Chapter 1

A birth worth for.

''He’s cute Jenny , I have to admit that.'' Said Balto. I looked around the room, curiously identifying things. Likely, I can’t identify a single thing, only Jenny and Balto. ''But what shall we name him?'' Asked Balto. I stared at Balto blankly after he said that. ''How about Balro?'' Asked Jenny. Balto smiled. ''That’s a perfect name.'' Said Balto. Balto repeated Balro. I cuddled near Jenny’s body, then quickly fell asleep.


Chapter 2

Forward through time.

Three years past since that day, and I can speak clearly, identify things faster. I’m a Siberian husky. So is Balto. I have brownish black fur. And black eyes, Balto had grayish brown fur and brown eyes. Jenny had grey fur. Life was easy, in fact, I have my own room! We lived in a abandon boat on land, it had 6 rooms, 1 is the living room, 1 for me, 1 for Balto, and 1 for Jenny. We left the fifth and sixth room abandon. The next morning, I got up and went downstairs to the living room. I’m still a small pup. The size of Balto’s leg in fact. When I went downstairs Jenny and Balto were eating breakfast, Jenny slid some to me. ''Eat this Balro.'' Said Jenny. I looked down at it, dog food… ''Why, thanks mom.'' I said happily. Balto glanced at me. ''Why, you're almost as big as my leg.'' Said Balto. Jenny glanced at me to. ''He is.'' Said Jenny, she went back to eating breakfast. I cuddled near Balto’s leg to measure size. ''I am.'' I said. after breakfast, I gone up to my room, and went straight to my bed, and fell asleep.



Chapter 3

New year special.

I woke up, immediately did I notice I was 5 years old. I got up and smiled. ''5 years old.'' I said to myself. I went downstairs and Balto and Jenny were down there. They were talking something secret, but weren’t eating breakfast. When I shortly approached them, they glanced at me and smiled. At first I didn’t know why. Balro. Said Jenny . ''Yes mom?'' I replied. ''We’re going to have a pup later on today.'' Said Jenny. My eyes grew in size. ''A new pup?'' I asked. ''Yes Balro. A new brother.'' Said Balto. We had breakfast then Jenny and Balto gone out of a small hole of the boat. I wanted to go to but Balto said to stay inside. So I stayed inside till they came back, It was a long time, about 4 hours or so, but when they came back, they had something behind them, a pup. We all gathered around it. We stared at it for a while, and then, Balto had the courage to speak, "he is cute, cute as you when you were a pup yourself, Balro." I glanced at Balto, then turned my attention toward the pup again. ''What shall we call him?'' I asked. We all looked at each other. ''I know! Bolsoe!'' I announced. Jenny and Balto looked at me, Jenny smiled and said, "a perfect name you came up with Balro." I felt a little heroic then I stared at Bolsoe, he was on Balto’s paw. Balto smiled, then he went to my paw, he tried to bite mine, but instead, I lifted it and gently petted him on the head, he stood there for a while, almost as if he felt amused, then he went to Jenny’s paw and cuddled next to her, then he fell asleep. Balto chuckled. ''Reminds me of someone, eh Balro?'' Asked Balto. I glanced at him and chuckled a little to. ''Why thank you dad.'' I replied. We turned our attention back to the pup. He snored really loud. I can tell its going to be hard going to sleep now. I said. ''He'll be in the fifth room, so you're fine.'' Said Balto. I couldn’t believe my ears, I looked toward Balto. And he looked back at me. ''Dad, we haven’t used the fifth room in months.'' I said. ''Is there a problem?'' Balto asked. ''Well… It’s dusty and all that.'' I replied. Bolsoe woke up after I said that. He got up and went toward my paw and cuddled near it. ''I think I’ll like him to sleep near me.'' I said. Balto and Jenny smiled. ''A special brother you are, Balro.'' Said Balto. I smiled. Feeling more heroic. We had breakfast, then I gave Bolsoe the tour of the '‘house'’. When we reached my room, there was no other bed. I glanced at Bolsoe, he sat down and yawned. I looked back at the room, and smiled. ''You may have my bed for the night. I said. I will sleep under the stars.'' I said. Bolsoe smiled.

The next day, when I came through the hole, Jenny was curious why I came from the boat hole. ''I let Bolsoe sleep on my bed last night.'' I said. Jenny smiled. "How nice of you Balro." Said Jenny. She turned back to Bolsoe. Balto went downstairs and quickly glanced at Jenny and me. ''I saw a wolf outside!'' Balto said. I glanced at him. I knew my dad was brave, but I didn’t want to stand feeling helpless. ''I’ll go and scout.'' I said. Balto turned his attention to me. ''I'll come with you.'' Said Balto. Me and Balto went out of the abandon boat and moved toward the wolf. The wolf had brown fur. Blue eyes like the sea.The wolf whimpered every five seconds. Finally after a moment of silence. The wolf spoke. ''HUMANS!'' He yelled. ''Whoa, no need to yell, you're safe.'' I said. The wolf groaned. ''NO need to yell?'' Asked the wolf. ''Yeah, what’s with all the commotion?'' I asked. "Do you not see the wound on me?" He asked. I walked around his body. I then found a bloody wound. "Humans shot you, didn’t they?" I asked. ''No, they shot an ice wall and it flew into me.'' The wolf replied. ''And, you’re both dogs. The tamed kind of wolves, are there any humans around?'' The wolf asked. ''We’re friendly.'' Balto replied. After lots of questions and sentences, we went to our "home" and the wolf followed us. Jenny screamed when the wolf came in. ''Relax, Jenny''. Said Balto. Bolsoe looked at us from the stairs. ''Mama, what is that thing?'' Asked Bolsoe. ''A wolf.'' I replied. When the wolf got to my room, he didn’t bother getting on the rug. ''So, what’s your name?'' I asked. ''Spear.'' Spear replied. Why aren’t you with the other wolves?" Asked Balto. ''Because they are south, and I think I went north.'' Said Spear. ''How did you know you go north?'' I asked. ''Because once I thought I was going south, I saw the town Nome, and that was then I stumbled onto THIS!'' He pointed to his wound. ''He shot an ice wall and a sharp end of an ice piece flew into me.'' ''Ouch.'' I said. ''It’s more then 'ouch'.'' Said Spear. ''One of you… Please… let me rest here.'' Said Spear. ''NO WAY! I… WILL.. NEVER… LET… THAT… WOLF… HERE!'' Jenny yelled with fear. She stood up and took 10 steps back from Spear. Spear squinted at Jenny, his eyes then grew. ''Are you a… a… never mind.'' Said Spear. After he said that. I knew something was up with mom that I never heard of. But I will find out late. I let Spear sleep in my room. I’m pretty used to having to sleep under the stars. It was then I found stars forming a shape of a wolf howling…


Chapter 4

The south we go.

The next morning, I went downstairs and Spear went down the stairs to, went up to me, and thanked me. I must go south now. ''The southern wolves will start worrying about me.'' Spear said. ''But yet, I need a guide, a friend, a friendly dog named 'Balro'.'' Said Spear. He stared at me and smiled. ''Alright, I'll guide you there.'' I ate my breakfast and went with Spear to go to the south.

