Chapter 1

The beginning of the end

"Listen Balro, I do owe you one for saving my life, but it was an accident to get you involved in this war… remain out of this." Spear ordered. "I know, I know, but who was the one that revived me?" I asked. "I don’t know, but we must continue." Spear replied. I nodded and walked away. I know you're curious of what is happening, but don’t worry… because I’ll explain it from the beginning to the end.






Chapter 2

The beginning of the tale

I opened my eyes, seeing everything was amazing, I crawled out of my grave. I felt so young again… almost as if I were 5 years old. I glanced over me. A spark was hovering over me. "Who are you?" I asked. Someone you will discover in the end. The spark replied. I lifted an eyebrow. "The end?" I asked. "Yes, the end, take this rose and make sure you hold on to it for good." The spark ordered. A rose drifted down to the white snow. I picked it up and glanced at where the spark was. The spark was gone. I sighed. "Who was that?" I asked myself. It’s probably Meltion, I guess I’ll ask him… but then, I remembered something, he’s a spirit, not an elder. "Oh well, I guess I’ll just ask him who that spark was." I told myself. Once I was about to walk, I glanced behind me. Two graves lied there, my brother Bolsoe and my mother… Jenny. I ignored the sight and continued down the southern wolf base. I went pass the crumbled rocks where Jenny died. Once I reached the southern wolf base, I went inside the throne room, it was odd… because the whole base was empty. And once I got in the throne room, the whole room was abandon. I saw something glowing where Meltion used to sleep. I went up to it, every step felt as if walking into a black hole. Once I reached it, it glowed and everything turned light…




Chapter 3

The spark

I opened my eyes, I stood up and looked around, the place looked familiar… I walked around the halls, no one was in it. I looked to my left, plants covered something, I moved the plants aside and identified the object… well… words.

The story of Teris

a mighty star named Teris, ruled by Romanov (Ro-mon-ev) the devil cat, he had been a king for at least a decade, but then Heltlilion (Helt-li-in) dueled Romanov to a duel, devil cats were always impatient. And so that’s how Heltililon won. So then Romanov left with anger, so Romanov tortured himself to gai-

The rest was blocked by moss. I looked around for an exit, I saw another portal that looked like the one I used before, "what is going on?" I asked myself. I walked slowly toward the portal. I teleported outside of Nome. Okay… it wasn’t Meltion. "where is Oracle?" I asked myself. I glanced at several mountains.I walked over to them.

