I followed him. He led me to a base. Many panthers guarded it. But every step closer inside, it seemed so dark. "How can you even see in here?" I asked. "Panthers like the dark." Said the panther. Torches lit by themselves. I saw Panzora. "Hello elder." Panzora introduced. "Call me Jenny." I demanded. "Jenny? sounds like a name from Earth." Panzora commented. I nodded. "So what are you, a young elder… doing on the Borialis?" Asked Panzora. "I’m trying to stop Romanov from taking over every star, including Netherdane." I replied. "Netherdane? That horrible dump?" Asked a panther. Panzora whipped him with a spell before continuing. "Romanov has grown powerful, he tortured himself for 200 years to grow this much power, and here he is…" Panzora explained. "Make haste young elder…" I smiled. "Thank you." I thanked. I left the building. But before I could leave. The building door closed. And I saw Romanov in front of. "Wow, what happened to you?" I asked. "I gained more power…" Romanov replied. Romanov’s voice distorted, "I don’t remember you having ignited wings." I said. "They might as well burn you as I fly." Threatened Romanov. "And ever since when did you have red flaming eyes?" I asked. "Better to see clumsy fools like you." Romanov replied. "I’m not the clumsy one, it is you is clumsy." I defended. Romanov laughed. "Fool… I already claim Netherdane. What makes you think I’ll do the same to you?" Asked Romanov. "Heltlilion dueled you and destroyed you… what makes you think I’m different?" I asked. Romanov swiped at me. Only a scratch. "Bah! You won’t be any different." Said Romanov. An explosion erupted and he was gone. "Yeah, I bet." I murmured. I went toward the portal to Netherdane. I remember the stories of Netherdane. It was created by one of Romanov’s ancestors. I went through the portal to Netherdane.

Once I entered. I quickly went to cover. Many rocks are on Netherdane. But the planet floor was always on fire. I was able to resist it. I saw many slaves in chains. Romanov’s units yelled and whipped at them as they moved heavy crates everywhere. This must be personal… Romanov is very tempted to capture everything… I heard something behind me. I glanced behind my shoulder. A devil cat. Before I had time. The devil cat swiped me. And everything turned black…

The next time I woke up, I was in a slave pen. Romanov stared at me from the outside. With a grin on his face. "Looks like you won’t be stopping me…" Romanov muttered. "Romanov… you tortured yourself for 200 years… why have you even returned?" I asked. "I want MY REVENGE." Romanov replied. Fire surrounded me. "Romanov… power can only doom the ungrateful… control yourself." I negotiated. Romanov chuckled. "Never…" Replied Romanov. Romanov left by a portal. I broke the chains on my legs and broke out of my slave pen. I saw thousands of slaves in the pens. Including Panzora’s panthers… I freed Panzora’s panthers… "Help me free the others…" I whispered. They all nodded. They broke all the slave pens and we got out. "Escapers!" Yelled a devil cat. He started ringing a bell. Many of Romanov’s troops came to defend more slave pens. We managed to pass many of them with a swift beating. We freed all the slaves. The exit was right in front of us. "Follow me!" I ordered. We ran toward the exit. But once we were about to exit. The gates closed. We all stopped. Romanov approached us. "If you are so eager to die… I’ll let Patch give you the swift death." Romanov said. Patch came out of the ground. "A snake with arms?" Asked a panther. "You foolsssss… wish to esssssscape Romanov’sssss bassssssse? I’ll give you a sssssssswift death!" Patch threatened. Out of the air came a spiked mace. "It issssssss not to late… you can go back to your sssslave penssssss…" Patch said. We all went into battle stances. "Ssssso be it!" Yelled Patch. He hit the ground once. Missed. A spike came from the ground where he hit. He hit at another panther. Missed. "Dancccce you cowardssss…" Patch said. He hit again at me. I put up a shield just in time to block it. Patch slightly closed his eyes. "Ssssso tired…" Patch whispered. He dropped his mace. We all started to attack. He got up and shocked us all. "Letsss play more fair thisssss time…" Said Patch. He dropped his mace and summoned a duel-weld swords. "You’ll leave in piecccccesssss." Patch threatened. We all were able to grasp ourselves again. Patch hit at a panther. Missed. But then. An electric forced came from where he hit. We all jumped just to avoid it. Patch threw a sword at me like a boomerang. He almost got me. A scratch on the body. He grabbed his sword and threw both his swords on the ground… "I want more… More corpssssesssss on the ground!" Patch yelled. He summoned a pole-arm. A massive spear. "I thought we were playing fair." Said a panther. "We all are…" Patch replied. He swung at a panther. GOT HIM! The panthers lifeless corpse collapsed to the ground. Patch turned to me. He swung his spear at me. Missed. "Thatssss it!" Patch yelled. He whirled around with his spear pointed out. He almost got us. He was about to swing at me. But then something stopped him. I glanced behind me. "Oracle!" I gasped. Oracle came from the darkness. "Friends till the end." Said Oracle. Patch lifted his spear. And swung at Oracle. Oracle dodged it. Patch dropped his spear. "Ssssso tired…" Patch whispered. We all started attacking again. After several hits. Patch dropped like a rock. "Romanov… I have failed you…" Said Patch. Patch closed his eyes… and breathed his last breath. Romanov appeared again. "This isn’t over… Teris and the Borialis will be destroyed and serve under my wrath, Heltlilion will pay the ultimate price!" Romanov threatened. Romanov laughed and faded. The gates opened. "Freedom awaits us!" I cheered. We ran toward the door. But then, I turned back. The panther that got hit was still breathing. I went up toward him. He glanced at me. I picked him up and carried him to the end. "I think I can walk." Breathed the panther. "Really?" I asked. He got off and started walking. "Suit yourself." I murmured. I ran toward the rest of the pack. We smashed several of Romanov’s units. "Get them, guards! don’t let them ruin the invasion!" Romanov ordered. Guards charged at us. We got them down like a bunch of crumbs. Romanov started running and we chased him. When he reached another side. He told three devil cats with armor to attack us and the rest to attack the Borialis. We got through the guards and went into the portal.