We kept walking into the snow, a strange but weak mist surrounding us as we walked across the snow. ''So… is any other wolf clans?'' I asked. ''There’s only two clans of wolves, the north, and the south. But yet. Our reputation is low with the north.'' Said Spear. ''Really? Why is that?'' I asked. ''Because we’re in war.'' Said Spear. ''How did you get in the war?'' I asked. ''No one in the south knows.'' Said Spear. ''Neither does the north.'' ''Then, who knows the story? Does anyone know?'' I asked. ''Yes, king Garrison.'' Said Spear. ''Who is 'Garrison'?" I asked.'' Spear ignored me and we kept walking. ''Are you sure we’re going south?'' I asked. ''A curious dog aren’t you? Yes, I’m sure we’re going south.'' Spear replied. ''Because we’re going south of Nome.''  ''Good point.'' I confessed. We got near the shore. It didn’t take long. But then we discovered that place was abandon, Beyond a corner, Spear looked at something bright, the look on his face didn’t look like he was joking. I went beside him, and next thing I knew, a village of wolves was on fire. Brown and grey furred wolves were biting, scratching, and killing each other. The fear got within my eyes, but Spear stood there bravely. Just looking at the village. His sea blue eyes turned red with rage. I tried to stop him. But he ran into the fight, boy, was he the leader of the clan? He’s driving them off. The southern wolves overwhelmed the last north wolf. He ran away. The south wolves howled with pride. Spear went back to me. ''Tell Balto and Jenny that I’m here.'' Said Spear. I nodded and turned away. I realized I maybe will never see Spear again. I turned back, and he was still looking at me. His pack went near him to see what’s going on. They all looked at me. And shortly, Spear smiled and howled at me, one last time. I howled to. And I turned back to go home, after 10 minutes, I was half way from home. "Well, well, look who’s here." Someone said behind my back. I looked around and saw three shadowy figures on a short cliff. They jumped toward me. When they landed, they surrounded me as if a game of trap the mouse. "I don’t want to fight." I said. I stood tall, bravely. "Well, if your not afraid. Lets give you a reward for making Spear come back to his village." He nodded to another wolf. He lifted his paw and slammed it flat on my paw. It was painful. I grunted, but didn’t scream. ''Why are you not in your stupid house?'' Asked a north wolf. ''I guided Spear back, yes, but I didn’t know you guys were in war.'' I replied. ''Well now yo-'' The north wolf was interrupted when I saw another shadowy figure. It was dad! Balto leaped at one north wolf and bit him on the body. The wolf howled in pain while Balto threw him far within the snow. I joined the fight. "Ambush!" yelled a north wolf. They started attacking. I dodged a attack and instead. I swiped at his body. It hit him and seemed to cause serious pain. The wolf howled in pain and ran. "Come at me! filthy maggots!" Yelled the last north wolf. Balto swiped at him first. Missed. I took a swipe. Dodged. Me and Balto glanced at each other. Then turned back to the north wolf. We both leaped at the wolf . Mouths wide open. He dodged my attack, But Balto got him. And he ran away. ''Nice one.'' I said. Balto smiled. "Lets go home, son." Said Balto I nodded. I went near a nearby puddle of water to clean the wound on my paw. No blood oozed out. But little did escape. Then I followed Balto back home. I looked at Balto while going there. I didn’t notice I was as tall as Balto’s neck. When we got there. I told Jenny and Balto the whole story. ''I’ll miss him, he’s been a good friend.'' Said Balto. ''I will too.'' Jenny replied. I don’t know why she said THAT, because do to when he got here. Anyway, it was getting dark, so I went up the stairs and got in my bed. I started remembering Spear’s howl. So clear, so nice, so perfect. Then, shortly, I fell asleep.


Chapter 5

The nightmare.