After several hours of walking breathlessly. I saw someone in a silk cloak. "Who are you?" I asked. The person's head raised slightly. "Balro… is that you?" Asked the person. "Yes… who are you?" I asked again, putting up a battle stance. "I’m Panzora… if you can remember." Panzora replied. "oh... good to see you again." I greeted, standing up. "You too… but I thought you were dead." Panzora told me. "Yeah, I got revived by some spark." I replied. Panzora lifted an eyebrow. "How long was I dead?" I asked. Panzora swallowed. "Two years…" Panzora answered. "Two years?" I asked sharply. "Yep." replied Panzora. "That makes me 16 years old… but wait… what are you doing here at these mountains?" I asked. "This mountain is Patch’s secret citadel." Said Panzora. "Well… you can’t simply handle it alone can you?" I asked. "No, but Patch’s forces concentrate upon numbers… just like us." Panzora answered. Some panthers came out of some bushes. "The invasion begins now…" Panzora ordered. The panthers breached the gates. Panzora blew a horn that echoed through the mountain. "WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!" Yelled one of Patch’s scouts. He rang a bell with his bare hands. Guards went over to the gate. We breached the iron gate and charged through. But before I can continue forward. I felt a slight shock in my chest. "Remember me? I’m your worst nightmare…" Whispered Jeltion. Jeltion teleported me over to his domain. "Trying to raid Patch? That is not a worry. You do notice that I traded him something that I may require later on…" Said Jeltion. He put me in chains before showing the "object". He pulled out a lone pumping heart. "Do you know what this is?" Asked Jeltion. "A heart?" I guessed. "Close, but no, this is the heart of Romanov." Jeltion told me, smiling. "Wipe that grin off and tell me what that’s for." I demanded. "It’s for summoning Romanov you dim wit." Jeltion replied. I ignored him. "You're crazy." I judged. "Quite true. But I’ll tell you whos crazy… you…" Said Jeltion. He vanished and I was at the Southern wolf throne room. Right in front of me was the spark. "You again?" I asked. "Yes, it is me. I hope you guessed the first clue." Said the spark. I lifted an eyebrow. "No." I replied. "Well… the first clue lies within the dueling ring, where Romanov got defeated." explained the spark. "Alright, where is this dueling ring?" I asked. "Netherdane." Replied the spark. "Alright…" I agreed. "How on Earth am I going to get to Netherdane?" I asked myself. The spark vanished. "Where is Meltion? I gotta ask him." I told myself. I glanced back at the throne. The portal was still there. I went over to it. It felt as if it were pulling me into it. I kept staring at the portal till I heard footsteps behind me. I glanced at the doorway of the throne room. It was Meltion with some of his spirit guards. "I see your alive." Said Meltion. "Where does this portal lead?" I asked. "It leads to what one of Romanov’s ancestors made." Said Meltion. "And that is…?" I asked sharply. "Netherdane." Meltion replied. "Alright." I said. But before I can go into the portal. Meltion lifted me up into the air. "The ground is hot in Netherdane, I’ll cast this spell upon your paws before you go." Meltion told me. My paws lit with yellow light for a minute. Then Meltion put me down. "Thanks." I thanked. "Good luck." Meltion wished. I went into the portal…


Chapter 4

The first clue.

I opened my eyes. "This is Netherdane?" I asked. The ground was red, and it did look very hot. I walked around. I saw a dark den, plus, inside, I thought I saw movement. "Panzora?" I asked. I saw eyes glance at me. I stepped away from the cave. But he seemed to approach. But then, I moved closer… "What the?" I asked myself. I was forced to get in the cave. I finally stopped when I got in. "Who are you?" I asked. "I am the creator of Netherdane." The person replied. I felt sharp pain. "What is going on?" I asked. "I require some blood to light up the place." replied the person. He lit the cave. "A devil cat?" I asked. "Do not be alarmed. I am not Romanov." Said the devil cat. "Who are you then?" I asked. "I am Romanov’s father, my name is Bloodmanov." Bloodmanov replied. "You’re the creator?" I asked. Bloodmanov nodded. "Then why aren’t you killing me right now?" I asked sharply. "Do you think I’d mess with you Balro?" Asked Bloodmanov. "How did you know my name?" I asked. "Your blood." Bloodmanov replied. "Oh." I sighed. "Where is the battle arena, where Jenny defeated Romanov?" I asked. "East." Bloodmanov replied. "Thanks." I thanked. I went out of Bloodmanov's cave and walked over to the battle arena. A door covered the entrance. I lifted an eyebrow. "How am I suppose to get through this?" I asked myself. I saw 7 knobs on the door. I twisted a knob, I looked toward the door. I saw several words written on the wall.



I twisted the second knob.


I counted Romanov's name, then the words on the wall. Romanov has seven letters and this password has seven letters, "I understand now." I confessed to myself. I twisted the knobs until it said "Romanov", and sure enough, it unlocked. I went inside the battle arena. It looked more like a Coliseum then an arena. I saw the spark. "You again?" I asked. "Yes, it is I, now, the first clue is where Romanov is buried..." Said the spark. I looked around the "arena". I saw a stone half way buried through the red Earth, I was about to dig but the floor looked very much solid. I dug anyway and it took a lot of time. It was a book. I skipped through the pages until I found something interesting.


Page 347: I found my heart, it was still pumping, but it was in the hands of that filthy brother of Jenny "Jeltion". But I don't worry about that for now, Jenny's son is after my spirit. The plans must not be interfered! Well you want your first clue Balro? THEN HAVE IT! GO TO THE SOUTHERN WOLF BASE AND SEARCH THE THRONE ROOM, NOW BURY ME IN THE EARTH AGAIN.


