Main character: Balro (Brown fur, black eyes.) himself. (Ball-row)

Balro is the main character in the story. He has brown fur and black eyes. He yet is brave one himself and yet intelligent.

He has many friends due to his kindness. He yet goes upon many quests with his dad. When he was 5 years old he was confused at what was happening around.



Balro's dad: Balto (Black fur, some parts white, black eyes.)dad. (Ball-toe)

As Balro's father. Balto is yet a famous dog that got credit for the sled dog sledding team that led the anti-toxin from Nanana all the way to Nome. Yet a few months after that. He got a shot from a dentist that was said to make Balto go to 'sleep'. Balto received sore hind leg disease. They had no choice but to put him to sleep. Deep sleep...



Balro's mom: Jenny (grey fur, grey eyes) mother (Jen-ah)

After many years on the star Teris. The Ark exploded and Jenny was forced down upon Earth. Jenny was an elder, also the son of Heltlilion. Balro never realized that.  Balro never realized that till Spear told him that. Of course Spear tried to say that Jenny was a 'elder' when he first saw her. Many people were trying so hard to find and 'kill' elders. So she was 'vulnerable' due to likely she can't use magic without blowing her cover. The reason why she doesn't want to remember Teris is because when Romanov dueled her, she got hit with one of Romanov's spells but didn't die, she became a demon.



Leader of southern wolves: Spear (brownish red fur, sea blue eyes) friend. (Sss-pear)

Spear was once a normal hunting wolf when Meltion didn't land upon Earth's surface. It was then he heard rumors about Meltion and Jeltion building a base. He and his older brother Garrison went over to Meltion. After introducing themselves. They went to the base.


The ruby dreamer: Meltion (greenish aura,  eyes always closed)friend. (Melt-e-on)

After years on the star Teris. And bowing before Hetlilion. Meltion and Jeltion were sent to Earth after Teris's explosion. Meltion was taught powerful magic. He decided to make his own base out of the Earth.


Meltion's brother: Jeltion (greenish aura, burning red eyes. faded) foe than friend (Jel-tee-un)

When Meltion and Jeltion were together as brothers. Jeltion was happy. But he was getting humiliated by his title 'The hexxer'. He then started making his own tribe and started war with Meltion and his forces.


King of southern wolves: King garrison ( silver armor, black eyes, black fur) friend (Gare-uh-son)

He was a noble leader. As a brother of Spear. It was his duty to command the powerful forces of the southern wolves. Of course, he can't command Meltion and Spear. But he was the one that started the war between the southern and northern wolves.


Traitor of southern wolves: Sparrow (tusks, acid green eyes, brown fur, faded) foe (Spare-oe)

He was a elder on Teris. Protecting the relic. Jenny and other elders try to stay away from him because he was a very deadly elder. With those tusks as sharp as knives. People keep there distance. But he grew inpatient and blew Teris to smithereens. No one ever knew it was him.


Balro's brother: Bolsoe (grey fur, brown eyes) brother (Ball-soe)

Balro's younger brother. 5 years younger. He was born in the boat Balro and family lives for a few years. When he was young. He was eccentric. But when he grew. He started knowing more secrets Balro kept in his agenda. But then. When he discovered the southern base where Meltion lives. He went hunting with Balro and Spear. But he was captured and forced underwater. He sacrificed himself for his brothers life. But then. 8 years later. Bolsoe had been revived by Jenny, of course he never knew


Dog sledding team leader: Togo (grey fur, solid black eyes, some parts of fur are white) friend (Toe-go)

The leader that lead the dog sledding team from Nome to Nananna. He was named after a Japan leader. He didn't get all credit when he returned it because he was the leader of the first team to go to Nananne



Meltion's friend: Oracle (Greenish aura, blue sky eyes, body has a blue aura surrounding the front, faded.) friend (Ore-ah-cul)

When Balro was about to go on the journey to Nanana. A meteoroid landed near the base of the southern wolves. When he came out. Meltion known him when he was young himself. Oracle wasn't that powerful, but he to was to always bow before Heltitlion. Oracle came from the Borialis.(Northern lights)  So he was taught little magic. when he came out. He was welcomed with respect and honor. Meltion proudly welcomed Oracle to the southern wolves.






 Romanov (devil cat, red burning eyes, flaming wings, red fur.) foe (Row-mon- ev)

Romanov was once a powerful leader of Teris. He was happy then, he never had flaming wings or red burning eyes back then, he had blue flaming eyes and no wings at all those times, until he was challenged to a duel. When he was challenged, Heltlilion was the dueller and even though he wasn't the leader, he was more powerful then Romanov, Romanov was forced to pay the price, Romanov was beaten, and he left with furiousity, everyone laughed and taunted him as Romanov patientlly left, but when he left, he noticed that he must relaim the throne of Teris, but not just Teris, but evey throne in the world, he got to work, he tortured himself to become more powerful. Then it happened, he got wings as hot as Venus, red burning eyes, and sharp claws. He started raiding every star, then Teris was last, but then, he noticed someone named Jenny was destroying every one of his units, Romanov didn't care until he heard that Jenny helped the slaves on every star to ecscape, Romanov grew impatient, and he challenged Jenny to a duel, but Romanov underestimated Jenny's power, when Romanov casted a deadly spell on Jenny. She became a demon. he was beaten, and he was forever banished from life...  



Patch (green snake, venomish green eyes, has the power to summon random weapons) his reputation with Balro is yet unknown... (Pa- tch)

Patch ws born with evilness, when he was young. He trained to be a worthy leader, he created his tribe the Zona, he murdered other Snakes so he can claim there infants, when the Zona was complete. Romanov enslaved the Zona to serve him. But then, after Romanov was defeated. The death of Romanov summoned the god named Madusa, Madusa brought the Zona glory.


Asteranov(purple devil cat, dark purple fur, dark blue eyes, a darkish twilight aura surrounds Astranov.) foe (As-stron-uv)

When born, this odd devil cat was born purple... abandoned, she fled onto another star. The Borialis was the only star that accepted her. Astronav practiced her unusual power. She mastered the element of bending shadows. Shortly after, she died of old age.



Bloodmanov (redish devil cat, orange eyes, always has a blood shield surrounding him) friend but then foe (Blood-mon-uv)

Bloodmanov was a very dangrous foe, has the power to control and steal others blood. When he stole so much blood, he created Netherdane. But after that. He he dug out a cave, and lived in it for a long time.



Slither (purple snake, yellow eyes) foe (Sl-ith-er)

Used to be a green make such as Patch himself, in fact, Slither was part of Patch's army, he helped Patch raid the panthers, until, when he was on a scouting mission to find Panzora, Slither stumbled onto Asteranov, Asteranov almost tore Slither apart. Slither begged for Asteranov to spare him. Asteranov only changed the color of Slither and left him to rot. Slither came back to Patch as a totally different stranger. Patch's army never trusted him, neither did Patch. Patch kicked Slither out of his army. Slither yet ran through the jungles, but he met some friends, other snakes that have been torn from Asteranov's wrath, Slither paid the lots of gold, and was able to make a new snake tribe... The Para, Slither wanted revenge on Patch though, ever since he met his new friends. Slither invaded Patch, due to Patch's quick dead and revive.







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