I got up out of bed, I got down stairs and ate my breakfast, I finished my breakfast and went out of the boat hole to visit Spear. It was misty and hard to see a thing. I was about to turn and go back home until, I saw a shadowy wolf figure, I walked closer toward it. A better angle to see within the mist. But once I got close enough to see, the wolf turned into a human with a knife. Come here you! Said the human, he tried to stab me once. Missed, my brownish fur turned grey like a wolf! The human attempted to stab me again. Missed and got his knife stuck in the snow. I didn’t want to hurt the human nor get hurt. The human turned into a polar bear! He took one furious swipe at me. I crouched low enough to dodge. He swiped again. Missed. His third attempted cut some of my fur off. I started to attack, I bitten it, but it caused nothing. I yelped for help. I saw Jenny and Balto, but they just stood there. Staring at me and smiling, I was starting to get confused. Bolsoe stood forth. But he didn’t do anything. The bear swiped at me again. He got his claws stuck in the snow. I turned back to Balto, Jenny, and Bolsoe. But they were gone. I turned back to the polar bear. He was starting to really go into berserk, I swiped at him with sharp claws, It did no harm! The bear swiped and it almost got me. But then, the ground, it started crumbling. The polar bear disappeared. The world turned into a cube, and I was in a blankly black room. I looked around just a cube floating in the air. I poked around it. Then, the room became white, I touched the cube again, red, then, I touched it again, the room rumbled, my heart skipped a beat. Bloody, what’s going on?! I asked. I heard a voice at a distance. ''Balro! Balro! WAKE UP!'' Bolsoe yelled''Wha-? What’s going on?!'' I asked. I realized it was a all dream. Bolsoe was standing ''There. Had a bad dream?'' Asked Bolsoe. ''Yes.'' I replied. "And what was it about?" Asked Bolsoe. "Me turning into a wolf." I replied. Bolsoe was silent for a moment. Then he chuckled. "We’re still wolves Balro, we still have the same instinct." Said Bolsoe. "Aye." I replied. I noticed Bolsoe got taller. "You gotten taller." I confessed. Bolsoe was as tall as my head. "Yeah, I'm growing as I go." Bolsoe replied. ''Want a ride downstairs?'' I asked. ''Sure.'' Bolsoe replied. I grabbed Bolsoe and put him on my back. Then slowly went downstairs. ( So that Bolsoe won’t fall.)It’s good thing Balto and Jenny weren’t downstairs. They would be bursting questions. I put Bolsoe down. ''Where is Balto and Jenny?'' I asked. ''They’re away to go ‘'hunting’'.'' Said Bolsoe. ''Already you know this kind of stuff?'' I asked. Yep. Said Bolsoe. I looked outside, and I couldn’t believe my eyes as I faced the sky. "Bolsoe… Come here." I ordered. Bolsoe came over to me. "Wow." Bolsoe gasped. The northern lights shined in the sky. "What are those lights?" Asked Bolsoe. "The northern lights." I replied. Bolsoe lifted an eyebrow. They don’t look like there facing north. I pointed at the city Nome. "Nome is on the northwest corner of Alaska." I said. I pointed east of of Nome and stopped at where the northern lights were. "There’s the northern lights." I said. Bolsoe looked at the direction of where my paw was. "Oh!" He said in amazement. "Silly me." Bolsoe confessed. I kept staring at the northern lights. Until, I saw that Bolsoe was gone. I looked around for Bolsoe. "Be quiet." Someone ordered behind me. I turned around quickly to see a northern wolf. "Want your brother? Come with us." He ordered. My eyes widen with surprise. I put on a angry stance. Ready to fight the northern wolf. "I’m sure your mother told you not to play with sharp objects. Perchance?" Asked the wolf. Another northern wolf walked with Bolsoe in his mouth. He passed it to the first northern wolf. He held up Bolsoe and softly put his claws at his throat. That made my stance go away. I stood up straight. "I’ll go safely if you let Bolsoe go." I bargained. "I’m afraid we won’t let him go. Nor will we let you." The first northern wolf refused. After miles of traveling north. We were put in one large cell. The first northern wolf chuckled. "Sparrow! Come here!" He yelled. '’Sparrow’' came over. He had very brown fur. Acid green eyes, and short tusks growing out of his head. "Who are these two?" He asked. "Spear’s friends sire." The northern wolf replied. Sparrow chuckled. "Why are you doing this to us?" I asked. "Because you're Spear’s friends." Sparrow replied. "Well Spear is safe at his home!" I yelled. Sparrow chuckled. "Fool…" He whispered. He stepped aside three feet to the right. Then, Spear walked up to me, he was in lots of chains. "Sparrow?" Asked Spear. Sparrow smiled at Spear. "Put him in the cage." Ordered Sparrow. But before they can even put him in the chain, Spear started struggling and biting the chains. Then two northern wolves with armor on came to him. "How did you get that armor on?" I asked. "Classified." Sparrow replied. "Anyway, we’ll let Spear rot with you guys for awhile." Said Sparrow. The two northern elites came behind Spear and started shoving him to get in the cage. After he was inside. Sparrow closed the cell door. "Good night" he wished. I stared at the sun. It was going down real fast. I glanced at Spear. Once again his eyes were turning red as a million red flames. "Why does Sparrow have tusks growing out of his head?" I asked. ''Because… He’s an… a… he’s…'' Spear scratched the back of his head. Trying to think. ''He’s a powerful spirit.'' He replied. That made me think a lot, was that the reason Jenny didn’t make Spear sleep in the house in the first place? I heard only one legend about Sparrow. I stared at Spear, waiting for him to speak. Then he finally said the '‘legend’', "100 years ago. A meteoroid had came down to the earth’s surface. Once this happened, stars shape a wolf." Spear explained. "Wha-!?" I gasped. "Yes. Stars shaped like a wolf howling." Repeated Spear. "I saw a wolf howling the night you slept with us." I said. "That must mean a new meteoroid had came down." Said Spear. My jaw dropped. "Well… what happens if they control the spirit?" I asked. "They might control this entire planet." He said. "Sparrow used to be our commander. And yet he betrayed us." He explained. "So that explains his brown fur." I whispered to myself. "How will we escape?" I asked in a whisper. "Don’t know." Spear replied. I saw Sparrow and his guards putting other southern wolves in another cell. "Look." Spear pointed. I glanced at where he was facing. Bolsoe did also. A paper clip. Spear smiled. ''There are 3 things I’m good at… and one of those… is lock picking.'' Said Spear. He grabbed the paper clip with his mount, and put it on his paw. "This will take a moment." He stood on his hind legs and put the paper clip in the padlock. it’s a good thing those armored guards and Sparrow were to busy with those other soldiers. "How did they get the padlock on the cell?" I asked. "Spirit magic." Spear replied. "Got it." He whispered. He turned the key and the cell door flew softly open without making any sound. ''Get back in the cell!'' Yelled Sparrow. Pushing one soldier back in. Spear winked at that soldier. The soldier nodded slightly. We had passed many guards. But we made it to the gate. It was unguarded. ''This is to easy.'' Whispered Spear. We went behind cover and went to the gate. We were a few inches away from the outside. Where do you think you’re going? Said a distance voice. It was coming in front of us. I then saw a very faded wolf. ''No one gets out of my royal base!'' Yelled the spirit. ''Oh great.'' Said Spear. ''The hexxer...'' We were lifted in the sky. And he started choking us to death! ''Sparrow! Come look at out escaping guests.'' Called the hexxer. Sparrow came just on time. ''Do not worry Jeltion. I will put them in better cages. Way better with more padlocks.'' Sparrow replied. ''And you two!'' He yelled to me and Bolsoe. He faced our direction. ''If you want to go. THEN GO!'' He yelled. We were then flying sky high in the air. And released outside. ''Do not worry about you’re friend Spear… We will take good care of him.'' Whispered the hexxer in my head. We landed on the snow. It was surprising our legs didn’t break. Me and Bolsoe looked back at the base entrance. And headed home. When we made it. I told Bolsoe to stay here. He nodded. And I went south to where I took Spear the first place. When I was almost there. I saw the base was not burnt up, in fact. It didn’t look burned up at all. The entrance was blocked with guards that were wearing red armor. The northern wolves, as I remember… had blue armor. So it was obviously a Yin and Yang war. I approached them slowly. I was afraid the guards were going to attack. But they just smiled at me but looked at me closely. The city was huge and organized. Wolf guards were patrolling all over the place. I saw the throne room. And went to it. When I approached it. I saw two spirit guards guarding it. I can tell the throne room was heavily guarded. I entered it. But then a spirit guard lifted me in the air. It wasn’t choking me like the hexxer did. He lifted me in front of him. ''What is your purpose here at the throne room?'' He asked. ''I come to ask for help.'' I replied. The spirit guard lifted an eyebrow. ''What kind of ''HELP''?'' He asked. "I’m Balro. I came to seek help to rescue Spear." I replied. "Spear was captured?" He asked. How did you get out? He asked. Don’t reply. "I can’t stand your lies." He said quickly. He looked at the other spirit guard. Then looked back at me. "Lets see if we can jog that mind of yours." He said to me. I swallowed hard. "Don’t be afraid Balro." He said. "We don’t do the same way we jog minds like the northern." Said the spirit guard. I lifted an eyebrow. The other spirit guard walked near the other spirit guard. And right in front of me. I saw a circle. It was my vision I saw while I was escaping! "Where do you think your going?" Said the hexxer in the circle. "Oh boy…" Said Spear in the vision. It showed the rest of the part. It took a long time. But it ended. He was telling the truth said the other spirit guard. The spirit guard looked at me. "Very well Balro, you may pass." Said the spirit guard. The spirit guard closed his eyes and I dropped softly to the floor. And I walked into the throne room. The king was standing instead of sitting on a throne. A looked around the room. Guards, a herald, and some green wolf sleeping with three spirit wolfs guarding him. I approached the king. He was wearing a red cape, a golden crown, and golden armor on his paws. "Greetings Balro." He greeted. "I am king Garrison." king Garrison introduced himself. "I need help... for rescuing Spear." I requested. "That is nothing I can do Balro. But over there is a spirit called. '‘The ruby dreamer’', He is the one to help you." Said king Garrison. I looked over to the green wolf. He was very faded. Plus, he had green armor on every part of him except his nose, eyes, and mouth. I walked over to him. The king watching me. When I approached the ruby dreamer. The spirit guards stepped aside, And I heard a faint voice. "Hello Balro.." The voice greeted. I realized it was the ruby dreamer. I spoke with my mind. "Hello." I greeted back. The dreamer smiled. "I sense fear within you Balro, you need something?" Asked the ruby dreamer. "Yeah, I need help." I replied.. "With helping Spear out?" Asked the ruby dreamer. "Yes." I replied. "Very well." Said the ruby dreamer. "I will give you help." I bright flash of light came and next thing I knew. I was in Spear’s body. He was still in the cell. And I didn’t notice his wound was still there. I looked around. I saw a piece of grass on the ground. "Get that piece of grass." Whispered Spear. I realized that I only control his actions, not his voice. I grabbed the piece of grass And locked picked the lock. I turned and it unlocked. "Surprising isn’t it?" Spear whispered.. I nodded. I slowly got out. And went behind cover. "The hexxer doesn't see all. But we’ll have to take another entrance then the front." Spear whispered. I nodded slightly. I looked around while crouching. I saw a slight opening at another place. And it didn’t seem guarded at all. I smiled. And started crawling toward it. I looked toward Sparrow and the hexxer. Both didn’t seem to notice Spear (or me) crawling out. I went through the hole. But then I knew what exactly was going to happen. The hexxer whispered in to Spear’s ear. "I know your escaping. Don’t think I will simply let you out." Whispered the hexxer. I guess the hexxer tried to choke me. But then.. I heard the voice of the ruby dreamer. "I had put a spell on you. It will make you immune to the hexxer’s spells." "What? Oh.. The ruby dreamer sent you didn’t he?" Asked the hexxer. I kept walking to the southern wolf base. While the hexxer and the ruby dreamer kept arguing. And likely… the Ruby dreamer was winning. I looked behind me. "That’s right Balro… run… RUN!" The hexxer yelled. The hexxer started laughing. I noticed a very large shadow. ''Oh my…'' Said Spear. ''RUN!!!'' Spear yelled. I started running to the base. When I reached the entrance, there were lots of guards guarding the entrance. I ran to the throne room. And when I got in. I saw my spirit near the dreamer. I felt myself going into my own body. Then, I woke up, on the ground. And Spear smiled at me. "Thank you." He thanked. "No problem." I replied. The king glanced at me. "You done well Balro." Said king Garrison. "Indeed." Said the ruby dreamer. "I have to go home now." I said. I went toward the exit. But once I was going to say '‘bye’'. The ruby dreamer whispered in my head. "You still fear something." He said. "I had a nightmare." I said. "What was it about?" He asked. "Me turning into a wolf." I replied. I saw the dreamers face in front of me. I wasn’t even facing him. "You had done a good deed for us." He said. His face gone away. And I left the throne room. And out upon the open ground. I looked back at the base. "Farewell… son of the Earth mother…" Whispered the ruby dreamer. My eyes opened wide. Then, I smiled. Then went home. I didn’t stumble onto any northern wolves. I had thought of those words the ruby dreamer said.. "son of the Earth mother"… When I got home. I saw a whole pile of meat being dragged in the boat. "Was I late?" I asked. Jenny glanced at me. "Where were you Balro?" Jenny asked. "I was at the southern wolves." I replied. I told them the whole thing. About the ruby dreamer and how those spirit guards jogged my mind. "How did they jog your mind?" Asked Bolsoe. "Mystical magic." I replied. "You hungry from that adventure?" Asked Balto. My stomach rumbled. I laid a paw on my stomach. "Yes." I replied. Balto smiled. "Well, lets have a little dinner shall we?" Asked Balto I smiled and came inside the house. We all ate lunch and I said more of the story to Balto and Jenny. It was getting dark. And I was still telling the story. "Well… it’s getting dark, we better go to bed." Balto suggested, stretching. "Tomorrow’s a busy day for you two." Said Jenny. We all went to bed. I was pretty happy to sleep on my own bed now. I was wondering why Jenny said '‘tomorrows a busy day'‘. Almost every day seemed the same. I got up, and snuck through the boat hole. And for the first time ever. I went to the town ‘'Nome’'. I saw lots of people gathering around the hospital. "Oh boy…" I sighed. I went to a window. Lots of kids were in beds, so many doctors were trying to use something called ‘'cures’' (they were saying cures when they use something called "shots" in there skin) I tried to avoid the sight of the shots. "Why are they in the hospital?" I asked myself. I went to another window. There were more kids in beds, and more doctors. "What in Atlantis' blazes is going on?" I asked myself again. I was very curious of what was going on. Maybe tomorrow will be the truth. But once I was about to get off the window. I heard a doctor say. "The diphtheria epidemic is spreading through young people, and we didn’t see it coming." The doctor muttered. My jaw dropped. "diphtheria epidemic?" I asked myself. I passed by a office. They were pressing this button rapidly. "We need help, stop, Plane engine frozen, stop, Seas to rough, stop, We only have one way to get the medicine here: Sled dogs, stop." He said. "Whoa." I gasped. "This blizzard must be horrible." I said to myself. I passed an anvil, making hundreds of tiny coffins fit to young kids. I stared at the shocking sight, its amazing they were losing hope already. I went home. I still didn’t stumble onto any northern wolves. My heart pumped softly as I heard the presence of the ruby dreamer. "Tomorrow is a new day." Said the ruby dreamer. I smiled. "Why did you call me ‘'son of the Earth mother?’'?" I asked. "I’m afraid it’s nothing I can tell… but soon… Balto will tell you the truth…" Said the ruby dreamer. I approached the boat. But then, the ruby dreamer said something that made my ears pop. "Did you know… that once when I was mortal… like you… I met your father, and we were great friends…" Said the ruby dreamer. "Tell him that I said "hello"." Said The ruby dreamer. I smiled. "I will on the perfect time." I replied. I went up to my room. And laid there until that time comes… until we gain that title… the title ‘'hero'’… Balro the hero… I whispered to myself. I smiled Then I closed my eyes. And gone to sleep…