"How did he know I was coming if he was dead?" I asked. "He used to be an alpha... even though he was a devil cat, he used to be the alpha of Teris until Heltliltion shown up." Said the spark. "Oh." I muttered.

"So the southern wolf base?" I asked myself. I covered Romanov with dirt as he demanded and started going back to the portal. When I made it, I was once again forced into Bloodmanov's cave, "promise me that you won't even hurt Romanov later on..." Bloodmanov demanded. "Uhh... sure?" I promised nervously. Bloodmanov let go of me. "You better not..." Bloodmanov warned. I went back to the portal...





Chapter 5

Where is it?

I teleported back to Alaska, what luck that I teleported near the southern wolf base. I went into the throne room. "Where is the second clue?" I asked myself. I looked around the throne room. "It must be Garrison's journal or something." I said to myself again. I went over to the throne. "Why doesn't Garrison ever relax on his throne?" I asked myself. I peaked under the pillow of the throne, not under there. I peaked under a small gap in the throne, nothing... but I thought I saw something behind his throne. I went over behind the throne. there was a book. I slipped it out of the throne and read it. The pages must have been torn because the book started with page two hundred seven. I read the page.

After my father's death, my father promoted me from captain to king. But alas, It seemed as if I never had a chance to sit upon my throne, why? Because Jeltion attacked us, I thought and I thought, and I think I know the answer. Ever since my father was still king, I went over to Jeltion and said "hello Heltion". Everyone started laughing and smoke literally came out of his ears, which made us laugh even more. That was when he snapped and finally left my base.


"Thats how the war started?" I asked myself. I skipped through every useless page until I came across page nine-hundred fifty four.   

"This is Meltion writing this, I went over to Jenny's once home, I saw someone very familiar..."

I closed the book and slipped it back behind the throne. I went out of the southern wolf base, why is the base still abandon? Noticing that the southern wolf base is abandon made shivers run up my spine. I went back to my old home. The abandon boat... it was a long time every since I got here. I looked around the abandon boat, "where was the hole again?" I asked myself. I found the hole that led inside it. The bottom floor was covered in snow... or was it like that? I went over to the stairs. I touched the wood before going up it. I went over to Balto's room. It's full of cobwebs and dust. "Oh Balto... you were the best dad anyone can ever have..." I whispered. I left Balto's room and went over to Jenny's room. It was a little more cleaner... but it still had dust and webs. I went over to my room, but then once I peaked, I saw someone in there. "Whos there?" Asked the person. "Balro." I replied. The person looked back at me in surprise. "It can't be..." I gasped. The person smiled... "Good to see you again, old brother..." Bolsoe greeted.


Chapter 6

Curious dog

"How did you get here?" I asked, approaching Bolsoe. "Well, don't blame me, it was some spark that told me to stay here." Bolsoe replied. "I didn't blame you at all, just asking a question." I said. "Then why are you asking me questions? You curious cat." Bolsoe asked. "Just... curious." I replied. Bolsoe rolled his eyes slightly. "Do you know who the spark is anyway?" I asked. "I have no idea. But I think it's Meltion." Bolsoe answered. "Meltion is a spirit, are you sure?" I asked. Bolsoe nodded. "I'm not sure the spark is a spirit." I suggested. "What if it is?" Replied Bolsoe. "Pretty good point." I confessed. "Meltion went over here you know." Bolsoe told me. "He did?" I asked. "He told me someone will come, and I guess thats you." Bolsoe guessed. Bolsoe gave the note to me.


-Dear Balro. 

I found your brother here in my sister's old house. "The spark" told me that your next clue lies at the Zona Citadel. Also note, keep that rose safe... later!