We were to late… the Borialis was taken by Romanov… who knew he could conquer a whole star this fast. Romanov smiled at us. "I could see who is really mad." I said. "You will be mad that YOU will serve me later on." Romanov replied. Panzora came up. "Panzora!" I gasped. She had her eyes closed but was still walking. "Panzora?" I asked. Panzora opened her eyes. "Nooo…" A panther gasped. Panzora had red burning eyes. She became a demon. "Romanov… why are you in a lust for power?" I asked. "Because I want a new world… a new future! Teris, Netherdane, and the and the Borialis will be mine! ALL MINE!" Yelled Romanov. He faded again. Panzora swiped at Oracle. Oracle blocked and put Panzora down. "Fight me! WHY WON’T YOU FIGHT?!" Panzora asked. "We don’t want to hurt you." I replied. Panzora screamed with pain. "FIGHT ME!!" Yelled Panzora. "Because we don’t want to fight allies like you." Oracle replied. We went to Panzora’s base. It lit with fire. But it wasn’t on fire for some reason. We went up to it…







Chapter 4

Over so fast.

I didn’t know how it happened. But everything turned black when I went inside. When I awakened. Romanov was in front of me. "Stand up Jenny. Face your foe like a true man… oh wait… pff… woman!" Romanov ordered. I stood up. I knew I can’t take on Romanov alone. Oracle’s life hangs in my balance. "Defeat me, and he will live." Romanov bargained. I put on a battle stance. I realized that Romanov was dueling me. Panthers, wolves from Teris, and Romanov’s devil cats cheered. "Romanov… take my words in wisely…" I said. "Bah! NEVER!" Yelled Romanov. "PREPARE YOUR FUNERAL RIGHTS JENNY!" He leaped toward me. I rolled to the left but Romanov still got me. I flew toward the wall so fast. I was able to live though… even though I’m already half dead. I casted a healing spell and I felt good. "Healing spell? I swear, I will kill you faster then that… I’LL MAKE YOU SUFFER!" Romanov threatened. His mouth came on fire. I went behind him quickly. I was able to make it without a scratch. You see, he’s casting a flame breath that fills in half the room. It could be able to kill an entire rhino within seconds, in fact, I’m not sure his bones will be even left. Romanov charged at me and caused me to fly toward the wall. I casted a healing spell fast. Romanov’s mouth became on fire. I was stuck to the wall like a sticker. I put up a shield so he couldn’t get me. "THAT’S IT! IF YOU KEEP CASTING SPELLS THEN I’LL CAST MY DEADLY SPELL." Said Romanov. He casted a shadow bolt. And when it hit me. I literally saw black. But then. I could hear my self breathing. "What?! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE." Romanov gasped. Everyone stopped cheering. I felt myself levitating up the air. I then felt wings grow out of me. And they felt evil… I opened my eyes. Everyone gasped as they saw my red burning eyes. I looked at my fur. It wasn’t like my normal fur anymore… it was red… and I had flaming wings like Romanov. "Bah! You turned into a demon… SO WHAT? YOU’RE STILL WEAK!" Yelled Romanov. He charged at me. But then. Everything seemed to slow down. I casted a shadow bolt at Romanov and Romanov started flying toward the opposite wall. Romanov casted a fireball. I knew what to do with a fireball. Just stand in place. You see… fireballs are suppose to make people stand still… I stood in place. The fire ball hit me and a fire crater surrounded me. I smiled with anger. "You call that a spell?" I asked. I sounded like Romanov… female version. Everyone gasped at my new voice. Romanov charged at me again. I remained calm and casted a shadow bolt. He dodged. But when he was about to get close to me. I lifted him in the air and choked him for several minutes. I never felt so angry in my life… I put him down. He was almost dead. I was turned back to an elder. "How? How were you… able… to do… it?" Asked Romanov, breathlessly. I smiled. "Those wise words… Don’t you remember?" I asked. "Finish… me… then…" Romanov begged. "No Romanov… that isn’t the elder way…" I replied. "YOU ARE WEAK… COWARDLY! I… am Romanov… I… am the alpha… and the omega… I am immortal… I… am eternal… I am-" Romanov closed his eyes slightly. "I am Romanov…" He collapsed. Romanov’s units vanished. "I don’t want to remember this…" I whispered. Heltlilion walked up to me. "I felt so mad… not like any elder I ever seen…" I said. "You did well…" Heltlilion replied. "Hey… I hate to break up the moment… but umm… mind releasing me?"Asked Oracle. "Yeah, yeah." I scoffed. I freed Oracle from the cage he was trapped in. "Come on… Lets go home…" Heltlilion ordered.








Chapter 5

True ending.

We buried Romanov in a grave. I walked on the peaceful grass of Teris again… But then… several years later… when my two brothers… Meltion and Jeltion were about to have there elder "celebration", the Ark exploded… I don’t know how… But my story ends here… for now…


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