Chapter 6

Balto's old friends



"Balro… wake up." Balto ordered. I opened my eyes. Then stood up. "We’re going to save those kids at the hospital aren’t we?" I asked. Balto nodded. "You were out of the house, weren’t you?" He asked. "Yes." I confessed. Well. "We’re going to return it to Nome" Balto informed. "What?!" I yelled. Balto nodded. "Get to the first station. Get the medicine. Return to Nome." Balto replied. We went downstairs and ate delicious breakfast. Then me and Balto went out the boat hole. "First, they’ll , test who is going to be RETURNING the medicine." Balto informed. Alright. I said. A whole line of dogs were at the "starting line". "Hey Balto!" Said a distance voice. Balto and I looked at some dogs that were holding up two empty belts. (of course with there mouths) These are friends I met in the past. Said Balto. We walked over to them. And one dog named "Jeghie" Held up the belt once I approached. I entered in the belt. And that made me feel heroic. I never, ever been in these harnesses or a dog team before. I was a little excited. But then. My heart pumped softly. I knew the ruby dreamer was inside me again. "Good luck… You’re going to need it… wished the ruby dreamer." I smiled slightly. We approached the starting line. Once we approached. One dog near us spit on my foot. I shook the saliva off my paw and gave him a dirty look. He had a nasty grin. I looked back forward. "We are testing who will be the winner to bring back the medicine from the city "Nananne"." I was so excited. Traveling a thousand miles. In fact! More! That made me smile. The starter announced something that made my smile was lost and I concentrated. "On your mark! Get set!" All the dogs started putting on stances. The starter pulled a gun out of his pocket and fired it. And immediately, every dog started running around Nome. Other teams trying stopping other teams. Like stepping on there paws or bite there body. I kept avoiding those hazards and kept running. We were 2nd place. We were so close to the 1st place team. Another dog in our team tried biting one of there legs. Miss, miss, but then. When we were so close to the finishing line. He managed to bite one of the other teams legs his leg and slow him down. That made our team first place. After we passed the finishing line, we all cheered. I was a patient dog. I only smiled. "Something wrong Balro?" Asked Balto. He went over to me. "Ah, nothing dad." I replied. "Did I forget to tell you…" something struck my heart right when I was about to say the name ‘'ruby'’. "What’s the matter Balro?" Asked Balto. "Can we have a little privacy?" I whispered. Balto nodded. And we went around a corner behind a house. "Did I forget to tell you that the ruby dreamer said hello to you?" I asked. Balto lifted an eyebrow. "Ruby dreamer?" He asked. My heart pumped softly. "Tell him "Meltion"said hello." Said the ruby dreamer. "His name was Meltion." I said. Balto’s eyes widen with surprise. "Meltion?" He asked. "Yes." I replied. But then. After I said "yes". Me and Balto felt a painful shock. "Fools! Did you ever think Meltion was going to protect you forever?!" Asked the hexxer. He appeared between us. "Balro. Did I not introduced myself?" Asked the hexxer. "No!" I replied. "I am Jeltion." the hexxer introduced. I wanted to scream for help. But the hexxer put a spell on us that made our lips talk softly. "Jeltion?" Asked Balto. "That’s right Balto." Said the hexxer. "And now… I‘ll take you‘re souls as a gift of revenge!" The hexxer replied. He forced Balto to lay down. Then a green beam led from Balto to Jeltion. "Your souls are perfect for minions." Said Jeltion. I wanted to maul Jeltion, but I felt almost frozen from the painful shock. Meltion came in and started lifting Jeltion in the air. The green beam faded. But Balto had his eyes closed. That made me start to worry. "Jeltion… I’m afraid you won’t be stealing souls today." Said Meltion. Meltion made Jeltion fade. Then he went over to Balto. And he smiled. He didn’t steal to much souls from Balto. "He will still be able to do everything he can do." Said Meltion. I was relieved. Meltion lifted his one of his paws then opened Balto’s eyes. Balto stood up. I still was feeling the painful shock. Meltion faced me and the painful shock was quickly gone. "Thank you Meltion." I thanked. Balto nodded. "Good luck to you both." Meltion wished. I heard the announcer yell out something. "Togo’s team will be first to get the medicine." Me and Balto went back to the team. Togo was our leader. We approached the team. "We will start at night. Rest well." Said Togo. "And may Nepmoon be with us all." He blessed quickly. I didn’t know everyone knew about Nepmoon, I only heard that he was the water god. All I was concerned about was the words Meltion said. "your father will tell you"… I went home, wondering when Balto will say the truth. We went through the boat hole. "How did it go?" Asked Jenny. It went well. Balto replied. "We were first place in the test." I replied. Jenny smiled. "But tonight… all of this… Is only the beginning." I said, drama in my accent. "We’ll be gone at night." Balto went up stairs to have a little nap. Jenny made me and Bolsoe lunch. Then she went went to bed. I ate lunch, then I was about to go to bed until I saw Spear come in the boat hole. And his wound was gone. "I see that wound of yours is gone" I exclaimed. "Meltion healed it up." Spear replied. "Anyway… I saw a meteoroid." It landed right on Earth, luckily… it landed near our base. So that’s a good sign." Oh, I wish to go… but I need to rest to save the children in Nome. I said. Spear lifted an eyebrow. "What is happening with the children of Nome?" Asked Spear. "Diphtheria epidemic is spreading through Nome’s young people." I replied. "Alright." Said Spear. "Rest well. And good luck." Spear wished. "But, you know when we were trying to escape Jeltion and Sparrow?" Asked Spear. I nodded. "Well that large shadowy figure was a shadow skull." Said Spear. "The reason it didn’t come after you when you entered the base is because the guards stopped it from coming any closer." "Oh..." I replied. Bolsoe came into the room. "What’s happening?" Asked Bolsoe. Me and Spear glanced at Bolsoe quickly. "Oh nothing." I replied quickly. Bolsoe lifted an eyebrow. "Who’s the wolf?" Asked Bolsoe. "Spear." I replied. I stretched very far and yawned. "I’m going to bed for now." I confessed, tiredness in my voice. "Also… it is getting dark Bolsoe, you should go to bed to." I suggested. Bolsoe nodded. "Smart boy." I murmured. Spear wished me good luck and Bolsoe and I went upstairs to our rooms. I went to my bed and fell asleep. I don’t know how long I slept, but then. Balto went over to me. "Wake up Balro." Said Balto. I opened my eyes slightly. Then wide open. I stood up. "Time to be heroes." Balto chuckled. I smiled after Balto said that. "Not only do I want the title. I just want the kids to be cured." I said. Balto smiled. We ate breakfast and went to Nome. It was still dark. But I guess they didn’t leave yet. I was right. The team was there but Togo wasn’t. "Where’s Togo?" I asked. "He is with Seppala, Gunnar’s friend… I used to be owned by him." Balto replied. "Then who’s our dog sled leader?" I Asked. Balto shrugged. Once me and Balto got our harness on and we started moving. All the way to a small town called Bluff. I was worried and excited, the reason why I was worried was because we might drop the anti-toxin or encounter a moose. (which was very dangerous) when we made it to Bluff. Gunnar got off the sled and inspected our paws. I was patient and waited for him to inspect the other dogs first. Balto was last to be checked. I fell asleep. The next morning Gunnar fed us breakfast. And we waited in Bluff. A few minutes after a moment of silence, I heard the radio, and it was not good news. 4 kids already died from the disease. I took off my harness. And already I lost faith. Balto softly punched me with his paw. I glanced at him and by the look in his eyes, I can tell he’s saying "Don’t lose hope". Well, I was encouraged. We waited and waited. Nothing. "Oh boy." I muttered. We got fed again. And every dog slept. But me and Balto were awake. We were patient and waiting. Finally, I broke the silence and asked Balto how he knew Togo. "Well… we were brothers once owned by the owner named Leonard Seppala. Togo was Leonard’s favorite pet, here is why: When Togo and I were pups. Leonard was going on a trip somewhere, Togo broke out of his pen and followed Leonard. I don’t know how far and where. But they came back with Togo." Balto replied. "Really? How many Siberian husky’s does Leonard keep?" I asked. "I don’t know, but he owns a lot." Balto replied. "I can probably guess." I muttered. He nodded. As we waited. I finally fell asleep. The next day Gunnar fed us breakfast, the radio once again hurled nasty news at us. Another person’s baby was sick, and was not born in Nome, she was having a trip to Nome. Everyone gasped. Gunnar laid a soft sheet on the snow so we can rest our paws on it. And rest we did. "Hey Balto, if Leonard owned you… how did you end up getting away from him?" I asked. "He sold me." Balto replied. I wanted to ask why but he already said the information. He was likely known for his lack of speed, even though he had a very hard pull. Gunnar inspected our paws again. The reason why you ask? Our paws are very important, if we have sharp knifes or anything sharp in our paws will slow down the team or maybe even stop the team. "I wonder what is taking it so long." I asked. The radio spoke up. "A dog sled team was approaching Bluff!" "Finally." I sighed. "There is your is your proper reply." Said Jeghie. When they made it, it wasn’t Togo’s team. So I didn’t even bother asking what team they were. They loaded the medicine on the sled and we rolled out. About 5 or 6 hours later, we went up hill toward the Tokhok lake. The blizzard was worst then I thought. All the dogs stopped. Gunnar went up to the leader and switched him, the new leader didn’t even move… I lifted my nose in the air… nothing… I glanced at Balto, he tried to signal Gunnar something. Gunnar glanced at him to, he went up to him and made him the leader. Balto ran immediately. I smiled, my own father leading our team… Balto then came to a halt, but then his paws skated on the snow, we all stopped by the sight of a cliff. I spoke to soon… I thought to myself. We were able to stop at the edge of the cliff. And luckily, the medicine was still safe. After hours of getting prepared again, we settled off to Nome. It got dark once we made it, but then the news spread all over the state of our presence. Every light of every building shined the whole town as we ran on the street of Nome. We stopped right at the hospital. The doctors gasped. I laid down my harness and went toward the office. I put my ear on the door. And heard information that made my ears-drums pop. "It was not me that returned the medicine, it was Balto." Gunnar exclaimed. I went toward Balto. "It looks like they're giving you all the credit…" I said. Balto smiled. "Well, I couldn’t had done it without you…" said Balto. I smiled, but my smile faded when Gunnar said for Balto to follow him. Balto went toward the door then glanced back at me. I smiled and nodded. He went inside. I went to the side of the hospital, the windows were shut and curtains covered the seen. I went to another window, curtains closed. But then, something lifted me, it went back toward the back of the hospital. I saw Meltion. He released me. "Good job." Meltion congratulated. "Thank you." I replied. "I want you to meet Oracle." Said Meltion. "Pardon?" I asked. "Oracle, the spirit that came from the meteoroid." Meltion repeated. Oracle appeared out of nowhere. He bowed and introduced himself. "So you’re Oracle?" I asked. Oracle nodded. "Best to be going back, don’t you say?" Asked Meltion. I nodded and left, I went up to Togo which was standing there talking to Balto. "Togo, was it true that you broke out of your pen and gone with Gunnar?" I asked. Togo nodded and went back to talking with Balto. I went back to the boat, remembering the words Meltion said "your father will tell you the truth", when I arrived, Jenny and Bolsoe were packing. "Wrong way." Bolsoe muttered. "Pardon?" I asked. "Nome offered us a home in Nome." Jenny replied. "A new home?" I asked. Jenny nodded. We packed our stuff and went to our "new" house. It had 4 rooms, the one on the far end was mine. It was already set up. Except… "What is that on the wall?" I asked. I approached it. It looked like it was copying my reaction. I touched it. It touched my paw. It looked like me. I waved. He waved. I was confused. Balto must had seen me because he said that was a mirror. "A mirror?" I asked. "Yes Balro, a mirror. Something to make humans see themselves. Balto replied."