The Zona citadel? I've been there when Panzora invaded. I thought to myself. "I got to go..." I said. "Till we meet again." Bolsoe said. I left the boat. But once I looked up. I saw a raven staring down on me. I kept a close eye on it, was it the spark trying to confuse me? I thought to myself. I went over to the mountains. Once I got near the citadel. I saw many lifeless bodies on the floor, snake and panthers. I went over them and continued on into the citadel. Every corner had at least a dozen of corpses. Once I got to the end. I saw Patch's corpse. I got close to him. "AHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. Patch grabbed onto me. He then lifted his head and glanced at me. "What are you here for, little wolf?" Asked Patch. "I was just curious, and why do you have a funny accent?" I asked. "Do you think sssssnakes ssssssssspeak idiotic like you? No, we usssssse to ssssssserve Romanov you know." Patch replied. "Until?" I asked. Until I wasssssssss killed by your elder mother." Patch answered. I'm listening. I said, smiling. Patch choked me for a bit then continued. "Until the god Medu... Medu-" Patch closed his eyes and let go of me. I gasped for a little air. "Dang, Patch had a such a grip." I commented. I heard laughter that sounded like it came from the entrance. I glanced back. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm not Panzora, thats for sure." Said the lady. She approached. "A human?" I asked. "A human? I haven't been a human before." The lady replied. "Why are you wearing sunglasses and something covering your hair?" I asked. "Do you even know who I am?" She asked. "Isn't it obvious? No." I replied.  She unwrapped the black paper surrounding her head. "AHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. Snakes were coming out of where her hair is suppose to be... "Who are y-... no... it couldn't be..." I said slowly. "Yes... it is I..." Said the lady. "Medusa..." I gasped. "Yes... finally you guessed my name." Medusa said. "I thought if I glare at your eyes... or touch your blood, I would turn to stone." I explained. "Because you're not staring at my eyes." Said Medusa. "Now... lets get to the point of why I'm here." "Okay... what is the point?" I asked. "Jeltion teleported you out of here for a reason." Said Medusa. "I'm listening." I said. "Good, anyway... This wasn't the clue you were suppose to see..." Said Medusa. The snakes on Medusa's hair tried to bite me. I kept dodging it and kept listening to Medusa. "But here you are... Right now... In front of me..." Said Medusa. I swallowed. "Don't worry, I won't turn YOU into stone." I stared at Panzora behind Medusa. Panzora put a paw on her mouth to signal me to be quiet. I glanced at Medusa. "Balro, I can tell what you were looking at." Said Medusa. "You can-do- did?" I asked, stammering. "The only thing I'm staring at is you." I said hastily. Panzora raised her claws at Medusa. Medusa glanced behind her shoulder and took off the sunglasses. Panzora quickly closed her eyes. "DO YOU THINK THAT CLOSING YOUR EYES WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE PANZORA?" Asked Medusa sharply. "Kind of, you snake witted twit." Threatend Panzora. The snakes on Medusa's hair changed color and hissed furiously. Medusa pulled out a knife and softly laid it on her hand. "Disgusting." I commented. "Close your eyes boy, this long toothed freak is about to turn into one of them." Said Medusa. I closed my eyes. I heard Medusa cut her hand, then I heard Panzora turning into stone. I opened my eyes, Medusa wrapped some black bandages around her hand. "So... On with our talking... Panzora was suppose to give you the clue." Medusa continued. She walked toward me. Revealing Panzora's stone form. "But how about I reveal the Clue?" Asked Medusa, putting her head near me. "Sure..." I replied, slowly in fear. "The next clue lies at... where my brother PHEONIX LIVES!" Yelled Medusa. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. She took off her glasses. "YOU KILLED MY SON!" Yelled Medusa. I saw green bolts being casted at me... trust me... I think they were poison. "Get him!" Medusa ordered. Zona snakes chased after me. I stopped. Zona elites surrounded me. The spark came in from the entrance. The Zona elites turned to a different color and went toward Medusa. I saw a raven beside the spark. "This way! Quickly!" The raven ordered. I ran out of the citadel. Once I got far far far away from the citadel, I gasped for air from all that running. The raven flew down in front of me. "Thank you... I really owe you one." I thanked. "You don't need to." The raven replied. He sounded very old. "Who are you? I'm really curious." I asked. The raven transformed into a wolf with grey fur, blue eyes, and a long beard that hung down. "my name is Jarreden." introduced Jarreden. "Jarreden? I never heard of you." I said. "You should have, I am the only shaman of Teris." Said Jarreden. "What happened to the other shamans on Teris?" I asked. "They all grew to old, they all passed away by old age." Said Jarreden. "What did you do on Teris?" I asked. "We protected everyone with our lives. When Teris exploded, Heltlilion didn't just sacrifice himself... But we did also." Said Jarreden. "How come Jenny never told me?" I asked. "Because... she never knew of our existence, and how we sacrificed ourselves..." Jarreden replied. "So is this another clue?" I asked. "Yes... The next clue is much harder to find... You must go back to the southern wolf base... you must hurry though..." Said Jarreden. 