After my room was set up. I went to bed. It was already dark. After a whole day of running and setting up things. It was a very long day.

And I was very confused…

The next day. I awoke. I didn’t know where I was at first. But then I remember. I looked at the "mirror" again. Then I stood up. And went outside. Jenny was out there. Oh boy… I hope this isn't another nightmare. I murmured to myself. I approached Jenny. And she looked back at me smiling. "Wheres Balto and Bolsoe?" I asked. "Balto went on a trip with Gunnar to New York city." Jenny replied. "What big surprise." I muttered. I was a little jealous once again. "Bolsoe is still sleeping." Jenny continued. I bowed my head down. "I wonder how Balto is?" I wondered. Jenny was still smiling. I don’t know why. But then.. I remembered it was CHRISTMAS! I forgot! I smiled. I forgot all about Balto. I ran into Nome. Going through crowds of people who were gathering around every part of Nome. Everyone cheered so loud. My ear drums almost popped. I smiled and barked with joy. Finally the Christmas tree was set up. Everyone cheered for a second then went away. I gone away to the southern wolves base. I hadn’t visited that place for a while now. I’ve encountered a northern wolf. He bit on the body, and hit me on the paw. But I was able to scare him away. I went to another puddle and washed the myself In case I was wounded. Then I continued on. When I made it, the guards smiled at me as I passed by them. As I stepped on the warm dirt on the base. I smiled. It was very warm, I never stepped on the Earth itself for years. I went to the throne room. And there was King Garrison with Spear and Meltion. Spear smiled at me and nodded. I can tell he was saying "Merry Christmas, Balro" But then. I didn’t notice Oracle was sitting near Meltion. I was very happy. I walked up to Spear and started joking around. After a while. I asked Meltion about the "Balto will tell you the truth" thing. "The answer to everything is "patience"." Replied Meltion. I rolled my eyes. "Well… Merry Christmas to you both." I wished. I went outside, and ran all the way back to Nome. But then… once I reached Nome. A white flash went through my mind. Oh boy… It was Jeltion. First I saw an image of a bear swiping at Jeltion. The images ran through my mind rapidly. Then I heard his voice. "Even the ungrateful can have nightmares…" He whispered. "I always have nightmares…" He whispered. But then the images stopped. And he whispered one last thing. "Teris…"


Chapter 7

The nightmare of the hexxer

I couldn’t even see a thing… Everything was black and white… and twisting and twirling. Strangely after a few seconds. The twisting and twirling stopped, but my vision was still black and white. Then I saw color again! But alas. I can’t control myself. I then realized I was Jeltion’s eyes. And what I saw. He was going up a straight line side by side with Meltion. They were heading straight toward the most largest wolf I ever seen. I guess Jeltion tried to escape. But wolves were everywhere on each side. Spitting, laughing, and threatening Jeltion and Meltion… But then… when I stared at the left. I couldn’t believe my eyes… I saw… JENNY! She too was spitting and laughing at Jeltion and Meltion. I don’t know why Meltion didn’t bother harming her son (which is me). Anyway, when we got close to the large wolf. We bowed before him. And… that was it… The nightmare came to a stop. And I was back to my regular body. "Jenny has a lot of questions to answer here." I muttered. When I returned home. A Christmas tree was set up right in front of the doorway. I charged my way through the needles and bells that clumped against my head. When I made it through. Jenny wasn’t there. She must have known I was approaching with eager questions. I growled with anger. But when I went behind the corner of my room. I almost screamed. Something just faded quickly when I almost saw it. I went to the spot it faded. I was expecting to bump into something solid. But… instead of bumping into something solid. I slipped. "How clumsy of me." I muttered. I got back up and starting looking around again. Jenny wasn’t anywhere. I didn’t even know where Bolsoe was either. I sat down at the corner of my room. I glanced back at my room’s doorway. Bolsoe was peaking at me. He came over to me. He looked taller… All of a sudden he reached the bottom of my neck. "How did you grow so big?" I asked. "Oh… you know… Meltion." He whispered. An astonished expression spread over my face. A smile crossed his face. I went to my door. And luckly. Gunnar added a door to my room. I closed the door and went back to Bolsoe. "How did you know Meltion?" I asked. "I met him." He replied. "Where?" I asked sharply. "Well… I was visiting our boat… one last time. Then I saw Meltion sitting in Balto’s room. Plus staring blankly at the floor. Whispering something I can’t even hear." Bolsoe replied. A flash of light went into my mind. Once again. I was colorblind, I saw Bolsoe going up the stairs. Walking to Balto’s old room. I saw Meltion staring down at the floor. Whispering the wordsKor luy di mei’ The image ended and I was back to my former self. My ears collapsed to my head. "Who is Jeltion?" Bolsoe asked, randomly. "Meltion’s brother. There in war with each other." I replied softly. "Well that’s a real shame." Said Bolsoe. "I didn’t know Meltion can make someone grow." I confessed. Bolsoe pretended he didn’t hear me and opened the door. But before he can even walk out. I barked out words that made him stop at his tracks. "I know where Meltion is". I barked out. He glanced back at me with eyes as sharp as a hawk. I went over to him and we both started walking to the south. When we got there. The guards growled at Bolsoe. But I convinced them that Bolsoe was a guest. After a while they let us pass. Bolsoe stepped on the warm dirt. Then quickly went back onto the snow as if he accidentally stepped into a trap. "No need to fear the dirt brother." I convinced while smiling. He finally stepped on the dirt and we went to the throne room. The spirit guards pushed Bolsoe and prevented him from entering the throne room. "Let him pass." I ordered. It was easy to convince them. Spear greeted me by just nodding. I nodded back. "Who’s you’re friend Balro?" Asked Spear. "This is Bolsoe." I replied. Bolsoe bowed his head down and introduced himself. I was about to go hunting for meat…" Said Spear. "Too risky… you can get shot again." I replied. "Do I look like a coward?" Asked Spear sharply. I didn't want to fight Spear. "No." I replied. We went out of the base and walked upon the cold snow. We were pretty organized. We were in triangle formation. But then… we all saw Jeltion. We slowly got up to him with stances ready for combat. Jeltion stood there with an ugly grin. "Do you really think you can win?" He asked. Sparrow walked up beside him. And out of nowhere, northern wolves started appearing one by one. We were surrounded. We tried to strike Jeltion. But he seemed like a phantom and our paws just went through him. The northern wolves got closer… and closer… and CLOSER. Chills ran up my spine as they approached with nasty grins crossing they’re face. We put on battle stances. (including Bolsoe) Me, Bolsoe, and Spear waited for the first strike. One of the northern wolves swiped at my face. It didn't hurt that much. We started to attack. Ripping, tearing, and biting. That’s all I can hear. Before we can even finish the fight. Jeltion started lifting us in the air with his foul magic and started choking us. "As I said… did you even think you will win?" Jeltion repeated. Sparrow went up to Bolsoe and grabbed his throat. Jeltion glanced at Sparrow. "Sparrow… we don’t treat the youngest person that way." He said. "You must have all the fun?" Asked Sparrow. Jeltion rolled his eyes. My face turned a little blue due to the choking. Jeltion released me but still kept me in the air. Spear and Bolsoe were still choking. But then. Jeltion put me on one side. And Bolsoe on the other. Spear was still being lifted but not choking. "I will spare these innocents. But they will freeze here for a while." Said Jeltion. Once again. The shock that I felt at Nome was there. "You're causing awe to both southern wolves and us." I confessed. Jeltion smiled. "That’s the big idea." Jeltion replied sharply. Then he forced Spear to get beside him and they left. Sparrow stayed there and looked at both of us. Then left. Jeltion came back with something in his hand. "I forgot to give you this." Said Jeltion. Facing Bolsoe. He laid it down on the ice. "This medallion will give you life, almost like a voodoo doll." Jeltion said. "But don’t try to dawdle. Because you only get to have one choice." Jeltion explained. He dropped the medallion, and stepped a few steps backwards. And lifted his paw. "I must say "goodbye"…" Said Jeltion. And furiously he stomped on the ice. A crack formed on the ice, and there was nothing me and Bolsoe can do. He waved at us and left us. The crack skied on the ice slowly. Then when it reach the end. The ice crumbled and down to the cold water. Bolsoe was released from the shock. But I was still being shocked. Save yourself. I thought. Bolsoe glanced at the medallion. Then glanced at me. He grabbed the medallion. I guess it was as heavy as a 50 pound weight cause Bolsoe tried to struggle it up to the surface. But then. He glanced at me and grabbed me, making the medallion slowly drift down. He grabbed the medallion again. Then he let go of it. He bowed his head down, and with his eyes staring at me. I can tell he’s saying. Forgive me brother. He grabbed me and pulled me to the surface. I tried to shake my head to tell him to save himself. But it was no use. With his last strength. He pulled me up to the surface. I came out gasping for air. I glanced back at Bolsoe… he was on the floor not moving a muscle. A tear rolled down my eye. I patted Bolsoe on the head. He made no reaction. I sighed. My little brother… was dead. "Jeltion will pay for this." I whispered in Bolsoe's ear. Oracle and Meltion came in the scene. They walked over to Bolsoe and stared at the lifeless corpse. "He was so young…" I cried. "Looks like the evens are balanced with the odds." Said Oracle. I had no idea what he was talking about. But we went near our house and set Bolsoe’s corpse in the grave. I plane flew in and I glanced at Oracle. He winked at me and vanished. I saw Balto and Togo get off the plane. Balto looked astonished as he saw the grave near our house. He went up to it. And his jaws dropped. "Wh… Wha…" Balto hesitated before continuing. "What happened?" He asked angrily. "Jeltion…" I whispered. Togo approached the grave. Balto read the grave out loud.



Balto didn’t bother reading the rest. He just looked away from the awful sight. I went into my room. And picked out an old beautiful rose. I had it ever since I was 3 years old. I remember the day I got it. A beautiful twilight settled under the mountains, when Jenny stared at the twilight. She spotted the rose and gave it to me. It was perfect for a moment like this. I went back to the grave. Passing the Christmas tree. I laid the rose on Bolsoe’s grave. I felt a little better. "Rest in peace brother." I wished. Balto went inside to his room. Togo followed Gunnar. I just stood there staring at the grave. It was a heartbreaking moment. I went into my room. And starting sobbing. But then, I remember Meltion. If he can make someone grow. "Can he revive someone?" I asked. I zoomed out of my room. Passed our Christmas tree. And went toward the southern wolves base. Encountering no northern wolves. I darted toward the throne room. And went up to Oracle. I asked him if he can revive people. "That kind of magic is only for elders, Balro…" Oracle replied. "Elders?" I asked. "Yes… elders are powerful, they were born on the same place Meltion was born, and Jeltion was born… Teris." Oracle explained. "So… you’re an elder?" I asked. "wha-! NO! I’m a spirit." Oracle replied. "Then how do you know if someone is an elder?" I asked. "They always have something unusual… like Sparrow…" Said Oracle. I realized Sparrow’s tusks were unusual. "So he’s an elder?" I asked. "But of course." Oracle answered.

I was about to leave until Oracle said something. "There once was one elder… the most powerful in the elder line." I turned back to Oracle. "There was once a elder that had nothing unusual…" And the most powerful magic anyone can ever see…" Oracle explained. "Who is this "elder"?" I asked. Oracle hesitated. He tipped over to Meltion. "Meltion help me out here." He whispered. (even though I can hear him). Meltion sighed. "Well… did you know you were born alone instead of with a litter of pups?" Asked Meltion nervously. I nodded. "Well… umm… Jenny is an elder…" Meltion confessed. My heart skipped a beat. My blood ran cold. "My own mother is an elder!!!" I thought to myself with panic. "Maybe she can revive my brother." I thought to myself. "Where is she now?" I asked. "At Bolsoe’s grave." Meltion replied. I dashed out of the building and went to Nome. In front of our house. I saw Jenny, Holding a medallion. I went over to her. And it was that medallion that killed Bolsoe. She gazed into it with eyes wide. She dropped it into the snow and glanced at me with an angry expression. "Who did this?" She asked sharply. "Technically me, he died an honorable death." I replied. She told me to follow her. And follow I did. We went into her room. I saw a orb at a cabinet. She closed the door. And I was worried she might whack or smite me with her magic. But instead she grabbed me by the neck (with her paw) and asked me up and down how Bolsoe died. And when we were done. She asked me about what Oracle and Meltion said. And I could have lied, but I told the truth. She slammed her head against the wall once I said yes. "Can you revive Bolsoe?" I asked. "THEY EVEN TAUGHT YOU THAT?" Asked Jenny, yelling. Oh boy… I thought. "Whats the problem?" I asked. "You were... no... AREN'T suppose to know or remember, nor was I suppose to." Jenny replied. "Why?: I asked . "Because if I use elder magic. I maybe will get caught and likely killed." Said Jenny. "But can’t you just run or freeze them or something?" I asked. "Elder magic is only for the good. If we use bad magic, we become demons." Jenny replied. "Like Sparrow?" I asked. "No… I never saw Sparrow do anything wron- YOU KNOW SPARROW?!" She asked out loud. My heart pumped roughly against my chest. "Yes… ever since we met Spear." I replied. "Spear…" Jenny murmured. She patrolled the room one place to another… thinking. I watched as she walked over and over again. "So… you know Jeltion." I asked. She bowed her head down. "Jeltion used to be my brother." She whispered. I imagined the nightmare. Jenny was laughing and spitting on Meltion and Jeltion. My thoughts got interrupted as she continued to speak. "Meltion is likely my friend to, but he was more of a friend. He was a brother." Said Jenny. I was a little surprised. But for some reason, I felt like I already known that. She came to a stop and glanced at me. I just wanted to change the subject. So I said. "How did this "Ter-" I got interrupted because Jenny put some kind of magic over my mouth. "Please... don’t mention that place." Jenny whispered, bowing her head down again. I knew she needed time alone. I went into my room. My stomach rumbled with hunger. I went over to a cabinet and opened it. I picked out some meat and ate. I finished my chicken and glanced at the door. Jenny was there looking out of the front door. I went over to her and sat down. We stared into the sky. "Elders are a peaceful race." Jenny said. I glanced at her. Then turned back into my room. I fell asleep on my comfy bed.