Chapter 7

The old friend.

The way back to the southern wolf base seemed to be like five minutes, but it was about to get dark. Once I got back, the base was still abandon. I went over to the throne room, no one was there. But I saw a portal, just like the one that took me to Netherdane. Where will it lead now? I asked myself. I stepped up to it. I glanced left and right. And a white flash suddenly struck my eyes. 

I opened my eyes. "Where in the world am I?" I asked myself. The place was full of plants, small and large. I saw plants that formed a stairs. I climbed up the plant stairs that led up to a higher platform. I explored the place a little more. The most surprising thing I saw was the plants would suddenly grow and take you up to a higher ledge and then go back down again, or it might even do the opposite. I saw I wasn't alone either, hyenas, giraffes, lions, tigers, and every species lived here in peace. After several hours of exploring, I saw some kind of palace that seemed to be out of stone. I walked up to it. Whoa. I said. The place has traps. I saw holes on the ground, it was like a maze. I walked around the maze. After many twists and turns I made it out of the first trap, I snuck in a little more. I finally saw the second trap. Poison plants surrounded the room, the door up ahead was closed. I looked around the room, I saw some tablets slightly sticking out of the ground. I looked around the room some more. On the wall next to me i saw some words.

The name of the brother of Jenny.

Starts with M

ends with N

I guessed some names. The only one I can see that can fit in this name was Meltion. I stepped on the tablet that looked like an M, the plants slightly stepped forward. "Leave while you can..." A voice suggested. I thought some more. I turned back to the entrance. Nothing. I looked around the room. I saw small words on the roof. 

these words will be in cursive.

"Oh." I sighed. So likely, I just pressed N. I stepped on M, the plants slowly backed away. The gate slightly opened, but it isn't big enough for a wolf to get through, I pressed E, the gate opened more slightly. "Uh oh." I jeered. the L was near a poison plant. I looked at the roof to find more clues.


I gasped for air. Then I ran over to the button, the poison seemed like being stabbed instead of suffering. I pressed the button and got out of the poison. I coughed a few times and gasped for air. I went over to T, the gate opened more. It looked only enough for a praying mantis to fit. I pressed 'I', the gate opened more slightly. I glanced over the gate. 

'10' '9'

"Uh oh." I jeered. It was the time limit. I quickly searched for the "O". I glanced at the timer. 

'24' '23' '22', 

I pressed I and N. The gate finally opened. But the gate behind me closed. I charged blindly into the next trap. The door closed behind me before I had a chance to identify the place. There was a mat in the middle of the room, over the mat was some kind of helmet. I looked around the room. 

"Face your foe once you wear that helmet".

I lifted an eyebrow. Foe? Well the only enemy I have is Jeltion. I thought to myself. I stepped up to the mat. The helmet came down on my head. My whole body felt light. Then I saw Sparrow in front of me. "You?" Asked Sparrow. "Long time, no see." I replied. "This time you won't escape me as you did to your cage!" Sparrow threatened. He charged at me with his tusks facing forward. I dodged him and hit him on the body. "Your paws are not enough to hurt my superior body." Said Sparrow. I went toward the wall and smiled. "Wipe that stupid grin off your face, I know what your planning." Sparrow said.  Sparrow approached me with claws out. "Coward." I murmured. Once I got far. Sparrow charged at me tusk forward. I dodged and hit his tusk instead. The tusk cracked a little. Sparrow growled. "Uh oh." I jeered. His tusk turned red and the tusk repaired itself. "Any ideas now?" Asked Sparrow. I smiled nervously. "Nope." I replied. He charged at me with full speed. Once he was about to pass. I swiped with all my might upon Sparrow's tusk. His tusk fell to the floor. But his tusk turned red and repaired itself. "Do you think that broken tusk will help?" Asked Sparrow. He charged a me. I dodged and went toward the tusk that fell. I picked it up and hid it behind me paw. Sparrow rubbed his feet against the ground like a bull about to charge. He charged at me and I dodged. Once he was about to pass by, I stabbed him in the body with his own tusk. "GAH!" Screamed Sparrow in pain. He glanced at me. "You little-." Sparrow was interrupted. "That is enough." A voice ordered. "Jeltion?" I asked myself. Smoke appeared out of a corner. Out came Meltion. Sparrow vanished. "Meltion?" I asked. "Ohh... you're alive? Last time I saw you, you were at the town Nomes hospital." Meltion said. "Really? I thought I saw you at the southern wolf base." I replied. "That was Bloodmanov, he pretty much stole my blood so he can see you." Meltion answered. "Oh." "Some spark came here and told me someone was coming, and also told me to tell you some secret of what happened when you were... dead..." Meltion told me. "I'm listening." I said, paying attention. "Well, one thing I know is... I hope you're curious of where you are." Said Meltion. "Yeah, kinda." I replied. "I dream all the time, once I had the power, I created my own star called "the Ruby Dream"." Meltion answered. "You made a star? I understand Bloodmanov but not a wolf." I said. "Wolves are more powerful then devil cats. I bet even you can defeat Asteranov." Meltion suggested. "Asteran-who?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Asteranov, a purple devil cat." Meltion answered. "Let me guess, another ancestor of Romanov?" I asked. "Yes, this unusual devil cat can bend shadows and the twilight itself." Explained Meltion. "So, do you expect me to defeat Asteranov?" I asked. "Thats what Heltlilion thought when he was about to duel Romanov when Romanov was the alpha of Teris." Meltion told me. "Hmm.. quite true I suppose, anything else I have to know?" I asked. "The next clue lies upon my star." Meltion explained. "Where on this star?" I asked. "There are other rooms in this temple. Go do more rooms and puzzles in this temple." Meltion explained. "Alright... how do I get out of here?" I asked. Meltion raised his head to the roof. Then I was back to the room where he mat was. In front of me was the door, it was open. I went toward it.



Chapter 8

Are we forgetting someone?


The next room had two walls with knobs and letter on them. "This isn't really much of a puzzle..." I criticized. These walls are almost like the gate to the dueling ring in Netherdane. I went over to one wall. seven letters.




I twisted the knobs till it read "Meltion". The door opened but another door was blocking the way to the next room. I went over to the other wall.




I counted names I remembered. I remember one wolf I met once but I forgot his name. I thought and circled around the room. I finally remembered. "Oracle!" I told myself. I rushed over to he wall and twisted the knobs till it read "Oracle". The door opened and I marched in to the next room. The next room had a dark tunnel. I went into the darkness. The gate behind me closed fast. I couldn't see a thing. I finally went out of the room. The next room was pretty dark to but I could see. I glanced around me. At the corners I saw wolves heading toward me with grins on there smug faces. I saw words on the wall.


"Can you resist the fear?"


I glanced at all four of them. They vanished near me and the gate opened. I went into the next room. The next room had a bunch of things that looked like arrow turrets and pressure pads. I avoided the pressure plates. It was like another maze with one path. It was pretty easy. I went into the next room, another mat and another helmet, the only difference is the color. The mat is green, and the other mat was blue, the helmet in this room is red, and the other was green. I stepped on the mat and stood firm. Th helmet dropped on my head and I only saw a bright flash of light...