I breathed heavily as a shadow skull chased me. I closed every wooden and metal door but the shadow skull would just burst in. I ran very fast, breathing heavily. When I went into the other room. I saw Bolsoe. He turned into Jeltion and quickly started choking me. I turned around and the shadow skull approached very fast. When it got close to my face. I woke up. Breathing heavily, I dragged myself off the bed. And it attracted attention. Jenny and Balto came into my room. "Whats the matter?" Asked Balto. "I had a nightmare." I replied. "About what?" Asked Jenny sharply. I explained the whole thing from beginning to end. Balto sighed. "I guess you miss Bolsoe to much." Balto suggested. I sighed. They gone back to their business . I ate breakfast and went back to the grave, the rose was missing. Whoever stole it must be rather rude. I didn’t know what to do. I started thinking why I was even born in the first place. I stared at Bolsoe’s grave. Jeltion words floated in my head. "Teris… Teris…" What happened to that place? Or who is it? I needed more answers. But once I was started about to think, I heard something behind me… I quickly turned around and a shadow skull quickly hovered toward me. I didn’t have the chance to escape. Once it hit me… everything literally turned black immediately, but I could still hear my heart pumping. I then opened my eyes slightly… all I saw was me being dragged out of nowhere. Everything became black again. Then the next time I woke up. I was being held be chains. I looked up and saw Jeltion near a cauldron. Then I glanced at a cage, Spear was in it staring at me. "I wonder how you even survived that shadow skull… Usually people die instantly by a shadow skull." Jeltion said. I saw him stirring a cauldron. "Now… get into the cauldron." Jeltion ordered. I thought he was crazy. "I can’t even fit in there." I refused. Jeltion rolled his eyes. He started lifting me and he started pulling me toward him with his magic. The chains held me there. Jeltion begin pulling me harder, my paws felt like they were about to be sliced off.. Jeltion stopped pulling me. Instead my paws just vanished and I fell to the floor on my feet. Then Jeltion started pulling me again. Take a couple of deep breaths… said Jeltion. I didn’t obey him. "You have been warned, but it seems you don’t obey it." Said Jeltion smiling. I looked down at the cauldron, all I can see is fear. Jeltion smiled as he slowly hovered me down to the cauldron. Once I got in, bubbles overwhelmed me. Then I was in Jeltion's mind again. He and Meltion were bowing before that giant wolf again. it seemed liked everyone was bowing before us. I heard Jeltion whisper to me. "That is my father… his name is Heltlilion, I owe him one… really..." Jeltion explained. We were done bowing and we stood straight and stared at Heltlilion. "As my two sons… Meltion and Jeltion… I declare you both… Elders…" Said Heltlilion. Meltion and Jeltion smiled. Seeing this in person was frightening. But then an explosion erupted and shook the place. Me ( or Jeltion) and Meltion looked back at where the explosion was caused. "The Ark!" Someone yelled. I glanced at Jenny, as clever as she was I guess she was trying to focus on everyone being safe. Another explosion erupted. Heltllilion shook his head, he called out that everyone must be brought to safety. Everything started fading. I was back to my former self. I was near the cauldron still . Jeltion came up to me. "You see now why I am sparing you right now?" Asked Jeltion. "Because you are Heltlilion’s son." I guessed. "No." Jeltion said, shaking his head left to right. "Balro, you are Meltion’s nephew." Jeltion replied. "Meltion used to be my brother, So right now I am letting you go… just this once…" Jeltion confessed. He let me go and I was back to my normal spot. What was "the Ark"?" I asked. I heard footsteps behind me. It was Jenny, she must had heard me. "The Ark is a powerful relic, it keeps Teris alive." Jenny answered. "A relic that keeps Teris alive?" I repeated. Jenny nodded. "Then what are elders for?" I asked. Jenny just turned back and went back to the house as a reply. I sighed. Once again, didn’t know what to do. I started to think, but then I realized something, Meltion said "son of the Earth mother" once didn’t he? And Jenny said Meltion was a brother… I think I’m onto something… I thought to myself. I walked around the hospital, but then I saw something behind the corner… "the rose?" I asked. I walked over to it and pulled it. I got pulled down into the snow as soon as I pulled the rose. What now? I asked. When I stopped getting pulled. I saw a hallway. "This is odd." I said to myself. All this looks like a hundred years old. I said to myself again. I walked down the hallway… I saw a shadowy figure pass by at the end of the hall. Pretty scary really, but I followed it. When I got to the end of the hall it was Balto. He looked toward the wall and whispered something to himself. I then saw Jenny near him. I lifted an eyebrow. What are they doing here? I asked to myself (even though they can’t hear me) They vanished to the other corner and I went toward the wall. Surprisingly, it seemed to reveal the story of Teris.

The story of Teris

a mighty star named Teris, ruled by Romanov (Ro-mon-ev) the devil cat, he had been a king for at least a decade, but then Heltlilion (Helt-li-in) dueled Romanov to a duel, devil cats were always impatient. And so that’s how Heltililon won. So then Romanov left with furiously, so Romanov tortured himself to gain power.

Soon after he tested something, Romanov gained demon wings made of fire, he got red burning eyes of fire, he now had red fur. He was complete. He started ruling all the stars in the universe. He then raided Teris last. He wanted to capture ‘the Ark’ a powerful relic that protected Teris, he soon heard that an elder named Jenny was destroying all of his units, Romanov didn’t care until he heard that Jenny was freeing all the slaves. He challenged Jenny to a duel. Jenny was soon weak until Romanov through a spell at her. But Romanov underestimated her powers. Even though he threw the spell that makes almost everyone die, Jenny was able to live through it. But it only made her overpowered, she became a demon, with short red wings and red burning eyes. She destroyed Romanov and delivered a final blow. Heltililion was able to make her become an elder again. And she was welcomed home as a hero…

I was surprised, Jenny was the hero of Teris? There was no more. I went around the corner, no sign of Balto and Jenny. I went to another wall. And read the whole thing.

Even though Romanov was defeated, Teris blew up, when Meltion and Jeltion were about to become elders, The Ark blew apart, no one knows how, but most people think that Romanov’s shadow blew it up. Heltlilion risked his life to save everyone.

That was it… I lifted an eyebrow, "that was it?" I asked myself. I turned around and saw Balto. "What are you doing here Balro?" Asked Balto. "I saw my rose and I stumbled onto this place." I replied. "Did you read the walls." Asked Balto sharply. "Yes." I confessed. Balto hesitated before proceeding. "Don’t say this to Jenny, she doesn’t want to ever remember the story of Teris." Whispered Balto. I nodded. "But weren’t you with Jenny?" I asked. "No." Balto replied. Which was strange, because I thought I saw Jenny near Balto. I thought to myself. Balto escorted me to the exit. I saw a newspaper on the ground and it said. Balto, hero of Alaska, is dead. I put down the newspaper and looked at Balto, what a terrible mistake whoever wrote this, Balto isn’t dead. I ignored it and got back to my room. It was already dark so I went to my room and fell asleep.


Chapter 8

2 fates not worth for.

I was 6 years old now. Balto was at the hospital, ever since I turned 6, Balto got a hind leg disease plus he was deaf and blind, I walked around my room waiting for Balto to return. I heard whimpering from the other room. I went out of my room and a trail of tears were leading to Jenny’s room. I peaked around Jenny’s room. Jenny was crying, and I instantly knew what was happening, they were going to kill Balto. I ran to the Nome hospital, and peaked into the window, I saw doctors around Balto, but then they carried him to the other room, curtains were blocking it but I saw shadows of the scene, Balto struggled to break free of the doctor's grip, but he can’t. Then the doctor put a shot in Balto, and Balto softly stop breathing and struggling. A tear ran down my cheek, I saw as they stuffed and mounted Balto’s corpse in a truck, then delivered it to the new york museum. I sighed and went to Bolsoe’s grave. I haven’t stared at it for a while. "2 deaths not worth it." I whispered. I went into my room. Nothing to do. But then, I heard footsteps. I went out of my room and I saw Jenny. "Where are you going?" I asked. Visiting an old friend of mine. Said Jenny. "You mean Meltion?" I asked. "No, another friend named Oracle." Jenny replied. "Oracle? Oracle is Meltion’s friend." I said. "Yes I know. He didn’t come from Teris though. He came from the Borialis." Explained Jenny. "Northern lights?" I asked. "Yes." Replied Jenny. But he was to bow before Heltlilion like me. Said Jenny. "I’m not sure about this Jenny, we can stumble on to a northern wolf." I said. "Balro, two of us versus a northern wolf. Do you think they stand a chance?" Asked Jenny. She did have a point. All I did was shake my head left and right. We continued walking over to the southern wolf base. When we entered, the guards first blocked the path because of Jenny. But Meltion, Spear, and Garrison came and ordered the guards to let them pass. I went to Spear. "How did you escape?" I asked Spear. "Meltion." Replied Spear. Jenny and Meltion were having to chat with each other while they walked. "So I heard you’re six years old." Said Spear. "Yeah. Today is my birthday." I replied. So what are you here for? Asked Spear. "My mother is visiting Oracle, her old friend." I replied. "Oracle is Jenny’s old friend?" Asked Garrison. "Yes." I replied. Once we got into the throne room, Oracle smiled slightly at the sight of Jenny. They chatted a while and we left. "How did the chat go?" I asked. "Good." Replied Jenny. I stopped a while, rocks were piled everywhere. "I don’t remember this place." I said. Jenny continued walking. Once we were about to exit I heard a noise hurling toward us. I glanced at where the noise was coming from, Jenny immediately pushed me behind a rock. "What? What is attacking us?" I asked. I heard laughter from the other side. "Its Jeltion." Jenny replied. Jeltion laughed again as he casted spells toward us. Dozens of rock crumbs bonked on top of me and Jenny’s heads. "Balro, I gave you some of my spells. Cast them if you want." Said Jenny. "How do I cast them?" I asked, ducking my head down. "Just whisper the word to yourself. Like "Teris star"." Said Jenny. I gave it a try, it worked but it missed Jeltion. The battle pressed on. Thousands of spells shot and missed us. Moments later, me and Jenny hid behind the same rock. I heard something coming toward us, it didn’t sound like any other spell Jeltion casted. But then it passed by, a shadow skull. Jenny stood in front of me. And the shadow skull hurled toward her. But she put up a shield. But then, I heard Jeltion say something. "Congratulations Jenny… You managed to kill yourself by putting up that shield." Said Jeltion. I noticed that the back of the shield was vulnerable. I glanced at Jeltion. He summoned 2 shadow skulls and Jeltion started choking me so that I can’t do anything. The shadow skulls went over to Jenny and surrounded her. And then the shadow skulls charged at her like ants. I was helpless, I can’t protect her. I stared in horror as Jenny’s body fell to the floor. "Jenny!" I yelled. I forced myself out of Jeltion’s choking and went over to Jenny’s corpse. She was barely breathing. She opened her eyes slowly and stared into mine for a moment. Then she closed her eyes and collapsed. Jeltion laughed again. I never felt so mad before. I was about to burst with hate. Then I yelled and rapidly casted spells at Jeltion. He put up something to repel the spells. Then he redirected one back at me. As it hit me, I was knocked out. But I heard Jeltion’s voice near me. My work is here is done… Said Jeltion. And everything turned black.

I woke up at night. Jenny’s corpse was gone. It was surprising to see myself alive still. I went over to the southern wolf base. But when I was about to sneak pass the guards I saw Meltion at the entrance. "I knew you were coming you know." Said Meltion. "Well… how did you know?" I asked nervously. "Ruby dream. Remember?" Replied Meltion. "I was about to say something until Meltion spoke up. One of Jenny’s friends wish to see you." Said Meltion. "You mean Oracle?" I asked. "No, a panther." Meltion replied. "A PANTHER?" I asked. "Yes. A panther. She will introduce herself later." Said Meltion. Meltion guided me to the den. "I don’t know if she will know you but just go in and meet her." Said Meltion. "Alright." I replied. I went inside the den, hearing faint voices on the way inside. I heard something that made shivers run up my spine. "Hello, son of Jenny." A female voice greeted. "Who are you? Reveal yourself." I demanded. The den was dark I can only see the light of the entrance. I then heard something behind me. I saw yellow eyes coming toward me. Then I saw what it was. A black panther. "Hello, son of Jenny." The panther greeted again "Who are you?" I asked. "I am Panzora." The panther introduced. "Panzora? Funny name really…" I commented. "Where I come from, its usual." Panzora replied. "Where did you come from?" I asked. "I came from a star called the "Borialis"." Panzora answered. "Borialis?" I asked. "Yes, the Borialis has many parts of it, my people shared a forest region." Panzora replied. "Really?" I asked. Panzora nodded. "Then how did you get off?" I asked. "After Jenny defeated Romanov in a duel. A snake empire called "the Zona" wanted to rule my lands." Panzora replied. "Snakes don’t stand a chance against panthers." I explained. "These aren’t ordinary snakes. These snakes have arms. They can summon swords or maces any time they engage in combat." Panzora replied. I lifted an eyebrow. "Is this some myth or legend or something?" I asked. "No." Panzora denied. Panzora continued her story. "The Zona raided my land, and enslaved my people. But more payed the ultimate price." Said Panzora. I swallowed hard. Panzora continued again. "I was forced to abandon my people. I escaped with as much people as I can gather. Then we went to Teris for help." Said Panzora. "Why is Teris so famous?" I asked. Many wolves lived there. They are so strong, they give away their lives just for the Ark, and the Ark makes Teris balanced They both do an equal balance." Panzora explained. Panzora continued… "When I got to Teris, no one will listen to me. But then I saw Jenny. I heard of the rumors of her defeating Romanov. So I told her to help us. And she did that. She defeated the Zona’s leader named "Patch" and freed my people." Said Panzora. How was my own mother able to defeat Patch and Romanov?" I asked. I don’t know, it maybe because of her father, Heltlilion." Panzora replied. "Then how come she died by Jeltion?" I asked. "Because there both brother and sister. If Jeltion died then she would be killing her younger brother." Said Panzora. "And Balto is dead, how come? I thought Meltion told me I was suppose to know the truth from him." I said. Panzora smiled. You already did. Said Panzora. "And whats that?" I asked. "End this war… peacefully…" Panzora replied. Before I can speak again. She faded in the darkness. "Go now… the battle is won, but the war isn’t over… yet." Said Panzora. I went home and fell asleep. I was slightly sobbing a little. 3 deaths of my family. 2 from an old ally? Or is he an enemy? I am confused… I forgot it all and went asleep alone.

When I woke up. I got up and ate breakfast. Then I went outside, and surprisingly, I saw Jenny’s grave near Bolsoe’s. I went back to where I found the rose. I pulled on it then sunk into the temple. I saw that I was not alone. Garrison was down here. "Hello king Garrison." I greeted. Garrison glanced at me and smiled. I went over to him and read what he was reading.

The story of Patch

Patch was born with evilness. When he was young, he killed his own parents. He grew up fast, he made a new empire called "the Zona", the Zona attacked the panthers. Some panthers were enslaved while others… lets just say they got put to rest… The queen of the panthers: Panzora, was forced to abandon some of her people. Patch heard of her escape, so he was ready. But when he heard it was Jenny helping Panzora. He was frightened. He sent his best warriors to get Jenny. But Jenny was more powerful, Patch thought she had the demon heart still after battling Romanov. But she didn’t, Patch tried to use his best weapons against her, it was no use. And Jenny destroyed Patch. Still, Jenny is remembered to the panthers…

"So Patch is the leader of the Zona… and failed?" I asked. Garrison nodded. I went back home and went into Bolsoe’s room. I didn’t know what to do… again.


Chapter 9

Changing years.

Years past since those days… Here I was, at New York. I am now 13 years old, as tall as Balto himself. But yet, I was deaf, and had hind leg disease, but I wasn’t blind. I couldn’t hear the birds singing anymore… it seemed almost as if they move their mouths but not sing. I was… of course… at the New York hospital, I remained calm as they shot the "sleeping" adrenaline in me. I started remembering the moments… Then softly, I felt light, and my heart started to sleep… peace at last…

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