I didn't face my foe like the other room, instead, I saw Jenny battling Romanov in the dueling ring. "This was how the battle was like?" I asked myself. Romanov casted some kind of shadow bolt at Jenny and Jenny flew toward the wall. My eyes grew with surprise. But then, Jenny started levitating in he air. I lifted an eyebrow. "Odd..." I commented to myself. Then a shadow nova came out of Jenny. I looked away for a second and looked back. Jenny's fur was purple. My jaw slightly dropped. Jenny opened her eyes once she reached the floor, her eyes were ignited wit purple fire. "Cool effect but quite odd." I commented to myself. Jenny casted a shadow bolt at Romanov. Romanov casted some kind of fire ball at Jenny. "Come on, move!" I encouraged. Jenny stood still smiling. The fireball hit her but did nothing, instead, it surrounded her with slightly molten ground. "Is that the best you can do?" Asked Jenny, with a new voice that seemed to echo. Everyone gasped at Jenny's new voice. Romanov charged at Jenny. Jenny casted 2 shadow bolts at Romanov but Romanov kept running and dodged But once Romanov got near Jenny. A purple beam came out from Jenny's paws to Romanov's neck. Jenny lifted Romanov into the air. Jenny closed her paws and Romanov starting chocking. After a few seconds of choking, Romanov collapsed to the floor. And that was it. A bright flash appeared and I was back at the mat. "So you saw everything didn't you?" Asked someone behind me. "Oracle?" I asked. "No." Replied the person behind me. I glanced at the voice. "Oh, it's you." I said. it was the spark hovering the air. "Quite rude to say that." The spark said. "Now, you do wish to see Oracle right?" Asked the spark. "Yes. I said. I'll lead you there. Said the spark. I closed my eyes and collapsed to the floor. I don't know how long but once I woke up. I saw a paw in front of me. "Long time no see." Oracle greeted. I got up. Oracle was a little taller then the last time I saw him. "You too." I replied. "You've come here for more clues, yes?" Asked Oracle. "Yes." I answered. "The only clue I have for you is to go to the southern wolf base again." Said Oracle. "How will I get there?" I asked. "Simple... just sleep..." Oracle replied, smiling. I felt tired again and collapsed to the floor. Once I was about to lose my eyes. Oracle went toward me and sat in front of me, revealing only his paw. "You'll be there shortly..." Said Oracle.


Chapter 9

the final clue at last.


I woke up in the throne room. I glanced around the room. On the throne was king Garrison. "I see you read my journal." Said Garrison. "Yeah, hope you didn't mind." I replied. "Not at all." Garrison answered. "Garrison, can you tell me where the next clue is?" I asked. "First, you may need some rest." Garrison suggested. "Alright." I said. I ran out of the throne room and went back to Nome. I went into my old house. There was a little dust and no cobwebs. I went over to my bed. The blanket was kinda short, but I was able to rest. I closed my eyes and slept with a smile.


I opened my eyes. A raven was in front" of me. "Rise and shine Balro." Greeted Jarreden. "I stood up. Good to see you." I replied. The raven turned into a hooded wolf. "Allow me to introduce you to my normal form." Said Jarreden. "I literally thought you were a raven." I commented. "Well... ravens were always my favorite, sometimes I just wanted to turn into one." Jarreden replied. "Well... you can." I answered. "Yeah, dream come true... anyhow... Garrison sent me here to tell you the next clue." Said Jarreden. "Alright, where is the next clue?" I asked. Jarreden smiled. "The last clue... is near the side of Alaska..." Jarreden replied. "Theres the North, the South, and the East you know." I said. "You know where we met right?" Jarreden asked. "Yes." I replied. "Go there and you'll find a path down to the shore." Jarreden answered. "I'll be on my way." I told him. When I was about to walk out of the house. I felt something sharp on my back. "What are you doing?" I asked. Jarreden was in his raven form, starting to pick me up. "Air is faster then the land, friend." Jarreden replied. Once we made it to where we met Jarreden wished me luck and flew off. I glanced at the shore. I went down until I reached the cold side of the land. I glanced around and saw Spear on top of a rock. I went toward him. He glanced at me. "You're alive?" Asked Spear. "Yes." I replied. "What are you doing anyway?" I asked Spear. "We are about to end this once and for all... We're going to kill Sparrow." Spear replied.



Chapter 10.

The end of the beginning.


"Kill Sparrow?" I asked. "Yes, now listen Balro, I do owe you one for saving my life, but it was an accident to get you involved in this war… remain out of this." Said Spear. "I know, I know, but who was the one that revived me?" I asked. "I don’t know, but we must continue." Said Spear. I nodded and walked away. Now you see what happened. I went up a hill ad stood on a rock to spectate the battle. Sparrow had an army and so did Spear. Spear got off the rock and both Spear and Sparrow walked toward each other. "This is it Sparrow, the beginning of the end." Said Spear. "It'll be your end, of course." Said Sparrow. "We'll see about that." Spear growled. They both went back to there armies. "When the first lightning strike comes, we attack." Said Spear. It was surprising that I could hear them this high and this far. Rain poured upon my head. Finally, after a few minutes the first lightning struck overhead. Both armies charged at each other. The armored wolves just rushed into each other and started swiping and biting at each other.  The second lightning struck and many lifeless bodies were on the rough floor. After almost both armies were gone, Sparrow and Spear showed their teeth with furiousity. And they started walking toward the middle of each other. They strafed around a rock. "It's just you and me Sparrow." Said Spear. "Time to end this." Said Sparrow. Spear swiped at Sparrow's tusk. Missed. Sparrow lunged forward with his tusk pointing forward. Missed. Spear swiped at Sparrow's tusk with both paws. one paw missed, but the other broke Sparrow's tusk. Spear grabbed the tusk and stabbed Sparrow with his own tusk. It was almost like me fighting Sparrow. Sparrow collapsed to the floor. "Perhaps I did underestimate you." Said Sparrow. "You did." Said Spear. Spear walked toward me. "I'll miss that little bum." Said Spear. "I won't, he locked us both in a slave cage remember?" "Yes, quite true, you've been elusive when you broke ME out." Said Spear. "Thanks." I replied. "Well, I'm off to the southern wolf base, adventure awaits." Said Spear. "Alright, see you later." I said. Spear ran off. I sighed. "Who was that spark?" I asked myself. "You're about to find out." Said the spark behind me. I glanced behind my shoulder. "Okay, I completed the final clue, now tell me who you are." I said. The spark went over several large rocks, leaving a shiny blue trail to the rock. Once I reached the rocks. the spark seemed to smile. "The rose... please?" The spark requested. Surprisingly, I still had the rose in my paw. I dropped it in front of the spark. "You might want to look away for a moment." Said the spark. I looked away. I saw a bright light on the floor. Once the light ended. I looked back at the spark. "Mom?" I asked with surprise. "You didn't think I was dead, did you?" Asked Jenny. "I thought you were, you died by shadow skulls." I said. "Yes, but Jarreden turned me into a spark." Said Jenny. "Okay... Is that it?" I asked. "Not yet, my son." My mother replied, holding up her paw. My mother glanced behind me. I glanced over my shoulder. "Panzora?" I asked. Panzora walked pass me with a smile. "Heres what you wanted, Jenny." Said Panzora. My jaw dropped. "I thought you were petrified." I said. Panzora shrugged. "Jarraden revived me too, apparently." Panzora replied. Panzora dropped something in front of Jenny, Jenny picked it up and walked toward me. I let out my paw and Jenny dropped it into my hand. "Whats this?" I asked, holding it up and flipping it. "It is a smaller version of the Ark." Said Jenny. My eyes widen in surprise. "The Ark is alive? So that means-" I was interrupted by Jenny. "It means Teris is still alive." Said Jenny. "Your quest... is complete, Balro." Said Jenny. Jenny and Panzora slowly faded away. I blinked twice, clutching the Ark in my paw, then I smiled. "Goodbye mom." I said. I turned away and went back to Nome...


The end

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